2020 HERoes of the Highway: The Results Are In!

Not all heroes wear capes! Professional drivers have been on the front lines in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, putting their health at risk and working long hours to deliver essential goods and supplies. We are inspired by their hero-like strength, not only during these challenging times, but always. So, this year’s photo contest theme was HERoes of the Highway!  

Over 90 participants got out their cameras and gave us their best superhero pose in front of their trucks. From August 24-September 4, more than 8,000 votes were cast for the People’s Choice Winners, while a panel of judges selected their top three.


People's Choice Winners

1.) Susie DeRidder “Hero-like Strength”


With 1,310 votes, Susie DeRidder’s “Hero-like Strength” submission received the most votes coming in first as the People's Choice Winner. Susie is a company driver for Armour Transportation, and was a finalist for WIT's 2020 Female Driver of the Year Award.

2.) Marcus Thompson “Seven of our truck-building HERoes representing the hundreds of women at Volvo Trucks NRV Plant, Dublin, VA”


In second place with 681 votes was “Seven of our truck-building HERoes representing the hundreds of women at Volvo Trucks NRV Plant, Dublin, VA” by Marcus Thompson, communications manager for Volvo Trucks.

“At Volvo Trucks, we are so grateful and proud of every professional driver, the HERoes of the Highway, and of our employees for their time and commitment to the industry during these challenging times," said Thompson. "We are thrilled to feature seven of our professional truck builders in this year’s photo contest. Each of the over 500 women at our NRV manufacturing plant are dedicated to providing premier products to all of the HERoes of the Highway!”

3.) Ingrid Brown "Women on a Mission ‘Rona-19'"


In third place garnering 479 votes was Ingrid Brown's “Women on a Mission ‘Rona-19.’” Ingrid is an independent Owner Operator for Rollin' B, and is part of WIT's Image Team. She is also part of FMCSA's Voices of Safety campaign. 

Judges' Choice Winners

1.) Nancy Davis “Rosie the Riveter”


In addition to the People’s Choice picks, a panel of judges also selected their top three. Nancy Davis’ submission “Rosie the Riveter” placed first. Nancy works for J.B. Hunt. 

“Rain or shine or pandemic, people rely on truck drivers to keep our economy moving, and women play an important role in that,” said Davis. “Like the iconic and inspirational symbol Rosie the Riveter, we have the strength and tenacity to keep on truckin’!”

2.) Shunta Price “Crushing villans, delivering smiles!"


Coming in second with the judges was a photo of J.B. Hunt company driver Shunta Price titled, “Crushing villains, delivering smiles!” 

3.) Eileen Dabrowski “Not all HERoes wear capes...or do they?”


Eileen Dabrowski of ReedTMS Logistics locked in third place with her creative entry, “Not all HERoes wear capes...or do they?” featuring company driver Dawn Anstead.

This is the sixth year the “I HEART Trucking” photo contest has been held, offering drivers and transportation professionals a fun and creative way to not only change the perception of trucking and truckers, but also showcase the pride they have to be a part of the industry.

THANK YOU to all who participated this year – you are ALL HERoes of the Highway and we appreciate all that you do!

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