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Top Companies for Women to Work

The industry is now voting for the top companies that embody important attributes required to be a "Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation."

Top Companies for Women to Work For - Voting is Now Closed

Time to Vote Top Companies Below are nearly 100 nominated companies that have made the final cut based upon the following criteria:

  • Corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity
  • Flexibility in hours and work requirements
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave)
  • Training, continued education and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Well-maintained/safe equipment & facilities for drivers
  • Other factors

AGT Global Logistics
Equality for equal work, no gender pay gap. Supportive of all health concerns and needs. Large percentage of women in all levels in each department. Best level of trust in company leaders. Great working conditions on every level. Managers that give direction & vision to provide employees to do their best everyday. Wonderful family atmosphere. Everyone is treated fair.

American Central Transport
American Central Transport is a family owned trucking company whose guiding principles are their core values.  Their management team include several women and 10% of their drivers are women. At ACT, we truly believe that family does come first, and we show that by always delivering on home time, and by having a freight network that always keeps you close to home, and helps provide both a great income and work-life balance for your family.

Aria Logistics LLC
Our Founder and President of Aria Logistics LLC is a strong advocate to create awareness within the E-Commerce Home Delivery Retailers, etc. Aria Logistics is breaking the barriers and leading an extraordinary path for women who are third party logistics carriers which is currently a male dominated industry.

Armour Transportation Systems
Armour Transportation Systems, one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, operates as one of Canada’s leading transportation specialists by providing customers with an entire shipping solution. The ATS fleet has grown from one truck hauling hay and gravel to over 4,000 well-maintained pieces of equipment servicing clients from any number of industries. 

Artur Express Inc.
Artur Express is a great organization for women because of the way we foster women within the organization. The percentage of female drivers in our fleet is above the national average, and we have many women in management roles throughout the company. 

Auction Transport Services
Not only do we have a fantastic group of women, we are led by a woman. Our office team works together as equals. We are encouraged to take courses, learn all aspects of the business, and take on broader responsibilities. When looking for new drivers to add to our team, we encourage women to apply. All the women I work with, in fact all the employees at Auction Transport support and inspire each other daily. We thrive as a team and in turn our company benefits.

Averitt Express
For nearly 50 years, Averitt has been growing and thriving as a privately-owned business with a culture where people and their worth have true value. There are many opportunities to advance because we believe in training, communication, promoting from within, and investing in the personal development of each individual. Our professional equipment features state-of-the-art safety technology, and we provide over 100 safe and secure facilities for our driving force.

B.R. Williams Trucking, Inc.
This company's founder was a woman partnering with her husband to fulfill a dream. The company will celebrate 62 years in business July 2020. The environment has always been centered around family life with a real priority for family time at home where drivers are concerned due to  the demands of their work to be on the road. The culture is one team one mission to provide honesty, integrity, and service to others. 

Bennett International Group, LLC
Bennett advocates for females in the transportation and logistics industry with a variety of initiatives.  The cornerstone of these efforts is Bennett’s Women in the Driver’s Seat program. This program recognizes women drivers for exemplary service, supports networking opportunities, and generates camaraderie through motivational speakers and events.  As always, Bennett’s core values center around family.  The culture created at Bennett is one where women can thrive in and continue to be successful. 

Big M Transportation
Big M Transportation is a well respected company that treats all of their employees like they are family. They go above and beyond to make each and every employee feel important in their job roles. 

Booster Fuels
In a 92% male-dominated industry, Booster encourages and celebrates our female drivers. All drivers at Booster can grow into leads/managers, even engineers. All Booster employees are full-time with ownership in the company, full benefits for drivers, and affordable benefits for dependents. Day work finishes by 4:30 pm so drivers can have evenings at home. Night shift is flexible. Booster's signature purple mobile-fuel delivery tanker also has a smaller cab for short-stature operation.

Boyle Transportation
Boyle Transportation welcomes professional drivers of all sexes and gender identities. Currently, 36% of our fleet are women drivers and 30% of our administrative roles are filled by those who identify as female. Boyle seeks high-performing professionals regardless of gender or orientation and tries to lead the industry in acceptance of all as long as they are professional and can complete the job to the high standards our customers have come to expect.

