While motivated employees drive results, dejected employees who simply go through the motions while they wait for a better opportunity kill productivity, morale, and organizational success. “Quiet quitting” continues to represent a growing risk for many organizations.

Executive leadership and HR/talent management professionals continue to face workforce challenges – and they’re looking for creative solutions to address them. For example, with unemployment remaining low, they’re offering more flexibility to job requirements. With rising wages here to stay, they’re doing a double-down on non-monetary aspects of the employee experience. And with more employees wanting remote or hybrid arrangements, they’re getting creative on worker agreements and expectations. Attend this session to:

  • Gain an assessment of the current supply and demand of workforce talent in all areas – ranging from executive leadership or mid-management roles to professional drivers and warehousing workers
  • Better understand what today’s employees expect and need from their employers to remain satisfied, motivated and engaged
  • Learn strategies and best practices that are being applied to effectively minimize the impact of the quiet quitting trend on your organization – and more importantly, how to maximize employee productivity, satisfaction, and business results from them.