Women In Trucking

A live, call-in show airing exclusively on SiriusXM Road Dog Channel 146

A live, call-in show airing exclusively on SiriusXM 


Hosted by Ellen Voie, SiriusXM’s Women In Trucking will feature listener call-ins and interviews with professionals from the trucking industry - from drivers, technicians, and engineers to transportation CEOs and dispatchers - sharing their stories of the challenges and opportunities of the open road. 

Women In Trucking, a show geared towards men and women listeners, will also address gender diversity issues pushing for more women to join its ranks. With women making up just under eight percent of the trucking industry workforce, SiriusXM’s Women In Trucking will help promote the employment of more women by identifying and removing the obstacles that keep them from entering the field. 

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Show info 

  • SiriusXM Road Dog Channel 146
  • Every Saturday, 11am - 1pm Eastern
  • Call in at: (888) 876-2336
WIT Show 11.20.21

Upcoming Schedule

December 4 • This show will be all about the top industry issues. We will hear from Rebecca Brewster, President and COO of the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), Amanda Shuier, COO, Quality Transport Company, and Rebecca Larson, Director of Marketing at HUB International will discuss the driver shortage.  

December 11 • This show will be about eliminating biases. Zach Trumble, Vice President of Brokerage Operations at Fifth Wheel Freight (FWF) will be discussing how to eliminate biases and break down barriers to your opportunity. Natalie Martin Noah, Connected Vehicle Business Development Manager, Volvo will be answering the question: Are Socially Constructed Biases Keeping the Glass Ceiling Alive?

December 18 • This show will be about compliance and litigation. We will hear from Belinda GarciaTraining and Development Specialist, CVE Training Unit/Texas Department of Public Safety.

December 25 • Merry Christmas! The previous show will air.

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