Brenny Transportation, Inc.
At Brenny, women are recognized more than normal in this industry. We are encouraged to be strong and confident. The culture is one of respect and family-friendly. We are pushed to be the absolute best for the trucking industry. All voices are heard and no one is judged. We go above and beyond to treat women drivers with utmost respect. This team that is about lifting each other up, and helping each other grow and succeed. 

CalArk International, Inc.
CalArk built their foundation based upon establishing a people-centric culture of trust and engagement to unite all of members of the Team. The company embraces gender diversity which shows in that 47% of Management are women and the strong gender balance across the entire team. With the benefit offerings, professional development opportunities, focus on employee empowerment and continuous encouragement for strong communication, CalArk never loses focus on striving to be a great place to work. 

Carbon Express
Equality for all employees, respect regardless of gender, our trucks deliver to 49 states and all of Canada without sleeper trucks (all-day cabs and drivers stay in hotels).This is especially appealing to women drivers. The company treats them with respect and they get better quality of rest in hotels - making them safer drivers.

Cargo Transporters, Inc.
Females make up 7.25% of our fleet and hold many key positions at Cargo Transporters including Corporate Counsel, VP of HR, Controller, and Fleet Safety Specialist. The company provides tractors with automated transmissions, abundant safety features, along with amenities like refrigerators, XM Satellite Radio and TV to attract quality, female drives. Freight accommodations, flexibility in work schedule and ongoing safety training all make Cargo Transporters a great place for female drivers to call home.

Carter Express, Inc.
This is a great place to work because they take care of their employees. Carter will quickly identify the skills each employee brings, provide the proper training to promote within; eventually into leadership roles. Carter allows time for charitable events and promotes our employees to get involved by giving back to our local community. The company culture is like no other and this company makes you feel like you are a part of the family.

Carvana continues to demonstrate why it is a Top Company for Women to Work for. From the home daily schedule, generous PTO, guaranteed salary, 100% paid medical insurance, paid maternity leave, to its ongoing gender diversity initiatives that support and empower our female Logistics employees, Carvana remains committed to being a highly desirable place for women to work. 

Centerline Drivers
From the president to the leadership team to recruiters and sales professionals, women are at the forefront at Centerline. With a workforce that is 60-percent women and a leadership team composed of 50 percent women, Centerline's dedication to gender diversity continues to make it an industry leader. And with flexible schedules, remote working capabilities and programs and policies to encourage women in leadership, Centerline will continue to develop the next generation of female transportation leaders. 

Certified Express Inc.
CEI is a company that is proud to say that 27% of our driver fleet is occupied by females. CEI is a well diversified company with much support for our women drivers. We promote women in the transportation industry and feel it is vital to the industry.

CFI - Contract Freighters, Inc.
At CFI we have one of the largest fleets made up of female professional drivers. This goes to show that we currently have a desire from women to work for our company. We make sure our female professional drivers understand their importance on our team, selecting a few to drive our wrapped trucks –an honorary wrapped tractor that raises awareness for women in trucking and their influence on the industry. We honor the women of CFI everyday and use SheDrives CFI as a continuous campaign through events and social media to do so. 

Clean Harbors
We have woman employed at all levels of the company and their voices are not only heard, but listened to and action is taken. Woman are a guiding force at Clean Harbors. 

Cumberland International Trucks Inc.
Cumberland International Trucks is a family owned company that focuses on keeping a positive and healthy company culture to ensure a safe work environment for women. We promote diversity, teamwork, work/life balance and currently have multiple female directors, managers and supervisors. We are committed to continuous growth and offer career development opportunities, networking and continued education for women. We also support local charities to directly help benefit women in our environment.

Day & Ross
Day & Ross has specific programs to recruit women and has focused on development opportunities for female leaders, including internal groups like Women@ Day & Ross and Trail Blazers, as well as career tools in Exec Online and Success Factors. The results are female leaders hired and/or promoted into leadership roles at a 50/50 ratio with male colleagues. We also provide career support for New Canadians and women wanting to pursue careers as drivers.

Dedicated Systems, Inc.
We enroll all female drivers in WIT, we like to host events through WIT to support and encourage women in trucking.  We attend "career days" at local schools to share the opportunity with young women & men. We are a very family orientated company.  At Dedicated we work together as a team.

