VOTE: 2024 Top Companies for Women to Work in Transportation

The industry is now voting for the top companies that embody important attributes required to be a "Top Company for Women to Work in Transportation." Those who made the list will be announced in Edition 3 of Redefining the Road magazine.


Below are the nominated companies that have made the final cut based upon the following criteria: 

  • Corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity
  • Flexibility in hours and work requirements
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave)
  • Training, continued education and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Well-maintained/safe equipment & facilities for drivers
  • Other factors

Using the voting link, select a maximum of 10 companies that you know are worthy of this prestigious recognition. Note: Only one vote per device is allowed to help ensure voting integrity. The companies that amass an adequate volume of votes from the industry will then be named to the official “2024 Top Companies for Women to Work in Transportation” list.

PLEASE NOTE: The top 30 companies that generate the highest number of votes will be acknowledged as “The Elite 30" and will be recognized on stage at the 2024 Accelerate! Conference & Expo during a special recognition program on Monday, November 11.

Voting closes Friday, June 28.

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Review each company and cast your official vote by clicking the voting buttons located at the top and bottom of this page.


4Refuel stands out as a great place for women to work due to its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. With women represented in leadership roles, equal pay, access to mentoring and career development programs, flexible work options, and a positive and safe workplace culture, the company provides an environment where women are empowered to excel professionally and contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success.

ADM Trucking

The ADM Trucking fleet is heavily influenced by strong, diverse, and talented women who lead the way in engagement, training, and communication. A great example of this is the company’s mentor program which has experienced female drivers building up new female drivers and helping them grow in their passion for the trucking industry - molding them into the next female leaders. Everyone at ADM Trucking is a part of its never-ending mission to feed the world.

Aim Transportation Solutions

Aim Transportation Solutions, named a Most Loved Workplace of 2023 and listed in Newsweek magazine, is specifically supportive of women due to the of the flexibility, the family-first culture, and the opportunities for advancement and ongoing training.

Air Products

Twenty-two percent of Air Products’ team members in North America are women. To embrace its culture of belonging, the company has a variety of Employee Resource Groups (ERG), such as Women’s Success Network and Women in Operations, which fosters a sense of community for its female colleagues. With a wide range of benefits such as maternity leave and emergency childcare benefits, the company nurtures the well-being of all employees.

American Expediting Logistics, LLC

American Expediting stands out as an exemplary workplace for women to work due to its diverse leadership representation spanning across pivotal business domains. With director level and above women leadership in crucial functions such as its call center, vendor management, human resources, sales, and finance teams, the company empowers women to lead strategic continuous improvement and technology advancement initiatives. The culture of collaboration and appreciation enable women-led key business impacts to be heard, valued, and celebrated.

America's Service Line LLC

America's Service Line stands as a beacon for women in the trucking industry due to its unwavering commitment to gender equality and empowerment. Offering equal opportunities, equitable wages, and a supportive environment, it promotes growth, development, and leadership. Embracing diversity, it champions inclusivity in all aspects of its operations. With comprehensive benefits and a culture of respect, it ensures women thrive occupationally and personally, making it a standout choice for female professionals nationwide.

Ancora Training

Ancora Training is a friendly organization dedicated to the success of every employee. Its corporate culture is grounded in the principals of trust, support, and growth. Employees must trust their employer to do right by them, to support them, and to provide ample opportunities for advancement. The company is honored to have the chance to help women discover a new and exciting career.


Across ArcBest, thousands of women fill critical roles that help keep the global supply chain moving — and the company admires their commitment to excellence. To ensure women feel supported and empowered in the workplace, the company is always looking for ways to do better. This includes listening to feedback, promoting a positive work-life balance, enhancing policies, adding benefits, and creating opportunities that enable women to thrive and enjoy meaningful careers throughout all stages of life.

Arrive Logistics

Arrive distinguishes itself as a supportive environment for women through the efforts of the Arrive Women in Logistics (AWIL) Employee Resource Group. AWIL enhances the onboarding process for female new hires, offering critical mentorship opportunities during their first weeks. The ERG also organizes quarterly panel discussions to create open dialogue company-wide. This commitment to female empowerment and inclusivity showcases Arrive’s dedication to creating a supportive workplace that challenges the status quo and provides equal opportunities.

