Developing the right corporate culture for your company is a critical factor in organizational success, a key driver of financial performance, and a critical source of a sustainable competitive advantage for companies in the transportation industry. Whether you’re a key stakeholder who can help to shape and maintain the best culture for your workplace or you’re an influencer who supports the culture of your organization, you will be amazed as you hear practical advice from executives of leading brands named to the 2023 Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation. They will share their perspectives on the following:

  • How their organizations have created a corporate culture framework that is aligned with its overall business strategy
  • Best practices their companies have successfully applied to create the most productive, positive corporate culture that ultimately drives employee performance and business results – ranging from creating employee benefits and programs that are most valued and relevant to their workforces to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and regular engagement strategies between leadership and employees
  • Practical advice on how to effectively sustain the intended corporate culture and pivot amidst business, industry, and social disruption
  • Practical advice on how to benchmark and measure corporate culture components and align with overall business goals and objectives.