As large for-hire and private fleets come under pressure to reach carbon emission goals or reach net-zero operations, the demand for all-electric vehicles is significantly rising. Innovation in electric commercial trucks makes considering an all-electric or hybrid fleet a realistic possibility for more companies in the coming years. Considering the significant emissions of the commercial freight industry, this conflict could be a win for both businesses and the environment. 

Given many alternatives are emerging to replace fossil-fueled diesel trucks, the question remains: Is getting first-hand experience more crucial than waiting years for the market to shake out? Attend this session to gain perspectives to answer this question and more: 

  • Gain an overview of battery electric trucks and hybrids and how to determine which solutions make the most sense for your fleet. Will fleets have a mix of technologies to handle different duty cycles? 
  • What is the difference between “true zero emission” and “net zero emission” vehicle technologies? 
  • How important is infrastructure to selecting new trucks – and what new relationships are needed to be successful? 
  • How do fleets pay for the investments in new technologies and how do you get to an acceptable total cost-of-ownership TCO? 
  • Will new technologies attract and retain new drivers, technicians and fleet managers?