Arrow Truck Sales

Arrow Truck Sales will celebrate 75 years in business in 2025 and would not be where it is without the contributions of the women in leadership positions and other key roles in the company.

Aurora Parts

Aurora Parts' strong culture of diversity and unity makes it a leading candidate as an exceptional workplace for women. With a commitment to advancing gender diversity, Aurora Parts promotes a culture of strength and teamwork. Offering flexible work arrangements, competitive compensation, and abundant career advancement opportunities, the company empowers women to thrive and contribute their unique strengths to a unified and supportive team environment.


For more than 50 years, Averitt has been growing and thriving as a privately-owned business with a culture where people and their worth have true value. There are many opportunities to advance within its team because the company believes in training, communication, promoting from within, and investing in the personal development of each individual. Its equipment features state-of-the-art safety technology, and 100+ safe and secure facilities with more than 2,100 parking spots to safely rest.

B.R. Williams Trucking, Inc.

Women are well-represented in leadership positions within the company, providing role models and mentors for other women in the organization. B.R. fosters a supportive work environment where women feel valued, respected, and empowered to succeed. This includes initiatives such as mentorship programs, employee resource groups for women, and flexible work arrangements.

Bay & Bay Transportation

Bay and Bay Transportation has maintained a diverse and inclusive culture since 1941 with family staying as a top priority. Drivers know if they need to get home to family, the company will get them there. Bay and Bay prioritizes diversity by having women at every level, including senior leadership, resulting in a wide range of perspectives that leads to better decisions and more creative ideas.

Bennett Family of Companies

The Bennett Family of Companies is woman-owned, family-run and celebrates women in the workplace daily. Through promoting women internally, having a committee dedicated to placing importance and focus on women drivers, and having home office areas dedicated specifically to women, Bennett, as a whole, fosters a safe, inclusive culture and work environment.

Bob's Discount Furniture

Bob's Discount Furniture has female representation throughout its organization including corporate executives, routing directors and managers, driver managers, and CDL Drivers. Bob's offers a huge selection of benefits to help its employees and their families. Bob's Discount Furniture takes retention very seriously and makes a concentrated effort to ensure its people's happiness and success within the organization.

Boyle Transportation

Boyle Transportation provides a team environment which increases safety for its drivers, superior equipment that reduces downtime in unsafe areas while on the road and reimburses its drivers for reserved parking spots. All company trucks are equipped with an emergency button that can be activated within 25 feet of the truck to increase security for drivers.

Brenny Transportation, Inc.

Brenny Transportation is a safe workplace where women feel equal and appreciated for what they bring to the organization. Opinions of women are valued and taken into consideration when changes are being made. Brenny encourages women (and all team members) to push themselves to do what they feel they can’t do and accomplish their goals. There is an open environment where women feel equal to men, not below them. Being woman-owned and having most of its team members being female encompasses how much females are appreciated and valued.

Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone continues to enable and accelerate equal opportunities for all within the transportation industry while also educating its key fleet customers about its solutions business. Bridgestone is also dedicated and has a solid commitment to have an increased impact on organizations who serve underrepresented groups by aligning social contributions with other company DE&I related collaborations. Bridgestone's fundamental belief that a sustainably strong workforce must include diversity makes it a great place for women to work and thrive.

Cargomatic, Inc.

Cargomatic, Inc. stands out as an exemplary workplace for women due to its strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. With a significant portion of female employees, diverse leadership representation and inclusive initiatives like Women's History Month events and internal resources, Cargomatic empowers women to excel in their careers. Through investment in employee growth, flexible benefits and inclusive culture, Cargomatic fosters an environment where women feel valued, supported and empowered to succeed.

Carter Express, Inc.

Carter Express takes pride in fostering a safe and inclusive environment where women from all departments can thrive in their careers. The company is dedicated to setting a standard that elevates women in the workplace, on the road, and in their daily lives.

Centerline Drivers

From its leadership to its drivers, Centerline Drivers has been hiring and developing female transportation trailblazers for more than 35 years. Women comprise more than half of the workforce and hold more than 50% of leadership positions at Centerline. Its culture is built around creating an inclusive and diverse workplace for all. With these efforts, Centerline aims to create a better work environment for women in the trucking industry at all levels.

Certified Express, Inc.

