Fostering a culture of safety and compliance into operational decisions starts at the top of any company, but the root of success in building a sustainable culture will always be held by decision makers at the ground level. As drivers make decisions on a day to day basis, their confidence is built or stripped by the support they receive from their direct management. Learn how to be more effective at building driver confidence by leaning into DOT compliance. Evaluate if your organizational pillars include transportation compliance. Identify resources built to strengthen DOT compliance and assess your company's goals. Historically, DOT compliance knowledge is expected from drivers and driver managers learn from mistakes drivers make. Learn how to be an ally for your drivers and encourage your partnerships with your drivers by better understanding DOT compliance, its role on our roads and how this knowledge can shift your driver's experience.

Attend this session to:

  • Gain DOT Compliance Knowledge Resources
  • Understand driver's perception of DOT compliance versus management perception of DOT compliance
  • Learn how to use DOT compliance knowledge as a strategy to foster driver/manager allyship
  • Learn how to protect your drivers using DOT Compliance


  • Karli Smith Accelerate Speaker-300x300

    Karli Smith

    Branch Manager for Nevada Service Center
    Clean Harbors

    Karli Smith has been steering the road of environmental work for over 13 years. Her career began in Las Vegas, NV in a dual role of Office Manager and Field Technician. When an opportunity to join the Transportation Compliance Team for Clean Harbors as a Transportation Compliance Specialist presented itself, her hunger for a new body of knowledge peaked. She spent 4 years in this role, covering 14 states, 200+ branches, 2000+ drivers, 19 motor carriers in 12 different lines of business, traveling to perform onsite audits and truck inspections. Her role mirrored a DOT compliance officer and her mission was to help build a safer fleet for the largest hazardous materials transporter in North America. Now back in the operations pillar, she couples her DOT compliance acumen with real time decision making leading an Emergency Response Field Services team for Clean Harbors in Reno, NV.