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Trucks are for Girls –

Girl Scout Patch Program


Women In Trucking Girl Scout Patch Program

WIT teamed up with the Girl Scouts to offer a fun-filled event for young girls to learn about the trucking industry and earn a patch! The events are hosted by members of the WIT association and their local Girl Scout council. The girls are able to participate in fun, hands-on activities related to supply chain, hear from women leaders in the industry, and even climb inside the trucks. Truck driving simulators are sometimes offered at events as well.

The objective of the program is to educate young girls about the exciting career opportunities in the trucking industry as well as safety around big trucks. The “Trucks are for Girls” events have taken place all over the U.S. and Canada. The very first event took place in October, 2014. Since then, over 1,500 girls have earned their WIT patch!

WIT is available to assist in the event planning process. Two different coloring books that features fun, educational activities can accompany a Girl Scout event or distributed on its own. Shelby’s Big Rig Day is about a girl who has an opportunity to go with her mother to work, riding in a tractor-trailer. Scouting for Cookies features a young scout, who takes the reader through the cookie supply chain. She starts in a wheat field and ends with the consumer.

The long-term outcome of this program is for these girls to be engaged in the trucking industry. Their natural talents can serve the trucking industry in the various roles available. We want to see them grow up to be drivers, engineers, business owners, technicians, trainers, etc. Even if the girls do not end up in the trucking industry, our hope is the program empowers the girls to strive for a career they are passionate about, regardless of their gender.



1,690 girls have earned their Transportation Patch!


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