As self-driving truck developers move forward with pilot deployments and continue to lay the groundwork for broader commercialization, there remain a myriad of questions around the realities, benefits, and concerns about autonomous trucks. The heavy anticipation for a surge in autonomous trucks in the next 10 years is heavily driven by a number of factors, ranging from the ability to accommodate a growing volume of freight that is stymied by the aging of the current long-haul driver pool and relatively low interest in OTR professional driver opportunities by younger people.  

Executive thought leaders involved in autonomous trucking share perspectives on how for-hire and private fleets are starting to add robotic tractors to their fleets for near-future application. Attend this session to: 

  • Gain insight as to the current state of this emerging technology – including the opportunities, challenges, and concerns for the North American commercial truck market
  • Understand the benefits of autonomous trucking technology – and how it could help to address the shortage of professional truck drivers
  • Hear from industry insiders about current pilot programs, test programs, and use cases involving this new technology 
  • Learn how women can help to advance this technology, along with opportunities and implications for female professionals in today’s trucking industry