You dream of being comfortable in your own skin. You dream of more influence, impact, income, and success. But your fear and self-doubt of what could go wrong are holding you captive.

Imposter syndrome often surfaces as feeling like a phony. You sometimes feel as though at any moment you are going to be found out as a fraud—like you don't belong where you are. A recent study found that 75% of women identified having experienced imposter syndrome at various points during their careers. Time to ditch the doubt and empower your inner voice champion!

Come confront the feelings of being found out and not belonging. Replace them with a clear understanding of what it means to be consistently confident and have sustained success. Confidence always begins with a plan. Learn to develop your Inner Champion and create the epic success you've been dreaming of!

During this talk you will:

  • Become aware to reframe your imposter’s chatter
  • Discover ways to increase self-worth and self-belief
  • Acquire tools to help you grow & expand your strengths
  • Develop methods to inspire unstoppable confidence


  • Meshell Baker Headshot

    Meshell Baker

    The Confidence Igniter and Authentic Sales Crusader

    Meshell Baker understands that many female founders, business owners, and sales leaders sellers struggle with doubt, their inner critic, and imposter syndrome. She is on a mission to ignite “confident belief” in as many women as possible.

    Meshell Baker is a Sales & Confidence Igniter, Exhilarating Keynote Speaker, and a Confident Living Catalyst who masterfully and artfully guides her clients to capitalize on their current conditions and leverage obstacles as opportunities, and confidently convert more conversations into raving fan clients. Meshell has phenomenal results, accolades, and awards and has compiled an incredible track record of raving recommendations with clients over the past 25+ years.