Dot Transportation, Inc.
Dot Transportation, Inc. has always been an amazing place to work and an advocate for women, but through this challenging time where all our lives have had to change dramatically, Dot Transportation, Inc. has proven they put the safety and welfare of their employees first and foremost. While many companies were laying off employees, Dot Transportation, Inc. and Dot Foods found ways to avoid that by offering a multitude of different options to their drivers and staff. In the past 2 months Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, Inc. have also donated over $2.5 million worth of food to food pantries and people in need across the country. 

Dupre Logistics
Family-oriented culture, employee recognition programs, females in Upper Management, safety focus, team-oriented environment, 40% women in Strategic Capacity Services Business Group 

Dynacraft, A PACCAR Company
Dynacraft offers an environment where the input of women is valued. The diverse leadership team ensures that women have a voice, are considered for promotion equally, and that pay disparity does not exist. Being part of PACCAR, women at Dynacraft have the opportunity to interact and build relationships with other women in the company. These connections allow for opportunities throughout the organization. 

Epes Transport System, LLC
Epes is and industry leader in hiring, retaining and promoting Women from all walks of life. We pride ourselves in understanding and addressing the need for Women in the industry due to so many misconceptions to include the image of trucking as a male only field. We recognize that Women in the trucking industry are a force to be reckoned with and have a wealth of knowledge and ability to be utilized in this industry. 

At EROAD we believe that Diversity and Inclusion makes us stronger. Just one of the days we celebrate across all our offices is International Women’s Day. We create a video that honors women in transport and release this to media and our customers for sharing. We regularly have female speakers and network lunches, with all our female leaders active in empowering and encouraging other women into our incredible transport industry.

Estes Express Lines
Every Estes terminal that I go to, there is always someone offering to help me move a dolly to hook doubles, there is always a women's restroom, that is clean and most have keypads or keys so they stay clean. Estes is the largest family owned LTL company and EVERYONE makes it an AMAZING company to work for!!!

FedEx Freight
FedEx Freight is a champion for women in the transportation industry and women in leadership. The company provides not only opportunity for women to advance, but support for growth and development. One shining example is our Women's Business Resource Team which is one of the longest standing and most successful BRTs where women within FedEx Freight are promoted to shine. 

Fifth Wheel Freight
FWF continues to support women in the work place through a diversity-focused recruiting strategy and equal opportunity employment. FWF strives to provide opportunities for advancement as we have recently promoted Grace Sharkey to Chief Strategy Officer. In addition, our team continuously supports skill expansion through involvement with outside organizations that promote career growth. 

Frito-Lay has a Women's Inclusion Network (WIN) that has expanded to include a "Men Who WIN" subcommittee to ensure that our male leaders and colleagues have the tools and training to coach and develop our female leaders.  Like many organizations, we know how important mentors are in the careers of our young women but we’ve also learned that our more junior- level, younger women don’t may not have as much exposure to our higher-level executives that who could act as sponsors for their career development.  Our LIFT program is a comprehensive sponsorship program designed to provide critical experiences, coaching, development, visibility and& networks.   Our sponsors find that they take away just as many learnings by gaining visibility to gender, generational and cultural differences improving their executive awareness, so it has become a win/win in driving cultural change within the organization. 

Garner Trucking
Garner is an exceptional place for women to work. Not only is it a woman owned company, many of the management team members are women as well.  With a female recruiter out in the schools, Garner has made it a focus to increase the number of female drivers and well as increase the diversity among the fleet as a whole. It does not go unnoticed that promotions and internal opportunities are given equally to both the men and the women in the company. Garner's CEO Sherri Garner Brumbaugh is a force in the industry, holding high influence at the national level as a member of the ATA Board as well as being appointed to the national Truckers Against Traffickers Coalition. Garner is consistently recognized at all levels for its professional drivers and staff. Training and continued education opportunties are always encouraged and appreciated. Garner is most definitely an amazing place for women to work. 

Gulf Relay LLC
Women and Gulf Relay  -The Perfect Match. A key demographic was consistently missed in the industry. Women! Gulf Relay’s dedication to providing a culture where diversity, flexibility, and work-life balance can thrive. As a leader in Transportation and Logistics Gulf Relay is setting a new standard by recruiting women to fill a variety of much needed positions. Gulf Relay is proud to offer specialized training, competitive pay, flexible schedules and time off for family as needed. By curating a culture where diversity and change are encouraged Gulf Relay is more successful and all employees enjoy the benefits. 

