Women In Trucking Doll

The Clare doll helps introduce the trucking industry to the next generation and empowers them to strive for a career they are passionate about, regardless of their gender.


Meet Clare!

Clare, a passionate and energetic plush friend, stands 13” tall and features an official Women in Trucking cap atop a wind-blown blond head of hair. This driven young lady also comes with an “I Heart Trucking” tee, red collar shirt, jeans, and boots. Her package shares the story of her journey into the driver’s seat of her very own 18-wheeler.

The launch of this doll is a long-time dream come true for me," said WIT Founder Ellen Voie. "The world is wide open for girls today and I’m thrilled to be providing a toy that tells them that whatever they want to be is just great – whether that’s a teacher or an ad exec or a professional driver.”

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Please note: Clare dolls are officially SOLD OUT and no longer available for purchase at this time.

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