Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award

The Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award (DWLA) is intended to acknowledge and honor the contributions and accomplishments of an outstanding individual acknowledged by her peers for achievement and leadership in the field of logistics in North America. By their commitment to their profession, desire to further the industry’s success and participation in civic and community affairs, DWLA award winners exemplify role models for other women seeking or advancing careers in logistics.

Sponsored by:

Nicole Glenn
Nicole Glenn is President & CEO of Candor Expedite.
Angela Eliacostas
Angela Eliacostas is president and founder of AGT Global Logistics.
Sue Spero
Sue Spero is president of Carrier Services of Tennessee, Inc.
Judy McReynolds
Judy McReynolds is chairman and president & CEO of ArcBest.
Renee Krug
Renee Krug
Renee Krug is CEO of GlobalTranz.
Andra Rush
Andra Rush is founder, chair and CEO of the Rush Group of Companies.
Shelley Simpson
Shelley Simpson is Chief Commercial Officer; EVP of People and HR at J.B Hunt Transport Services
Kristy Knichel
Kristy Knichel is president of Knichel Logistics.



Nicole Glenn, President & CEO of Candor Expedite, was named the winner of the eighth annual Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award (DWLA). "Nicole Glenn not only epitomizes what it means to be a distinguished women in logistics, but her commitment to better serving customers in the logistics industry is unsurpassed."

Finalists also included: LeAnne Coulter, vice president, freight management for Penske Logistics; Erin Gattis, chief human resources officer, ArcBest; and Kim Littlejohn, senior vice president and chief information officer, USA Truck. 

Special thanks to sponsors Truckstop.com and Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).

DWLA Nomination Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Distinguished Woman in Logistics Awards (DWLA) program. Sponsored by Truckstop.com and TIA, the award is open to high-performing women in any field related to logistics, including supply chain management, third-party logistics, and trucking.

Information and instructions to assist you in submitting an award nomination:

Nominations for the DWLA are closed. The award announcement and presentation will be made onstage during the opening session of the annual TIA 2022 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition, on Friday, April 8 in San Diego, CA, with national media attention.

Nominators should provide supporting letters or other documentation (press clippings, newsletters, video clips, etc.) to submit as part of the award nomination. For online submissions, nominators can upload supporting documentation with the nomination form. For hard copy submissions, nominators will include supporting documentation as part of the nomination packet.

Please note: Finalists will be asked to submit a short video that will be used at the annual TIA Conference. Instructions will be supplied to finalists.

Who May Nominate
Nominations can be made by any individual or by an organization familiar with the nominee and her work in the field of logistics. Employees of the sponsoring organization or of Women In Trucking and the award selection committees are excluded as nominators and/or as candidates for any award under their purview.

Industry participation that would qualify a potential candidate for consideration for this award broadly encompasses high-performing women in the third-party logistics and supply chain management fields, as well as trucking operations in North America.

How to Nominate
In general, all award nominations should include a statement supporting the individual’s qualifications in the field of logistics as well as evidence of accomplishments and supporting letters of recommendation. Briefly describe the individual’s role today and past career history, or provide a resume or CV.

Nominations should not include excessive documentation. Clear, concise statements of achievements are of value. Information from public sources such as Who's Who or industry publications is helpful, but should be supplemented by information about specific contributions.

Nomination Deadline
February 10, 2022

Once an individual has been selected as a winner of the DWLA, she can be renominated for two consecutive years after the initial nomination and then again after a one-year waiting period. To renominate, send a renomination letter along with any updated information to be included with the nomination.

What Happens After You Submit an Award Nomination?
After the awards nomination deadline, nominations are submitted to the award selection committee established for review that year. After finalist candidates have been selected by the committee, final approval for the winning candidate will be voted on by the awards committee and Women In Trucking executives. The finalist candidates will be notified by WIT and publicized to industry and trade media. The winning candidate will be announced at the award presentation.

Award Presentation
All award presentations will be scheduled to take place at and during a significant industry conference with national visibility with logistics industry education and networking content, in order to facilitate approval for travel and participation by the winner in the award ceremony. Upon notification of selection, the finalist must notify WIT if they plan to attend the designated conference.

Nomination Form Details

A complete award nomination form consists of the following:

  • Award Nomination Cover Page
    This page includes information on the nominee as well as contact information for the nominator.

  • Award Citation(s)
    A brief statement, not to exceed 100 characters per award, giving the major accomplishments that distinguish the woman within the field of logistics in North America.

  • Rationale for Nomination
    A statement, not to exceed 700 words, on why the candidate is being nominated for the award.

  • Career Background (Curriculum Vitae)
    Background, education, accomplishments and achievements that the judges might find helpful in assessing a nominees influence or lifetime achievements, including offices held, awards, honors and civic and community involvement outside of her career.

  • Accomplishments (as appropriate)
    How does the nominee stand out from her peers? Present situations where she may have been the ‘first, the ‘best’ or the ‘only’ in her field. Has she been recognized with other awards, media coverage, speaking invitations, etc.? Are metrics available to support or demonstrate her success? Revenue growth, employee growth, cost reduction, success project budgets, etc.  What challenges has the nominee overcome?
  • Supporting Letters
    No more than eight brief supporting letters or statements from colleagues and peers should be included with all award nominations. Nominators are responsible for collecting all supporting letters and submitting them as part of the award nomination. For online nominations, nominators will upload supporting letters to the nomination form, preferably as a PDF document. For hard copy nominations, nominators will include supporting letters as part of the nomination packet.




If you have questions about the nomination process,
view our nomination instructions below or
contact Lana at (208) 217-2147 or email.