Herc Rentals, Inc.
Herc Rentals invests in learning and development, offering training programs specifically for drivers to build both their skills, keep them safe, and secure their future and the future of our Company.  We achieve our results by balancing customer and employee satisfaction. We take pride in our work and live our values every day:  We're in this together; We do what's right; We take responsibility; We prove ourselves every day. 

J.B. Hunt Transport Services
J.B. Hunt focuses on creating an environment that is welcoming for women and empowers their voice. J.B. Hunt has an employee resource group – Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women – that’s dedicated to helping women develop rewarding careers at the company. Through GROW, employees can participate in professional development opportunities, get involved in the community, and collaborate and connect with others in the local and national marketplace. GROW currently has more than 850 members. 

JF Moran
JF Moran breeds innovative ideas, collaboration, and best-practice operational strategy that is always focused on delivering customer service excellence. JF Moran is a women owned and operated, family-owned company focused on its commitment to offering world-class service as a worldwide leader in full-service customs brokerage, supply chain management, global logistics, compliance, security, insurance, international freight forwarding, and trucking.

JR Kays Trucking Inc.
JR Kays Trucking encourages women to work in any capacity within the company. In addition to drivers, we have women in dispatch, accounting, management, and ownership. We are also a certified minority women owned business. We love to work with women in securing any position within our company that offers growth - from a level II mgmt position into a level I and from a company driver to an owner operator - we love to encourage and support women as they move up the ladder. 

JX Enterprises
JX offers alternative work schedules, flexible hours and telecommuting. This opportunity is extended to eligible employees along with new mothers. JX’s quality benefit package includes paid maternity leave as well as “bonding time” with newborns. JX encourages associates to achieve their personal goal to learn and grow by offering Tuition Reimbursement, Leadership Trainee Program and a 2-year Living as a Leader Curriculum. JX encourages employees to support social responsibility by allowing 8-hour volunteer time off. 

Our culture at Kenco was built on respect for our customers and our employees. We recognize that women offer value in numerous roles, from our Vice President of Innovation to the many women who are Kenco general managers operating huge fulfillment warehouses on behalf of our clients. They are in these positions because they are the best at what they do and offer value to our customers and our business. 

Kenworth Truck Company
Kenworth promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace. The unique views, skills and talents of our employees fuel dynamic idea generation, problem solving and innovation, which strengthens our business. Women hold key roles at Kenworth, contributing expertise in the development, production and sale of our products. Kenworth’s Diversity Council and the PACCAR Women’s Association work together to advance leadership opportunities for women. Nearly 22% of Kenworth’s leadership roles are held by women, exceeding the national average. 

Knichel Logistics
As a woman-owned small business in transportation, Knichel Logistics has always maintained a focus on treating its employees like family while ensuring that salaries remain competitive, benefits are continuously reviewed and improved upon, considerations are made for flexibility with work hours and time off, and promotions are made based on merit. At this time, nearly all of our divisions are led by women due to their proficiency across the board. 

Landstar System, Inc.
Landstar’s vision is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive, technology-driven transportation industry. At Landstar, female sales agents and owner-operators are independent business owners with the opportunity to grow while receiving priceless back-office support and scalable resources from Landstar.   The more than 1,200 independent Landstar sales agents and nearly 10,000 independent owner-operators choose Landstar as the opportunity to grow their businesses because of the company’s reputation for safety, support and innovation.

Matheson Trucking
Matheson is an industry leader in innovation, largely due to the culture of respect and equality. From the women who work in the office, to the female truck drivers and material handlers, Matheson offers opportunities for growth and insists on work/life balance. Everyone in the Matheson family, particularly Carole and Lauren Matheson insist that the working community is stronger when women are given the opportunity to rise in their careers and grow the company while they do it. Matheson is truly deserving of the 'Top Companies for Women to Work in Transportation' award. 

May Trucking Company
May Trucking Company is a privately owned company that has been successfully operating for 75 years.  While the industry was predominately male populated back in the day, May Trucking Company employed females at many levels.  Today, the company employs females in a variety of different positions from truck driving to the senior management level. May Trucking Company actively promotes females offering equally competitive pay and benefits.  May Trucking Company provides females exceptional career opportunities. 

