Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation

What makes a company desirable for women to work? Many say it comes from such reasons as a corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity, flexibility in hours and work requirements to accommodate family and life balance, competitive compensation and benefits, training and continued professional development, and career advancement opportunities. 

If your organization is one that features these benefits (or more!), then it could be an ideal nominee for “Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation.” This is the first year this program will be featured in Redefining the Road, the official magazine of the Women In Trucking Association, with the goal to highlight companies in the industry that are friendly for women in BOTH driver and professional capacities. 

Nominations of companies close July 16 at 5pm Central.

What is the process to qualify?

Step 1: Nominate the Organization
Explain in 75 words or less what makes this company worthy of being recognized as a great place for women to work. Also be prepared to indicate if the nominated organization demonstrates any or all of the above characteristics. Nominated companies must be a WIT member. Nominate by July 16. 

Step 2: Online Voting
The marketplace (both WIT members and non-members) votes and helps to validate all nominations. Voting takes place July 18 - August 15, so be prepared to encourage your workforce, business partners, and other key stakeholders to vote!

Step 3: Receive Recognition
Winning companies will be featured in the cover story of the Redefining the Road magazine (Edition 3 2018) in November. 

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