Remarkable, talented, resourceful women every day are making things happen in a wide range of roles, ranging from HR/talent management professionals, technicians, safety pros, and professional drivers to  C-suite and board room executives. This session features several individuals named as the 2023 “Top Women to Watch in Transportation” by Redefining the Road, WIT’s official magazine. This year, more than 80 women have been recognized through this program on the basis of career accomplishments in the past 18 months and ways in which they have managed their careers to provide value to the enterprises that employ them.  

Attend this session to hear the stories of a few of these incredible women, while learning the following concepts: 

  • Ideas and inspiration on how to get excited about where you’re at in your career today 
  • Advice on how to effectively visualize and plan for your future career goals 
  • Practical tips on how to maintain balance in your life while still maximizing productivity and performance