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Emotional Intelligence—A Woman’s Super Power

Presented by Dr. Rita Webster, The Executive Coach for Women Leaders


There are many things women can do to succeed on their own terms. It’s helpful to know the common pitfalls to watch out for and find ways to learn alongside other women.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why emotional intelligence is a skill we all need and we all can learn.
  • How to use the Mood Meter tool.
  • How to influence which emotions you have and how to have more or less of certain emotions.
  • Which actions are effective or ineffective for regulating your emotions.

Dr. Rita Webster is a renowned expert on Women’s Leadership. Through her 20+ years of coaching executive women, her research and her own experience as a woman business owner, Rita brings a wealth of information, tools, and processes to help women succeed.


Past Webinars


Getting Ready for the WIT Diversity & Inclusion Index

Presented by Mark Murrell and Jane Jazrawy with CarriersEdge. 


The WIT Diversity & Inclusion Index will be opening its inaugural edition on June 1, 2021. Join us for an interactive session where the D&I team will provide more details on the Index and the process we will follow.

  • Do you need some practical ideas to start making your workplace more inclusive?
  • Do you know how to identify the strategies you may already have in place? 

We will talk about these subjects and about how we will be evaluating fleets and the awards slated to be handed out at the Accelerate! conference.

This informal discussion will provide opportunities for attendees to ask questions about the program itself and diversity in general.


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