In this session, Meshell takes you on a journey that explores the modern-day company culture. She will demonstrate why job titles, tasks, and duties no longer produce top-notch employees and sellers while integrating tools that develop emotional maturity and delivers world-class performance.

You will gain information and insights that will help you move your key players past “trying to figure it out.” By revealing the proven methods that are essential to leadership, Meshell clarifies how to successfully cultivate high-performers engaged in continuous improvements.

Additionally, you will understand and apply the strategies that lead to influential communication skills, learn how to motivate and inspire people, develop problem-solving skills, handle conflicts, be confident in any situation, and strengthen relationships with employees, team members, and key players. This topic is ideally suited for business owners, sales managers, and new managers, in companies wanting to develop a culture of radical responsibility and creativity that delivers results. Attend this session to:

  • Learn the language of critical conversations to drive more results
  • Improve engagement, trust, and collaboration with key players
  • Save valuable time by resigning your role as Chief Problem Solver.


  • Meshell Baker Headshot

    Meshell R Baker

    Chief Confidence Igniter
    Meshell Baker Enterprises

    Meshell Baker is the Chief Confidence Igniter, Exhilarating Keynote Speaker, and Confident Living Catalyst is renowned for her authentic value-based, and no-nonsense approach to embracing high-performance resilience that inspires more confident conversations and generates unprecedented results. Described as "a breath of fresh air," and "the power of her story combined with her passion and enthusiasm is enough to make anyone want to tap into their potential.

    Meshell has phenomenal results, and accolades compiling an incredible track record of raving recommendations with clients, such as Dell, UPS, Microsoft, Salesforce, Accenture, PACCAR, Women In Auto Care, and more, over the past 20+ years.