By aligning their work with corporate and employee expectations, employee resource groups (ERGs) can help people feel more included and engaged in the workplace. ERGs essentially are internal communities of workers with shared identities, interests and roles. Yet the new roles the companies envision for ERGs don’t always align with the roles set forth by ERGs themselves – or with employee expectations. And when there’s a gap between what ERGs deliver and what employees want, they can feel less included at work. On the other hand, ERG members who feel well-served enjoy greater feelings of inclusion and are more motivated and engaged.

Executives from several leading companies with successful ERGs share their expertise, best practices, and experiences to help you develop and implement your own ERG strategy. And if you already have functioning ERGs, you won’t want to miss this session to get exposed to ideas on how to maximize effectiveness and results. Attend this session to learn more about these best practices and to:

  • Discover how to start and/or maintain an effective ERG strategy that meets the goals of your organization, leaders, and participants
  • Use clear purpose to prevent strategic misalignment – and provide deliverable, detailed communication to eliminate the disconnect between expectations and reality
  • Administer sound execution to avoid uneven levels of leadership support and to marshal organizational support to lesson the burden on ERG leaders
  • Learn how to apply innovation, creativity, resourcefulness, and diversity of thought to make your ERGs the most meaningful and relevant experiences for all involved
  • Understand how to track and measure objectives and success.