McLeod Software
McLeod Software recognizes that being a woman in the workplace has its own set of challenges. As we strive to be an employer of choice, we work to ensure that practice and policy surrounding compensation, work-life balance, perks and benefits, leadership, and career opportunities are friendly for women. Additionally, McLeod works within the communities in which we operate to partner with organizations whose mission it is to further women in technology and the transportation industry.

McSwain WW
Women have many opportunities to advance. All doors are open!

Michelin North America
Michelin is actively working towards its vision of increasing women in 30% of management roles by 2020. The company actively invests in benefits, unique networking, career development and volunteer opportunities focused on women. The nationwide Women’s Network, Michelin Mamas Group and Lean-In Circles are championed by Michelin executives, and work together to foster an engaged female workforce around the world.

NAPA Transportation, Inc.
To date, 16% of our 430 drivers and 39% of our 125 office staff are women. We have an Open-Door Policy that encourages all employees to participate in decisions affecting them.  We are supportive of our Family and Medical Leave of Absence employees. We also offer the benefit of our Employee Assistance Program that provides a confidential counseling service to assist our employees in resolving emotional difficulties, family conflict, stress, chemical dependency, work conflicts, etc. 

National Carriers, Inc.
In business since 1968, National Carriers, Inc. has long recognized the value of women in our workplace. Whether delivering loads to our customers via truck or meeting their needs through dispatching and customer service, opportunities abound. Safety Director, Jill Maschmeier, has overseen NCI safety and compliance for many years. When purchasing equipment we seek input from both our male and female drivers to accommodate ever driver as best we can.

Navajo Express
From a key executive: I am nominating Navajo Express as a Top Company for Women to Work because I am a true example of the opportunities and development they provide to women. I have only been with Navajo Express and working in the trucking industry for a short 2.5 years. In that time Navajo has given me, a 30 year old female, more than enough support, encouragement, and development to succeed. I started off as director of marketing and because of the career advancement opportunities I was recently promoted to VP - Sales and Marketing. The reason I was able to quickly achieve the role I am in now is because of Navajo being willing to listen to females in a male dominated industry. And their willingness to accept and act upon ideas that are brought forth by women. 

NFI Industries
NFI Industries is a family owned company that fosters a diverse workplace across North America. NFI takes pride in having women in every aspect of their business, from finance to driving their trucks. Offering flexible scheduling to maintain work life balance while also encouraging continuous professional development to accelerate careers, NFI recognizes our women drivers throughout our "She Drives" initiatives. As NFI continues to grow and the industry evolves, our employees remain our everyday heroes. 

Odyssey Logistics & Technology
Odyssey Logistics & Technology prides itself as a company with a culture that supports gender diversity, offering competitive and flexible compensation packages and ongoing professional development. Odyssey has several women in senior leadership roles, including corporate and division positions as president, vice president, co-founder and senior vice president, director and women drivers/owner-operators throughout its organization. Odyssey is committed to its diverse workforce and continues to focus on opportunities for associate advancement. With more than 2,500 associates worldwide, over 55% are female. 

Old Dominion Freight Line
Old Dominion Freight Line is rooted in female leadership, originating with one of the founders, Lillian Congdon. Lillian helped create and instill the "OD Family Spirit," which continues to guide the company values today. At OD’s core, they care about their people, which is why OD is known for their "promote from within” culture. OD is an advocate for work/life balance, with a majority of OD drivers in their home each night due to the company’s LTL delivery structure. In addition, OD prioritizes the safety of all employees, and offers competitive pay and benefits, all of which make it a great place for women to work. At OD, female leaders make up 18% of the board of directors, and continue to have outstanding women represent the company nationally at events and in leadership positions like the ATA America's Road Team and the National Truck Driving Championship. 

Omnitracs, LLC
Omnitracs is committed to developing a diverse workforce in a space where women are typically underrepresented. Women hold leadership positions across the company, including Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, GM & Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, and more. Our Advocates for Women in Technology employee resource group holds events to provide networking and career-building opportunities, as well as support causes that impact women including Truckers Against Trafficking and Girls, Inc.

OTR Capital, LLC
OTR has a unique culture that is progressive, ambitious, and inclusive. Our commitment to women and their professional development is apparent in our growing number of female leaders. We have a Women In Logistics mentorship program, which provides a network of women to train, develop, and foster growth and success. We also have a robust compensation package that includes Short Term Disability, Paid Family Leave, and comfortable accommodations for new moms.

