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How Women Become Strong Leaders

Wednesday, August 24th • 11:00am Central 


Presented by Jessica Savage, Director, Distribution Development, Xos Trucks, Nicole Glenn, Founder and CEO, Candor Expedite, Cynthia Carleton, Chief Marketing Officer, Carriergistics, Karli Smith, Field Services Branch Manager, Clean Harbors and Eileen Dabrowski, Director of Learning, Development and Marketing, ReedTMC Logistics.

Powerful female leaders have the ability to listen and understand perspectives from their key stakeholders and teams, regulate and connect with emotions of their workforce during times of opportunity and crisis, and demonstrate strength with grace and kindness. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of having women leaders at all levels of their organization. Gain a sneak peek at some of the presenters confirmed for the 2022 Women In Trucking Accelerate! Conference & Expo who will be discussing relevant topics that will help you to become a stronger leader.

  • Jessica Savage, Director of Dealer Development with Xos Trucks, will discuss the importance of employees cultivating a position of leadership, no matter what their organization verticals look like
  • Nicole Glenn, Founder and CEO of Candor Expedite, provides practical tips on how to outrageously move forward your career and personal life
  • Cynthia Carleton, Chief Marketing Officer with Carriergistics, sheds light on how you can build and leverage your personal brand for success
  • Karli Smith, Field Services Branch Manager with Clean Harbors, discusses how leadership can have a dramatic impact on safety and compliance - a critical business concern for any company involved in transportation
  • Eileen Dabrowski, Director of Learning, Development and Marketing at ReedTMS Logistics, will explore ideas for implementing a positive culture shift at all levels
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