Misclassification is a pain point in a variety of industries, especially those that utilize owner-operator workforces. Everyone knows they want to avoid a misclassification claim, but few understand exactly what that means. The term “misclassification” represents a broad spectrum of legal woes. It might include workers’ compensation claims, unemployment claims, civil action claims, Department of Labor claims, and many other types of claims at various levels of government. Differences in state and federal laws further complicate the issue.

Openforce’s Chief Executive Officer Wendy Greenland and Taylor Johnson’s Kristen M.J. Johnson will provide a blueprint for jumpstarting risk mitigation. They will discuss the types of misclassification claims and how they affect owner-operator workforces. You will also receive information on how such claims are changing based on a regulatory and economic landscape that is shifting because of AB5, the ABC test, and more. Attend this session to:

  • Gain an overview of the most recent state and federally proposed and passed 1099 workforce laws
  • Understand the complex nature of “misclassification” and the broad spectrum of legal woes under this designation
  • How to implement a comprehensive overarching strategy that safeguards your business against the most common claims for your industry