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Gender Diversity in Transportation: Where are we in 2024?

Wednesday, May 29th • 1:00pm - 2:00pm Central 

For many companies in the transportation industry, diversity and inclusion have become critical components of their business success. From attracting top talent to fostering more diversity of thought and collaboration in the workplace, the benefits of D&I are clear.  

So where does our industry stand on the gender diversity front? Published every year by the Women In Trucking Association, the WIT Index is the industry barometer to benchmark and measure each year the percentage of women who make up critical roles in transportation. Attend this unique WIT Webinar to learn the following: 

  • In 2024, what are the percentages of women in key roles in the C-suite, board rooms, managerial roles, functional roles, and professional drivers? 
  • How common is it for companies in our industry to have a formal policy involving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? 
  • How can the WIT Index data be applied to benchmark and strengthen gender diversity as part of your business strategy? 
  • Lastly, what are industry best practices to increase the gender diversity of your workforce? 




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