The results are in for this year's photo contest!


Photo Contest

Over 200 participants showcased their love and pride for the trucking industry in our ninth annual photo contest. From posters and t-shirts to signs and balloons, we are so impressed with the creativity! Nearly 10,000 votes were cast to determine the People's Choice Winners and a panel of judges determined their favorites for the Judges' Choice Winners.

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People's Choice Winner

Submitted by Amrita Rane, Volvo Group North America

Breaking Barriers, Delivering Dreams

Engineering to Behind the Wheel: Women are at the heart of trucking. At Volvo Group, we love what we do. For nearly a century, our people have been at the center of our innovation, culture, and agility, driving growth and transformation. We always take pride to celebrate and highlight the amazing women that bring our work to life, because it is these passionate, bold, and boundary-pushing people who set us apart from other organizations. From our specialized engineers and digital leaders to our facilitators at Volvo Group University, our dedicated sales and finance teams, culture-driving human resources, and everything in-between, the women of Volvo Group drive us forward.


Submitted by Gayle Stewart, Averitt


Letting Our Love Shine!

At Averitt, we're proud of our diverse group of female associates and the heart that they provide our company. Their love for the industry and the roles they fulfill are part of what keeps our business rolling. Our tractor and trailers may be the framework of the company, and the photo, but our real driving force is people and depicted here are just a handful of the amazing women at Averitt that take pride in what they do.


Submitted by Heather Reed, ADM Trucking


I Heart Trucking

Here at ADM Trucking, we LOVE what we do and care about each other like family. Being a woman in the trucking industry is an amazing and rewarding job. From being drivers to recruiters, to being part of the logistics team and dispatch team, we all work hard to make ADM Trucking bigger and greater day in and day out. Pictured is part of our Awareness Trucks that every year we have 1 to 2 trucks added into our fleet. The pride that all of us as ADM employees have working for a company that cares and gives back so much is priceless and makes it easy to love trucking.

Judges' Choice Winner

Submitted by Stacey Spindler, Roehl Transport, Inc.

Roehl Transport, Inc. Loves Moving America

At Roehl, we remain focused on our pursuit of a more sustainable and inclusive future. We continue to take steps to make this a reality by reducing our overall environmental impact, building a diverse professional workforce, giving back to our communities and being the safest carrier in the country.


Submitted by Megan Meier, Rihm Family Companies


For the Love of (KW) Trucks!

All the women on the "Rihm Team" love bringing their own unique skills and talents together each day to keep the company moving and the industry supplied with the trucks it needs! The women at Rihm Family Companies proudly hold a variety of positions within the company from CEO to Service Advisor, with each one excited to come to work each day with a smile on her face and a love of trucking in her heart!


Submitted by Jessica Dulin, Daimler Truck North America


Driving the Next Generation

At DTNA, the reason we love being women in the trucking industry is because we are not only building trucks. We are also building the next generation of engineers, technicians, etc. that will continue to impact our world for years to come. We are proud that our impact extends further than our day jobs and touches the lives of so many. At DTNA, we don't just build trucks. We keep the world moving.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Winners will receive a feature in our Redefining the Road magazine, a special recognition reception at the 2023 Accelerate! Conference, highlighted on social media, and in our eNewsletter.

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