Explore the inner workings of the chaos we create in our minds that ultimately holds us back in attaining our goals and dreams. In order to advance to the next level, we are sometimes required to “unlearn” all that we have been taught since childhood, “relearn” who we really are, and “accept” just how bright we shine. Attend this session to practical advise on how to discover:

  • Ways to believe in who you want to become – which is critical in the change process in your life
  • How to flip the switch requiring you to unravel the mayhem in your mind and push away any comfort zones dragging you down
  • The “5 Whys” exercise which will assist you in finding the real reason behind a certain behavior you may be struggling with.


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    Kathy Tuccaro

    Heavy Equipment Operator & Motivational Speaker

    In addition to being a motivational speaker and author, Kathy Tuccaro was a nurse who worked on various Surgical, Medical, and Geriatrics units for 13 years – and has an interesting and powerful story to tell. She also is a certified Occupational Health & Safety Officer and works full time as a Heavy Equipment Operator. She drives a 400-ton, 797F Caterpillar Truck, a 52,000-gallon water truck and the largest grader in the world, in northern Alberta. Tuccaro has always believed in dreaming bigger than the average population, and today she has proven it literally by driving THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD!

    Tuccaro uses her success to encourage, uplift, coach, and empower vulnerable people around the world to Imagine, Dream, Believe, and Change their circumstances. Through her humanitarian work, speaking engagements, workshops, media presentations, and writing, Tuccaro shows people how to find hope in the dark places, to believe they are worthy of success, prosperous, and joyful lives.