Driving can be fundamentally one of the most dangerous tasks we do. Stress, emotions and behaviors can affect one’s ability to drive. Circumstances should not distract a driver from safely operating a truck or other type of motor vehicle. Strong safety cultures that are conscientious of factors including fatigue and driving style risks recognize the cascading effects and implement policies, programs and practices to enhance their transportation safety programs. This session will explore what can cause stress behind the wheel and risky driving behaviors. Fatigue, distraction, speeding and aggression will be discussed. Attend this session to:

  • Better understand how stress affects driving
  • How the attitude and behaviors of the professional driver plays a role in driving
  • How employers can incorporate policies, training and resources into their transportation safety program to address stress, attitudes and behaviors that put employees at risk behind the wheel.


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    Katie Mueller

    Senior Program Manager, Employer Traffic Safety
    National Safety Council

    Katie Mueller is Senior Program Manager, Employer Traffic Safety for the National Safety Council, America’s leading non-profit safety advocate for 100-plus years. She has specialized in developing and implementing evidence-based countermeasure programs to bolster transportation safety for more than 20 years.

    She is the senior program manager for the organization’s Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety Program after first joining the National Safety Council in 2021. She worked initially in the Impairment Practice Area as the subject matter expert for cannabis. She still serves on The Coalition for Cannabinoid Science and Safety as well as the National Safety Council Alcohol and Drug Division.

    Prior to NSC, Mueller worked as the assistant director in the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, a division of the Department of Public Safety. She has served as a member of the Governors Highway Safety Association strategic communications committee, as the Chair of the Oklahoma Occupant Protection Assessment Committee and as a delegate for the NHTSA Region 6 committee on best practice in impaired driving adjudication.

    Mueller also spent time as the state director for Safe Kids Oklahoma and in pediatric injury prevention and education at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center. She has a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications and lives and works near Oklahoma City.