As Gen Z matures into the workforce, recruiters face the difficult task of adapting their strategies to match the tendencies of the first generation who never knew a time without technology. Quiet-quitting, attention deficits, job-hopping: How do these new age topics change the landscape of recruiting and retaining talent? Perhaps even more difficult than recruiting good talent is incentivizing up-and-coming professionals to stay for the long-haul. Presenters in this session will take a deep dive into strategies that leaders can deploy in not only recruiting “good talent,” but the right talent for our unique and robust industry. They will go through what has been proven to work and not work in retaining the professionals of tomorrow. Agile organizations are here to stay, the future is brighter for those who are open-minded and knowledgeable about the future generation of workers. Attend this session to:

  • Develop the appropriate recruitment strategies, factor in salary transparency, and integrate diversity and inclusion at all levels
  • Design and deploy effective engagement that will inspire employees, increase their feelings of value, incorporate best talent management techniques, and create a purpose-driven culture (“the why,” validation, words of affirmation, conveying organizational impact of direct contributor)
  • Succeed in your retention by evaluating tenure bands, setting clear expectations of job responsibilities, understanding “a day in the life of,” hiring the right talent, managing opportunities for growth, and setting progression paths & succession planning (including plans to put employee feedback into action).