I AM ESSENTIAL Photo Contest Promo 



2021 Photo Contest: I AM ESSENTIAL

June 14-July 2

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While the past year has been challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has underscored the critical importance of transportation and logistics. Companies in our industry have orchestrated critical supply chains that involve inbound flow of materials and goods for manufacturing and the inventory management of finished goods. Professional drivers worked tirelessly to ensure timely, safe delivery of these essential goods and supplies.

Kellylynn-2021-photo-contestUntil now, most of the general public was unaware of how much they depended on professional truck drivers and the supply chain industry for the products and materials they need and want every day. Transportation is the backbone of America. We are ESSENTIAL. And now we play a key part in the country’s recovery.

For this year’s photo contest theme, get out your camera to visually illustrate this message: I AM ESSENTIAL  

Be creative in using posters, t-shirts, stickers, signs, balloons, etc. (and make sure to be sensitive to COVID-19 restrictions through the use of masks and social distancing).

If you'd like, use our poster below:


Remember: your photo entry must also include a truck.


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