This session will streamline the importance of seeing the potholes on the road of life and learning to navigate the road to better avoid and rise above them. We all have roadblocks that seem to want to stop us from getting anywhere. What do you do when you stumble across a rock in the road so big that it takes up both lanes? What are your immediate thoughts? To swear? Get Frustrated? Turn and leave?

This session will help you change your thinking pattern to flip that switch in your brain and knock that load off your path. There is no pothole big enough to stop your trailblazing once you've changed your approach to the problem. Kathy will use her personal story of overcoming a lifetime of trauma and abuse, alcoholism, and homelessness to now driving the largest mining truck in the world, to demonstrate to you the power of positive thinking. Her book, Dream Big, and personal story will inspire all who attend this session and motivate all to overcome any obstacle that may arise on their path. Attend this session to:

  • Address your causes of potholes (problems in your life)
  • Learn to navigate your steering to avoid or fix your problems (critical thinking toolbox)
  • Safely rise above the challenges (create new outcomes based on new habits)


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    Kathy Tuccaro

    Heavy Equipment Operator

    In addition to being a motivational speaker and author, Kathy Tuccaro was a nurse who worked on various Surgical, Medical, and Geriatrics units for 13 years – and has an interesting and powerful story to tell. She also is a certified Occupational Health & Safety Officer and works full time as a Heavy Equipment Operator. She drives a 400-ton, 797F Caterpillar Truck, a 52,000-gallon water truck and the largest grader in the world, in northern Alberta. Tuccaro has always believed in dreaming bigger than the average population, and today she has proven it literally by driving THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD!

    Tuccaro uses her success to encourage, uplift, coach, and empower vulnerable people around the world to Imagine, Dream, Believe, and Change their circumstances. Through her humanitarian work, speaking engagements, workshops, media presentations, and writing, Tuccaro shows people how to find hope in the dark places, to believe they are worthy of success, prosperous, and joyful lives.