Every professional woman in the transportation industry can benefit from hearing about the successes, challenges, and passions of other females in their own career journeys. This special session will feature three accomplished women professionals in transportation who will share their own unique career story in a 20-minute TED Talk format, ultimately providing attendees with sound practical advice, perspective and inspiration about how to be successful in your career. The group of women telling their stories includes Debi Boffa, Chief Executive Officer with TravelCenters of America, Michelle Burgess, Director of Inclusion & Diversity with Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, and Bruna Chiosini, Global Head of Supply Chain and Supplier Quality with Nikola Motor Company.

  • Debi Boffa will tell her story of rising up as a leader and talk about things that happened to her and what she has learned. She also will share her experiences in leading through a time of industry disruption -- addressing the significant challenges and opportunities presented by the changing landscape in business and in transportation.
  • Michelle Burgess will tell her inspirational story of how she has become a true change agent by becoming a volunteer, advocate, board member and speaker on the concepts of female empowerment, access to equity, and exclusion in the workplace.
  • Bruna Chiosini, Nikola's Global Head of Supply Chain, brings a wealth of insights from her upbringing in Brazil, shaped by her father's entrepreneurial spirit and the value of relentless determination with unwavering resolve and a powerful mindset. Join her as she recounts breaking barriers in the male-dominated trucking sector, emphasizing respect, cultivating confidence, and discovering ones "Fighting Power" to fuel your personal journey to success.