Bringing Gender Diversity to Transportation

The Women In Trucking Association is a non-profit organization with the mission to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the industry.

Our Mission

For over a decade, we've been focused on this clear mission to encourage employment, address obstacles and celebrate success. It's supported by a passionate leadership team, highly engaged members, and committed sponsors and partners.

We continue to build a strong community among our members (primarily business professionals and professional drivers) who believe in and support our mission.


Encourage Employment

Gender diversity brings new perspectives, fuels greater idea generation, problem solving and innovation, increasing business performance and overall revenue generation. Gain access to relevant market intelligence, content, networking, collaboration and best practices to help you achieve this.

Address Obstacles

Women need flexible work arrangements, fair compensation, and inclusive corporate cultures that encourage and support professional development and advancement of women. Find resources, best practices, innovative ideas, and content that help ensure such corporate cultures.

Celebrate Success

Many companies in transportation are reaping the benefits of solid workforce diversity. See what other skilled individuals and innovative companies are doing capitalize on the benefits of gender diversity through WIT’s various awards and recognition programs.

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Whether you are a business professional or a professional driver, there are many reasons to become a member.

March 2024 Member of the Month: Tanya Miracle

Meet our March 2024 Member of the Month, Tanya Miracle! Miracle is the Director OE Truck Channel at Bridgestone Americas. The most unique aspect of Miracle's role is how she goes about being in a predominantly male world - she promotes from within and continues to "break the bias" by breaking down the barriers for women in the industry. She creates pathways for women to succeed and ensures that everyone has the tools necessary to realize their full potential. 

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Nominate: Top Woman-Owned Businesses in Transportation

Since 2017, we have recognized powerhouse women in transportation and their flourishing organizations through the Top Woman-Owned Businesses in Transportation recognition program. Submit a nomination by March 15.

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Participate: 2024 WIT Index

Did you know that women make up nearly 12.1% of professional drivers according to the most recent WIT Index? To get a better picture of where the numbers stand as of today (including other roles such as operations and corporate positions), we're once again collecting gender diversity data. Encourage your company to participate by April 1.

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Women In Trucking is once again proud to host the annual Salute to Women Behind the Wheel at the Mid-America Trucking Show on Friday, March 22. It’s an event to celebrate female CDL-holders and their journey, and be saluted for what they do.


Accelerate! Conference

This unique event works to elevate the issue of gender diversity, develop women leaders, and explore how to leverage a diverse workforce for company success and engage and retain more females in the industry.

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Redefining the Road Magazine

Published three times per year, our award-winning magazine explores emerging trends and issues impacting gender diversity in the industry, along with best practices in leadership, recruiting, operations, safety, sales and marketing, and life on the road.

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Salute to

Every year, this celebration acknowledges and applauds professional female drivers for their service and commitment to keep the economy moving and success in a male-dominated industry.

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Diversity Facts in Transportation

Did you know that women make up nearly 12.1% of professional drivers according to our recent research? Check out more industry statistics related to gender and encourage your organization to participate.

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WITney® Educational Trailer

The WITney® Educational Trailer and Driver Ambassador program focuses on spreading WIT’s message by speaking at trade shows, driving schools, and other industry events; sharing stories of life on the road; providing media interviews; and giving rides to legislators, regulators and the media.

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Professional Driver Hub

This site is a place for today’s female truck driver to check in for tips, advice, resources, and community. Whether you’re considering the possibility of becoming a driver or have been behind the wheel for years, the Professional Driver Hub is here to support you.

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Women In Trucking Blog 

Tap into our comprehensive blog to keep up with the latest industry trends, recruiting strategies, safety tips, marketing best practices, leadership advice, stories of life on the road, and what's happening with Women In Trucking.

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