Women In Trucking

Airing exclusively on SiriusXM Road Dog Channel 146 every Saturday at 11am ET.

Airing exclusively on SiriusXM 


Hosted by Ellen Voie, SiriusXM’s Women In Trucking will feature interviews with professionals from the trucking industry - from drivers, technicians, and engineers to transportation CEOs and dispatchers - sharing their stories of the challenges and opportunities of the open road. 

Women In Trucking, a show geared towards men and women listeners, will also address gender diversity issues pushing for more women to join its ranks. SiriusXM’s Women In Trucking will help promote the employment of more women by identifying and removing the obstacles that keep them from entering the field. 

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  • SiriusXM Road Dog Channel 146
  • Every Saturday, 11am - 1pm Eastern

Upcoming Schedule

July 13: With Operation Save Driver Week wrapping up, we will be discussing safety on today's show. Guests include Jake Elovirta, Director of Enforcement Programs, CVSA, Jeana Hysell, Sr. Safety Consultant, JJ Keller, and Jennifer Brown, Regional Director of Field Operations, PrePass Safety Alliance.

July 20: We will cover Relay Payment's Haul of Fame Award with two representatives from Relay:  Emily Neuman, EVP of Operations and Partnerships and Monique Crapper, Director of Events and Customer Marketing. Guests also include award finalists: Cholonda Callen, Callen Transport, and Deb LaBree, Landstar Systems. 

July 27: Topic: Recruiting and Retention

August 3: Topic: Health and Wellness

August 10: We are featuring Women In Trucking Foundation. 

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