For nearly every industry, waste contributes to higher costs. But in the freight industry, the stakes are even higher. In freight, waste means that more fuel is consumed, more carbon is emitted, and drivers spend more hours sitting idle. We are facing a massive problem of inefficiency– and our environment is paying the price.

In this session, you'll learn why it's a competitive advantage to embed sustainability into your business and 5 tactics to get started prioritizing sustainability to grow your business. Attend this session to:

  • Gain an overview of sustainability in trucking
  • Identify the benefits of embedding sustainability into your business strategy
  • Learn 5 ways to incorporate sustainability to grow your business


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    Kiana van Waes

    Corporate Sustainability Analyst

    Kiana (she/her) is a corporate sustainability analyst at Convoy, the nation’s leading digital freight network. Driven by the urgency of climate change, she specializes in corporate reporting, raising the bar on transparency, and driving reductions in carbon emissions both in Convoy’s operations and in the freight industry. Kiana brings more than a decade of experience in climate action, circularity, and driving customer loyalty through behavioral marketing. She holds a bachelor’s of science in environmental sciences specializing in natural resource management and urban planning.