As former cops who almost died as rookies, we learned to physically & mentally survive by replacing complicated self-defense tactics with just a few physical choices (that work!) rooted in courage, righteousness and the Power of Love. Yes, L-OVE!

The Pandemic has left many individuals & families confused & fear-drunk (on many topics). Let’s knock “fear of crime” off your Worry List … for yourself and your loved ones.

Regardless of your age, size, strength, gender or athleticism, as a “nice” person, you need to clearly understand how to flip-your-switch!

Attend this powerful workshop to: 

  • Be at peace, applying new tools that escalate your mental strength and courageous decision-making in any crisis, not just crime
  • Stay a step ahead, preventing crime…with clever, proven effective strategies
  • Learn your absolute and unforgettable self-defense rights
  • Trust your ability to activate explosive adrenaline and strength on-command
  • Learn one legal strike that works, even if your assailant is armed 
  • Explore the best self-defense products (Surprise, you already own them!)
  • Memorize a specific, protective comment (for force justification) that will prove legally priceless when communicating with recorded 9-1-1 operators & police  
  • Leave empowered, happy and stunned with the simplicity of this non-physical safety experience
  • Go home and teach everyone you L-OVE. Courage is Contagious!!

This is a “don’t miss” Workshop that will change your life (guaranteed!) and is included in your registration fee. Visit our Booth at the Accelerate! Expo for mini physical practice if you need it, personal advice and/or celebration of your past "close call."


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    Debbie Gardner

    Courage Coach, Author and Speaker

    While others teach safety warnings, fear, rules and complicated tactics, this former Policewoman teaches RIGHTS, COURAGE and 3 EXPLICIT CHOICES that will save your life! CEO's, business professionals, international travelers, college students and all law abiding citizens need to understand that being nice does not mean being "weak". Learn why LESS (safety training) is more, when less is right. Learn that LOVE of your family is the under-developed base of your explosive power.