Is your organization fighting the power of bias? Are the decisions you are making negatively impacting recruiting, hiring, retention, sales, talent management and engagement? While we come well-intentioned, we don’t really think the way we think we do, and that makes things tricky. Implicit bias can keep us from seeing talent that is right in front of us, drive high turnover, initiate disengagement, cause us to continue to mentor and promote people “like me” and completely miss emerging markets. This presentation uncovers what bias is, where it comes from and how it impacts us every day. More importantly, how to interrupt and redirect unconscious bias thinking that impacts your business.

This session is designed to open the door to respectful dialogue and drive transformational performance in your organization. Attendees will leave each session with tools and techniques that are immediately useable for mitigating and identifying bias both personally as well as organizationally:

  • Recognize the business case for a reinvented approach to Inclusion
  • Become aware of your own perceptions
  • Understand the science, research, and impact of unconscious bias, particularly as it relates to our behaviors
  • Explore the way the mind perceives difference and how that perception impacts business
  • Identify business situations where bias may exist (e.g. interviewing, hiring, assignments, development, etc.)
  • Share tips to recognize, counter and mitigate bias


Presented by Melanie Miller, Senior Inclusion Consultant & Speaker

Melanie Miller seeks to embrace and transform the human condition. Her specialties include unconscious bias, gender bias, women in leadership, generational differences, managing inclusion, belonging and empathy. Miller has spoken at Harvard University’s Women’s Leadership Institute, IBM’s Minority Women in Leadership Institute and The Diversity Leadership Academy, and is frequently featured in magazines, blogs and radio/TV shows. She has designed and delivered keynotes and training for many Fortune 100 and other top organizations. Her professionalism, customer focus, respect and integrity are the values she uses to achieve stellar results from the C-Suite through the organization.