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Do you aspire to lead a team that is productive but also has fun? Do you strive to provide clarity and structure, yet also give team members autonomy and creative freedom? Awake Leadership is a system of seven vitals with exercises for leading with a balance of clarity and creativity. While other leadership approaches detail qualities of excellent leaders, the Awake Leadership approach shows how to start leading in an effective way and develop your authentic leadership style through a series of specific exercises.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to use the seven Awake Leadership vitals as a leader or rising leader
  • Individual and team exercises for cultivating clarity as well as creativity – keep your team aligned, engaged, and inspired!
  • How to leverage individual strengths, needs, and interests to collectively move forward as a team


Presented by Hilary Jane Grosskopf, Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions

Hilary Jane Grosskopf is an award-winning author and leadership expert. She began her career in retail logistics and supply chain. While working for large corporations, Hilary found that leadership and collaboration were often the most challenging parts of work for many people. When she became a leader, she developed impactful exercises and practices to use with her team, which greatly improved productivity and engagement. Hilary wrote her first guidebook for leaders, Awake Leadership, to share her leadership system and best practices. 

Hilary founded her company, Awake Leadership Solutions, in 2017 to educate and inspire leaders seeking mindful and creative leadership practices. Hilary is the author of 3 interactive guidebooks. She hosts workshops and coaches leaders around the world.