PGT Trucking
PGT is focused on recruiting female truck drivers. Our Women Behind the Wheel initiative is designed to promote the benefits of flatbed driving to women in a historically male dominated field. This includes female trainers including driver trainers and classroom staff.  We have a gender and ethnically diverse leadership team. Strong performing women can and have advanced rapidly in the company. PGT is active in a number of women's industry groups in addition to Women in Trucking.

PACCAR drives for diversity and inclusion at its global divisions. Organizations like the PACCAR Women’s Association (PWA), Peterbilt Women’s Initiative (PBWIN) and PACCAR’s 16 global diversity councils represent our ongoing efforts to empower employees through networking and mentoring opportunities. PACCAR employees take pride in inspiring the next generation of engineers, technologists, innovators and business leaders. Through outreach and PACCAR facility tours, students with diverse talents are able to envision themselves as part of PACCAR’s success.

PACCAR Parts, a division of PACCAR Inc., is a global leader in investing in initiatives that support women. Workplace diversity is championed through a wide-range of professional development and leadership opportunities, mentorship programs, and community outreach. Women play a vital role in within the Fortune 250 business, with career opportunities in operations, sales and marketing, supply chain, and technology. Its culture strengthens team dynamics, drives innovation, and provides a work environment that ultimately creates a culture that women want to join – and thrive.

Palmer Trucks
Palmer Trucks, Inc. strives to maintain a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the trucking industry. The organization actively includes women in decision-making and leadership positions, including its largest business units. Palmer Trucks strives for diversity and inclusion across all company functions, and actively applies its core values to include, support, and recognize women in the workplace. The workforce includes working mothers in leadership roles for which their schedules are flexible and include a competitive compensation and benefits package. Several women managers have been actively trained and promoted from within the organization.

Peach State Truck Centers
As a female myself, I can tell you that women are respected and well supported by all levels at the organization. Flexible work schedules are available for pick up and drop off of children, floating holiday's allow for "sick" time, and the culture here is incredibly supportive and highly sensitive to ANY harassment accusations. The culture includes respect for all peoples, being female is just one of the many diverse groups here. All business is transacted with extreme integrity above all else. 

Penske Transportation Solutions
Penske Transportation Solutions promotes a diverse and inclusive environment that encourages women throughout the organization. An example is Penske's Women in the Field initiative, which brings women from across the company's field operations together to provide development programs, networking, and mentorship opportunities with the goal of capitalizing on participants' potential and enhancing their performance. Penske also supports its female associates through community service initiatives, charitable giving and the Penske Women's Network. 

Peterbilt Motors Company
Peterbilt Motors Company should be recognized as a great place for women to work because they are progressive in a traditionally male dominated field.

Prime Inc.
Prime Inc. is proud to support and employ women and continue to look for ways to increase those efforts every year. We have our Highway Diamonds program and annual gala as well as highlights on female associates and their success stories year-round in our company magazine, social media, and advertising.

ReedTMS Logistics, Inc.
ReedTMS Logistics has an employee-centric culture that has diversified since our inception in 1996. Females represent almost 40% of our workforce and we offer a variety of programs specific to the advancement and support of women.  We do company outings solely for women, including a ladies night out at Painting With A Twist. Our in-house Wellness Committee works hard to develop programs that are specific to the needs of our female workforce including education and events for breast cancer awareness. The language we use in our training materials, education, classroom, and verbally is inclusive of not only-women, but also individuals representing the LGBTQ+ community. 

Rihm Family Companies
Often, women in trucking are faced with a challenge when it comes to earning respect and be afforded the same opportunities as male counterparts. That is not the case at Rihm Kenworth.  Women are embraced and valued at Rihm. It starts at the top, with Kari Rihm, CEO and President.  Kari serves as a role model for all young women who aspire to succeed in a male-dominated industry. 

Riverside Transport Inc.
RTI is a family work environment. We have several women in leadership positions and driving who have families. RTI empowers and supports women in an industry that can be difficult to maintain a work-life balance.

Roehl Transport
Roehl Transport is built on values like Driver Success, Safety and Mutual Support & Teamwork. We’ve created a pathway to a successful CDL truck driving career for women who learn to drive the Roehl Way of Protective Driving. From experienced driving professionals to those who get paid while getting their CDLs and from trainers who’ve complete gender-sensitivity training to our non-driver office support, Roehl is investing in our teammates’ professional and personal successes. 

