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Transgender & Gender Diverse Workforce Inclusion Training
Wednesday, May 24 • 1:00pm Central 

The complexity of understanding gender identity within a workplace setting cannot be understated. In our society, gender impacts individuals in the workplace in a multitude of ways such as power, privilege, leadership, employment opportunities, productivity, and much more. Part of our mission is to promote the importance of diversity and acceptance in the workplace.

Dr. Gennifer Herley of TransNewYork had the honor of facilitating a meaningful panel discussion about Diversity and Inclusion at the 2022 Accelerate! Conference & Expo, hosted by the Women In Trucking Association, with the following participants: Lindsay Goodman, JB Hunt, Regan Payne, Fusion Now, and John Pope, Cargo Transporters.

With an overwhelming interest and attendance at the session, we've teamed up with TransNewYork to help bring an online training event that provides strategies and the best practices in building and communicating in an inclusive environment.

TransNewYork will deliver an impactful, informative, and compelling training using a three-stage model that delivers relevant content through the lens of personal stories of transition in Corporate America:

1. The education of our audiences is at its foundation 
2. This foundation, in turn, leads to a better level of understanding 
3. It is this understanding that sows the seeds of acceptance 

Dr. Gennifer Herley

Dr. Gennifer Herley PhD is the founder and Executive Director of TransNewYork. Gennifer is a proud transgender woman who transitioned in 2018 and earned her doctorate degree in 2014. Dr. Herley works with allies of the transgender community and is passionate about helping raise public awareness on transgender issues through hosting and sponsoring speaking engagements and corporate training events.


About TransNewYork
TransNewYork’ mission is to educate, empower, and enhance the lives of Transgender, Gender Non-conforming and Non-binary Individuals globally through advocacy, community visibility, human and social services, advance knowledge, and lifelong learning development of self.
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