A Strengthed-Based Approach  

A Strengths-Based Workplace Approach to Building Resiliency in the Age of COVID

Life doesn't come with a roadmap nor with GPS navigation. Especially the year 2020. For many people, it has brought forth their strengths and demonstrated their adaptability. Mental health professionals define resilience as the human quality of adapting to, overcoming and learning from adversity, trauma and stress. This presentation helps human resource managers create a workplace culture to support and develop resilience in women drivers. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Accelerate-Your-Career-through-Continuous Self-Innovation_handout  

Accelerate Your Career through Continuous Self-Innovation

With the speed of change in our industry, it is critical that we female leaders cultivate a spirit of continuous growth to spur innovation and accelerate our careers. Spanning many different stages of career and life seasons, this powerhouse panel of female leaders shares how they have internalized self-innovation to find, own, and use their voices to propel their careers forward within an industry-disrupting, growth-focused organization. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT


Awake Your Inner Wonder Woman


Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman (No Cape Required)

In this heartfelt, high-energy message, you’ll explore how you can activate your inner superpowers to become more confident and resilient. More connected and positive. You’ll debunk the illusion of perfection and celebrate the collective power of women in trucking. You’ll leave with purpose and passion—ready to live your fullest, most productive life. No cape required. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT


Anticipating the Hazards Ahead  

Anticipating the Hazards Ahead: Onboarding and Record Keeping Best Practices for Employee Driver and Owner-Operator Fleets

Many legal and regulatory hazards can arise for motor carriers in onboarding and record keeping for both employee driver and independent owner-operator fleets – some similar and some unique between the two operating models. This session will discuss the benefits of customizable, third-party technology in complying with DOT and other legal and regulatory requirements including driver applications, DOT medical qualification, Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse compliance, MVRs, background checks and FCRA releases, and TCPA issues. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Awake Leadership  

Awake Leadership: Lead with a Balance of Clarity and Creativity

Do you aspire to lead a team that is productive but also has fun? Awake Leadership is a system of seven vitals with exercises for leading with a balance of clarity and creativity. While other leadership approaches detail qualities of excellent leaders, the Awake Leadership approach shows how to start leading in an effective way and develop your authentic leadership style through a series of specific exercises. DOWNLOAD SLIDES



Electric Trucks Enabling Driver Diversity

The perennial driver shortage is real – and electric trucks will increase the driver pool by attracting drivers from a diversity of new groups. Learn how electric trucks can improve the driver’s work environment eliminating excessive noise, reducing or eliminating handling fuels and lubricants, reducing maintenance downtime and extending service intervals, packaged as a cutting edge, exciting new leap forward in trucking technology. DOWNLOAD SLIDES



Elevating the Employee Experience: Strategies for Meaningful Engagement

Within a year of joining, Victoria Roberts and her team helped increase partner (our word for employee) engagement levels from 60 percent favorability to 91 percent favorability by creating the conditions where partners feel fulfilled, connected, equipped to do their best work, and have fun getting stuff done. In this session, Roberts will share critical strategies on how to create employee experience programs that drive engagement and customer success. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Future of Transportation-Bridging the gap  

The Future of Transportation: Bridging the Gap Between Drivers, Remote Employees, HQ, Satellite Locations

As we evolve into an interconnected industry, we must consider the ramifications and integration of individuals, drivers, and organizations who are not physically present in the same space. This interactive presentation will address the transition of our industry into a world reliant heavily on technology, automation, and a growing remote workforce. DOWNLOAD SLIDES



Leading Change and Resistance: Involve Your People at Every Step

Change often brings resistance. Resistance is a signal that people are concerned, that they're paying attention, and that adjustments might be needed. More than anything else, people support change when they respect and trust their leaders. To earn respect, trust and loyalty, you have to extend it. The leader goes first!  DOWNLOAD HANDOUT


Making Hiring Personal Again  

Making Hiring Personal Again: Understanding What Drivers Really Want

In this heartfelt, high-energy message, you’ll explore how you can activate your inner superpowers to become more confident and resilient. More connected and positive. You’ll debunk the illusion of perfection and celebrate the collective power of women in trucking. You’ll leave with purpose and passion—ready to live your fullest, most productive life. No cape required. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Mixed up on Misclassification  

Mixed Up On Misclassifications: Where ABCs Are Not So Elementary

Misclassification is a pain point in a variety of industries, especially those that utilize owner-operator workforces. Everyone knows they want to avoid a misclassification claim, but few understand exactly what that means. Openforce COO Wendy Greenland will provide a blueprint for jumpstarting risk mitigation.  DOWNLOAD SLIDES



Owning Your Power to Transform Yourself, Your Community, and Your Industry

Women are natural innovators and have been steadily innovating and improving industries for the better. By 2030, E&Y predicts women in the U.S. will control 75% of the wealth in the country. The transformation of wealth and the economy will affect how women lead in the workplace and in communities and throughout the economy. Now is the time for women to step up and be heard. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Recruiting is Sales  

Recruiting IS Sales: Hire More Drivers by Training Recruiters in Sales

In the midst of a new regulatory environment and fierce competition for drivers, recruiters must look for new ways to find, attract, and retain more qualified candidates – all while focused on maintaining compliance and safety. This session will take a detailed look at why recruiting managers should start training recruiters in sales techniques and processes, and how this sales mentality can help hire and retain more qualified drivers – regardless of gender. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Remaining Mentally Strong  

Remaining Mentally Strong During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon many unexpected changes in the transportation and logistics marketplace, and this is especially true for business owners and leaders in the enterprise. Remaining mentally strong during this crisis is essential to future success. In this presentation, Dr. Kirleen Neely will outline specific tools and strategies business owners can use to thrive through the pandemic. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Taking Transportation Forward  

Taking Transportation Forward: The WIT Diversity and Inclusion Index

The trucking industry knows that diversity is its future, but is facing the challenge of how to implement the necessary changes to get there. WIT is introducing the D&I Index, a new program that will promote and share what carriers are doing to support and expand the needs of our evolving workforce. This session will identify gaps in the status quo, and explain how the Index will help to identify best practices to help other organizations improve decision making and encourage creativity and innovation. DOWNLOAD SLIDES


Unlocking New Business as a Diverse Supplier - Jennifer Wong  

Unlocking New Business as a Diverse Supplier

An inclusive procurement strategy widens the pool of potential suppliers and promotes competition in the supply base, which can improve product quality and drive down costs. And by providing more sourcing options, inclusiveness can make supply chains more resilient and agile — an increasingly important advantage in these uncertain times.