We're strong proponents of keeping the playing field gender neutral. We are vehemently against discrimination of any type. Our values coincide with ensuring that all employees, including women, are given fair opportunities to grow, flourish, and achieve success at the highest level. We empower our female leaders to lead in presentations, pitches, handle some of our largest accounts, and participate in new business ventures. We continually support breast cancer awareness month and female focused initiatives.

Rush Enterprises
Rush Enterprises is a leader offering advancement opportunities to women in our industry. We provide extensive training and support for women who want to excel in our field. Our Women's Leadership Initiative group hosts monthly meetings to hear from accomplished leaders in our own company with valuable insights to help others succeed in our industry. With Rush Enterprises’ size and scale, women are able to explore all aspects of dealership operations on their career journey. 

Ryder System, Inc.
Ryder is committed to addressing our industry’s gender gap by empowering women to succeed. In Q1 2020, 19.7% of Ryder’s new hires were female, up 28% compared to Q1 2019. Ryder is also up 10% from 2018 in the number of women in leadership roles across the company, with nearly 90 women in leadership roles in Fleet Management alone. Forbes has recognized Ryder as a “Best Employer for Women” -- a place where women can develop a rewarding career.

Schneider supports family dynamics, and encourages associates to keep a work life balance.  Schneider has opportunity for advancement, and we are seeing more women in leadership positions.  Your ability to advance is up to you and how hard you work. If you work hard, you will succeed, and Schneider will help you with this! 

Sunrise Transport Inc.
Sunrise Transport is focused on providing a safe, family friendly environment where driver satisfaction is a top priority. We take pride in our core family values. We strive to ensure our drivers maintain a healthy work/life balance, offer flexible work solutions (home daily), provide well maintained equipment, growth opportunity and industry leading pay/benefits. Our committed team of wives, mothers, sisters and daughters enjoy an awesome career and we encourage more to join. 

Sunset Transportation
It speaks volumes that half of Sunset's director and senior leadership-level teams are female, making it a very empowering and equal place to work. We are led by Sunset’s second generation, a female COO and mother of three who believes in “leading by example.” This cultural belief has been adopted wholeheartedly and has set the foundation for a supportive workplace where hard work and family-style values are rewarded. 

Trailer Transit
Trailer Transit treats our growing team of owner operators with honesty, respect and fairness. We continue to expand our markets to provide a constantly increasing number of opportunities for our owner operators. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy yourself and have fun.

Total Transportation of Mississippi
Total cares about all of their drivers but does put an emphasis on our women drivers. 

The logistics space is a notoriously male-dominated industry, and while many companies claim to have DEIJ in their culture, Transfix leads by example. 33% of the company’s C-suite are women, and earlier this March, Lily Shen was promoted to CEO and is spearheading a strategic commitment to diversity across the organization. It is Transfix’s belief that D&I isn’t just the right thing to do-- it also allows for faster and more innovative solutions. 

One of the core values at Transplace is "respect the individual." This value translates to much more than just the words. Being part of this company is like having extended family who believe "customer first, people always.” 

Transport America
Transport America is a place lead by women for women. Our VP of HR, VP of Marketing, VP of Operations, VP of Safety, and VP of Finance are all Women, on our Senior Leadership Team. Our culture promotes opportunity and support with a gender neutrality mindset. One of our team drivers earned her bachelors while driving for us and is involved with improving the GI bill with congress. Our VP of Safety is immensely involved with the trucking industry and working to better it as a whole through her participation as the most prominent female ATA board member. We have women embedded in all corners of our organization to ensure that our culture is balanced and progressive for all. The trucking company that's changing trucking is doing that because of women changing trucking. 

Transport Services
Transport Services is an excellent place for women to work. The family-owned company has made it a focus to increase the number of female employees over the past few years, and it does not go unnoticed that promotions and internal opportunities are given equally to both the men and the women in the company. Training and continued development opportunities are always available and encouraged. Consistently recognized by various organizations as a top workplace, Transport Services is committed to providing a culture where diversity, flexibility, and work-life balance take priority.

