When did we start treating drivers like a number on a lead list? Drivers aren’t leads. They’re people. People expect a personalized experience in everything they do. Why shouldn’t that include finding a job?  For truck drivers, their job is not just all about the work. They take pride in their profession. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a commitment. It’s about feeling they belong, and they’re valued. Changing the industry starts by making hiring personal again and understanding what drivers are actually looking for in a job. It’s about getting to know each driver on a personal level and delivering a job that will not only meet their professional qualifications but also match their desired lifestyle.

Throughout this presentation, Beth will share data on exactly what drivers want and how companies can change their hiring strategy to meet their needs. Attend this session to learn:

  • How to develop a personalized experience for drivers.
  • How to evolve or overhaul your hiring process to make it driver-centric.
  • How to develop and evolve your company branding and employee value proposition. We will discuss how important these are in building relationships as well as share case study examples for best practices to follow. We are reaching out to carriers to help us present their case study live at the event.
  • How to collect and respond to driver feedback, both positive and constructive. This is incredibly valuable to differentiate yourself as an employer. Participants will receive survey data from drivers on common reasons why they are not interested in a job including what drivers look for, what drivers like, and what drivers don’t like.


Presented by Beth Potratz, Co-founder and CEO, Drive My Way

Beth Potratz, Co-founder and CEO for Drive My Way has over 20 years of experience, Beth is an innovative, forward-thinking HR professional that is disrupting truck driver recruiting by treating the driver as a consumer in the employment relationship and making recruiting personal again. Beth is passionate about helping people find a meaningful career that fits their lifestyle. Prior to Drive My Way, Beth built a successful HR consulting practice serving organizations in a variety of industries and held senior positions at Unilever, Rockwell Automation and Helene Curtis. She earned a Master of Labor Relations and Human Resources from Cleveland State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication from Loyola University of Chicago. Beth resides in Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys spending time with family.

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