Today, women make up approximately half of the workforce and have proven that they’re just as talented and capable as their male counterparts. But while the percentages of women are increasing in the C-suite, board rooms, middle-management, and on-the-road among professional drivers, we have a long way to progress in transportation.  

Many believe that a primary issue that holds women back is a lack of mentorship. While you can take advantage of such mentoring programs as WIT’s LeadHERtrucking, there are a number of active steps you can take to leverage mentor/mentee relationships. Attend this panel discussion to: 

  • Hear stories of successful, productive mentoring relationships from the women on the panel 
  • Learn the various styles and formats of mentoring relationships that exist 
  • Understand how to engage in a mentor/mentee relationship (and understand the roles and responsibilities of each) 
  • Get acquainted with WIT’s Mentoring program