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January 27 at 1:00PM CST

Why It’s Time to Say Good-bye to “One Size Fits All” Maintenance

Hosted by:

Meena Narahari, Repair & Maintenance TCO, Navistar


Fleets often manage maintenance by syncing PMs at common intervals through the vehicle’s lifecycle. Trucking and logistics businesses tend to run different brands of vehicles and keep to a common PM schedule to reduce operational complexity. However, this can also lead to over or under maintenance impacting vehicle cost and operation. By evaluating maintenance strategies and tools using telematics information, fleets can increase their PM efficiency. This will involve transitioning from a static, published schedule to using a dynamic or condition-based approach that can lower operational costs and increase vehicle uptime.

  • Moving away from published schedules
  • Using telematics data for maintenance
  • Maintenance tools
  • Savings and Uptime potential
  • Best practices for changing your PM strategy

Past Webinars


December 16 at 1:00PM CST

Power of AI in Transportation to Drive Automation

Hosted by:

Jennifer Settecase, VP system planning, LoadTrek

John Sheehy, CEO, LoadTrek

Will Roddy, VP Sales, LoadTrek


AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation in Transportation may take on several different aspects.  When we think of automation it may include self-driving vehicles, safety systems or dock picking and loading systems.  AI on the other hand is using collected data from all these systems which allows machines to make some of the business decisions and perhaps automate busy processes.  AI when applied to data collected by your drivers, vehicles and ELD systems can be used as a powerful business decision and automation tool.

  • Verify arrival and departure data
  • Exception validation regarding detention
  • Tracking shippers who may use up too much of a drivers valuable HOS
  • Proof of Delivery in real time
  • Verified and automated driver settlements
  • Tools to predict driver habits and create proactive safety habits.

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