Trimac Transportation
Trimac Transportation prides itself on being an employer of choice, offering equal opportunities for employment and advancement. We offer flexible schedules which provide work/life balance, helping to maintain quality family time while building a career. Underlying this commitment is Trimac’s safety record which regularly ranks highest in its class. We provide comprehensive benefits; and support entrepreneurial drivers with programs to become owner operators. Trimac provides leadership development opportunities for all women on our workforce.

Trimble MAPS
Trimble MAPS supports the women within their organization in many ways. We have a private room with a television and refrigerator for nursing mothers. They provide us with 6 weeks of fully paid maternity or paternity leave that can be taken anytime within the first 12 months of a child's birth, in addition to any state or federal law in place. Trimble MAPS has a women's group that meets and discusses ways to enahnce their career, has book club meetings and fosters one another's growth. The organization also provides flexible working hours in order to accommodate the work/life balance. I am extremely proud to work for this company!

Tri-National, Inc.
TNi’s strong cultural values lead us to be one of the best transportation companies to employ women. TNi is a company that acknowledges the drive women have for being career oriented, while at the same time being family focused and accommodating their family needs. TNi’s cultural values give women the respect and admiration of their accomplishments to have prosperous careers and lead the company to be the best in the industry! 

Trinity Logistics, Inc.
Trinity Logistics, Inc is a huge supporter of the advancement of women in the transportation and logistics industry. Our workforce majority is women as well as our leadership. Pay and career opportunities are based on merit & qualifications, gender does not factor into those decisions. Trinity supports the advancement of women and organizations that fight to do the same! 

Company culture is a critical differentiator for Truckstop.com. We pride ourselves on providing an environment where partners are encouraged to build on their strengths and develop their talents. To do this our partners must feel connected, fulfilled and equipped. We provide a host of benefits including competitive compensation, retirement matching, all inclusive insurance, a wellness program, flexible working conditions, paid time off for service opportunities and more.

U.S. Xpress
U.S. Xpress is proud to say that it has more than 1,600 female team members, which make up nearly 20 percent of its workforce. Women also hold leadership roles across all divisions of the company. U.S. Xpress invests heavily in the career growth of its employees and professional drivers, encouraging innovation and creativity to ensure the company stays competitive, efficient and determined to deliver best in class service for customers.

US AutoLogistics
US AutoLogistics (USAL) is an exceptional place for women to contribute and affect change. Our values-based culture promotes personal and professional growth while encouraging a healthy work-life balance through terrific benefits including paid parental leave, paid time off, and 401(k) vested savings after two years. Our associates bring their unique skills and backgrounds to propel the business through innovation and strategic thinking. Bi-weekly, quarterly and annual rewards (merit and discretionary bonus) are available for performance which exceeds standards and expectations. 

Volvo Group North America
Our commitment to gender equity is paramount for the Volvo Group culture. We are intentional about developing and empowering women to become successful leaders through programs designed specifically for female leaders.  Volvo provides attractive pay, benefits and flexibility to ensure there is holistic life balance for all employees. Mentoring and volunteerism is also essential for our female leaders to share STEM initiatives to encourage young ladies to consider careers in transportation and manufacturing.

Walmart Transportation
Walmart is an equal opportunity work place. We're more than just drivers, we're ambassadors to our stores as well as the road. We participate in community service supported by our office. We reset our 34 hours at home. Pay and benefits are awesome. We're hauling more than freight, we're hauling pride for our company as well as our customers. Working so we can all save money to live better. One of our beliefs is to have respect for the individual and they do adhere to it.

Waste Management
At Waste Management, our employees are the lifeblood of the work we do every day. That’s why we focus on developing talent through career path planning and best-in-class training. We are a stable company offering growth opportunities, world class benefits and for most, the ability to be home nightly. Fostering mutual trust and respect for one another is a cornerstone of being an inclusive and welcoming workplace at Waste Management.

Werner Enterprises
Werner is an excellent place for women to work due to their safety, teamwork, integrity, leadership and continuous support towards advancement opportunities in the transportation industry.

YRC Worldwide
YRC Worldwide Companies Holland, New Penn, Reddaway, YRC Freight, and HNRY Logistics are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining women in the transportation industry through targeted recruiting, developmental programming, and sponsoring and encouraging attendance at conferences specifically geared toward women. Collectively, we are creating a community of support, enrichment, and engagement designed to foster relationships, enhance the employee experience, and prepare future leaders over the road, in our terminals, and in all roles critical to our success. We are proud to be driven women, driving forward together. 

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