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December 16 at 1:00PM CST

Power of AI in Transportation to Drive Automation 

Hosted by:

Jennifer Settecase, VP system planning, LoadTrek

John Sheehy, CEO, LoadTrek

Will Roddy, VP Sales, LoadTrek


AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation in Transportation may take on several different aspects.  When we think of automation it may include self-driving vehicles, safety systems or dock picking and loading systems.  AI on the other hand is using collected data from all these systems which allows machines to make some of the business decisions and perhaps automate busy processes.  AI when applied to data collected by your drivers, vehicles and ELD systems can be used as a powerful business decision and automation tool.

  • Verify arrival and departure data
  • Exception validation regarding detention
  • Tracking shippers who may use up too much of a drivers valuable HOS
  • Proof of Delivery in real time
  • Verified and automated driver settlements
  • Tools to predict driver habits and create proactive safety habits.

Past Webinars

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November 19 at 11:00AM CST

The Economics Realities Test and its effect on the independent contractor model

Hosted by:

Wendy Greenland, CEO of Openforce

Deborah Stevens, CCO of Openforce

Kristen Johnson, Partner at Taylor & Associates, a national transportation law firm


For companies classifying service providers as “independent contractors” rather than employees, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has just issued a warning: In its view, “most” American workers are really employees.

In September 2020, the DOL published a proposed rule addressing how to determine whether a worker is an employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act or an independent contractor. Much like California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) that was passed in 2019, companies must apply an “economic realities” test to determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. Certain key factors should be considered in light of the ultimate determination of whether the worker is really in business for themself (and thus is an independent contractor) or is economically dependent on the employer (and thus is its employee).

Attend this session to learn:

  • The factors you must consider in the Economics Realities Test
  • The complex nature of “misclassification” and its broad spectrum of legal woes
  • How to implement a comprehensive strategy that strengthens your business model against the most common claims for your industry

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