It’s no secret that women in the workplace can be at a disadvantage. While gender roles and career opportunities for females are changing, at home women still often face an unequal division of household chores and childcare, and in the workplace they can experience roadblocks to promotion or lack the credit for meaningful contributions. And while companies in transportation, logistics and supply chain look to address these issues, too many gender-inclusion initiatives focus on how women themselves should respond – reinforcing the perception that these are “women’s issues” and that men – oftentimes the most influential in a company – don’t need to be involved.

During this session, you’ll hear from panelists their perspectives on:

  • The importance of male allyship in the work environment
  • First-hand accounts from men on how being a male ally has been important to their female colleagues – and what motivates them to be a male ally
  • Practical advice on how men can partner with their female colleagues to advance women’s leadership and inclusion by breaking ingrained gender stereotypes, overcoming unconscious biases, and creating productive, respectful working relationships with women.