Driver Ambassador Program

Meet the Women In Trucking Driver Ambassador, Kellylynn McLaughlin!

Kellylynn McLaughlin, a professional over-the-road CMV Driver and Training Engineer for Schneider National, is the official WIT Driver Ambassador! The Driver Ambassador program focuses on raising awareness for the WIT mission, promoting the career opportunities women have in trucking, celebrating their accomplishments, removing obstacles female truck drivers face, and increasing membership for the organization. 

Her Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Spreading WIT’s message and giving visibility to the association’s efforts to bring more women into the industry by attending and speaking at non-industry trade shows, driving schools, associations, and other industry events
  • Sharing her stories of life on the road through her blog series
  • Providing media interviews
  • Giving rides to legislators, regulators and the media

About Kellylynn

Before she got in the driver’s seat, Kellylynn received a degree in interior design, served in the Peace Corps, and was a professional trainer in passenger safety. It was as the director of logistics for her kids’ marching band that she discovered she loved everything about driving a truck and the problem solving it entailed. While she enjoyed getting a behind-the-scenes tour of how the country runs, she quickly realized life on the road as a female driver had its challenges, from getting basic necessities to the lack of respect. She became passionate about effecting change in the industry in a positive way for women and for men — for every driver, and sharing how trucking is an incredibly rewarding career and there is so much opportunity, especially for women.

Driver Ambassador Blog

“Trucking is an incredibly rewarding career, and there is so much opportunity, especially for women.  It is my mission to effect change in this industry in a positive way for women and for men — for every driver.” 

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