During the recent freight bull market, industry players did the best they could to keep up with the growth and demand that outpaced capacity. Fraud has always been a part of the industry, however, statistically we are experiencing increased activity from dishonest companies and bad actors, creating lasting damage to people’s bottom line as the market pendulum swings. During this insightful session, you will learn:

  • How to counteract rampant fraud in trucking, including best practices and key takeaways from staving off fraudulent invoices, as well as how much money the industry is losing to fraud every year
  • Where financial resources can be best allocated to prevent dealing with bad actors in trucking, whether through investing in back-office technologies or partnering with specialists
  • How unifying the industry with payments networks and counteracting fraud helps the entire industry in efficiency, security and transparency (If the entire industry is more secure, peace of mind won’t be a far-fetched ideal and we can achieve it soon).


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    Melissa Forman


    Melissa Forman is President at TriumphPay, where she leads a team that created the industry’s first ever open payments network for the trucking industry. Having grown the company from 143 to 422 people in 2022, Forman is perfectly suited to lead TriumphPay, as she has held numerous leadership roles in the transportation sector, where less than 15% of executive leaders are women. Forman also held various roles in finance, including nearly a decade leading sales and strategic partnerships for eCapital and several years with ACS Expedited Services, where she oversaw multiple software-as-a-service programs servicing thousands of trucks. Her business acumen gives her great foresight and the ability to predict many different outcomes for TriumphPay, which is vital in an industry with so many variables and shifting parts.