What does it require to become the best version of you? Being your best self means living authentically. You also need to ensure you’re doing what brings you a sense of happiness, purpose and meaning. During this session, you will learn more about four key tenants in becoming the best version of you:

  • Surround yourself by the right type of people. Successful people surround themselves by individuals who breathe life into their dreams. You get to choose whose advice you listen to. You get to choose your outlook. Positive people spread positive results and engagement.
  • Develop those around you. Some people fear giving others power and abilities. When you lead a team, you want to make each of them better than you. Find their strengths and address their weaknesses. Developing others is one of the most fulfilling things you will do as a leader.
  • Fail forward. There’s no doubt: You will fail at some things. It’s difficult to see during those times of failure why you go through what you go through - but when you fail forward you will see everything happens for a reason and you will land exactly where you are supposed to.
  • Believe in yourself. “You can do anything you put your mind to” is an iconic phrase that is so true. Sometimes females can doubt ourselves – whether it be doubting the ability to drive a truck, take on a challenging career, manage a household, or be a good mother. The truth is women can do whatever they want to.


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    Lisa Owens

    Training Manager

    Currently a Training Manager at UPS, Lisa Owens has worked at the company since 2001. She is married to her husband Chris who also works as a mid-manager at UPS, and they have two boys. Lisa attained her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The University of Toledo. She is highly motivated to serve others with her career and in her community. Owens has been actively involved in the UPS women business resource groups since they began in 2004.