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Leaders are not born – they are made. In a world increasingly defined by turbulence and uncertainty, the call to leadership is more urgent than ever – particularly in the world of transportation. This Opening Session is an anthology of stories, insights and reflections from three top industry executives of leading industry brands who will provide advice and practical tips by sharing their own successful career paths. These women include Judy McReynolds, Chair, President and Executive Officer of ArcBest®, Erin Van Zeeland, Chief Commercial Officer at Schneider, and Shelley Simpson, President of J.B. Hunt Transport Services. Each executive will share their own unique career story in a 20-minute TED Talk format, ultimately providing attendees with inspiration, perspective, and advice on how to effectively navigate a successful career path.

Driving Transformation and Leading with Integrity for a Sustainable Future

Judy R. McReynolds, Chairman, President & CEO of ArcBest, took on her role during a critical time for her organization - which today is a multibillion-dollar integrated logistics company. She knew quick action and a clear plan for execution were necessary – and as one of the first women leaders in the industry, she wasn’t going to let gender be an issue. Hear how she led the strategic transformation of a 100-year-old business and built a values-driven culture of continuous innovation.

Don't Limit Yourself to What's Right In Front of You

Erin Van Zeeland, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Senior Vice President/General Manager, Logistics of Schneider, has come a long way in her 30-year career journey at this premier provider of North American shipping, transportation and logistics. Throughout her career, Van Zeeland has capitalized on her success by leaning into her skills and unique experience, keeping a team mentality, and knowing when to lead from behind the scenes.

Investing in People Accelerates Growth

J.B. Hunt President Shelley Simpson represents nearly 29 years of innovation in transportation and logistics. Fueled by Mr. and Mrs. Hunt's people-first culture, Simpson ran head-first into disruption leading to transformation that changed the industry. Hear how J.B. Hunt grew into one of the largest providers through the lens of Simpson's impressive career.