CEI consistently recruits and works to retain quality female drivers in a variety of ways. All drivers are treated with respect and work to understand the unique challenges faced by women in this industry. The company’s family focus helps its female drivers feel seen and heard. The company is excited about the future and want to be a part of women succeeding in transportation.

CJ Logistics America

CJ Logistics fosters a culture of gender diversity and inclusivity, ensuring every employee feels respected and empowered. The company offers tailored training, education, and mentorship programs to advance the professional growth of its female employees. Safety is paramount, with well-maintained facilities and resources provided for employee well-being. Its commitment to gender diversity, flexible work options, competitive compensation, and a safe culture makes CJ Logistics an excellent workplace for women to thrive and excel.

Clean Harbors

Clean Harbors prioritizes creating a diverse and inclusive space where women break barriers by excelling in roles typically held by men. The company’s Women’s Employee Resource Group implements changes companywide – adding female uniforms to the company catalog and constructing women’s locker rooms in the field – and provides a space for females to support one another. This year, Clean Harbors will create a Driver Hall of Fame to spotlight women (and men) whose tenure and achievements deserve special recognition.

ContainerPort Group

ContainerPort Group, a World Group company, is a great place for women to work in the trucking industry. The company fosters a supportive, flexible environment with diverse roles that value skill and human intuition without gender bias. In addition, it has safety as a core value, both in its terminals and by creating an overall inclusive environment. ContainerPort Group champions its women as key decision-makers, leaders, and valuable members of its team with ample room to influence the company into the future.

Conversion Interactive Agency

Conversion Interactive Agency proudly stands as a woman-owned company, epitomizing female entrepreneurship and leadership. The culture thrives on empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation, with many senior leaders and managers being women who exemplify these values. The company is committed to training, supporting, and mentoring its staff, ensuring that every woman has the tools and opportunities to succeed. Beyond business, the company is committed to making a real difference in the trucking world (and beyond), driving positive change and progress for all.

Covenant Logistics Group

At Covenant, the dedication to inclusivity has positioned the company as a leader in supporting women within the logistics and transportation sector. Through a comprehensive suite of policies aimed at equitable compensation and work-life harmony, alongside targeted diversity management strategies, the company enhances female professional growth. This commitment is evidenced by positive team member testimonials and compelling statistics, affirming its role as a trusted partner in fostering a diverse and dynamic workforce.

CrossCountry Freight Solutions

CrossCountry Freight Solutions has paved the way for women to excel in the transportation industry. In 2006, Janeanne Bischke broke the glass ceiling, becoming the company's first female CEO. Under Bischke's leadership, the company quickly began setting new benchmarks for inclusivity and equality. Bischke went on to become the first female owner of CrossCountry Freight Solutions and eventually transferred ownership to her children after leading the company to remarkable growth and success. Today, a significant percentage of the CrossCountry Freight Solutions executive team and leadership comprises highly qualified, influential female leaders.


Crowley provides various career and leadership development initiatives that promote professional advancement and work-life balance. The company’s IDEA Council spearheads research, development, and implementation of strategies that foster a conducive workplace culture for success. The initiatives include employee-led business resource groups with executive sponsors, like Women Empowered, aimed at empowering women to excel by providing a secure platform for idea sharing and collaboration, enhancing their careers and impact on the company.

Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. is a corporation of complementary business segments that design, manufacture, distribute and service a broad portfolio of power solutions. Founded in 1919 and headquartered in Columbus, IN, diversity, equity and inclusion have always been critical to success as a global power leader. With approximately 73,600 employees operating across a distribution and support network in 190+ countries and territories, Cummins Inc. remains committed to making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world.

Daimler Truck North America

DTNA champions gender diversity through allyship, fostering a culture of respect, belonging, and inclusion and empowers individuals to thrive, ensuring every voice matters in the journey for meaningful change. Proudly sponsoring Women in Trucking, Daimler offers 21 employee resource groups, prioritizes women in leadership, hosts Executive Women Roundtables, supports diverse career paths, and offers family leave, flexible work, and generous vacation policies. With more than 25,000 employees, the company provides vast opportunities for growth and mentorship, committing to everyone's success.

Day & Ross

Day & Ross is committed to removing barriers to women’s development and increasing their representation in executive leadership, driver, dispatch, safety, and talent management roles. The company creates opportunities for women to grow their careers within the company and the industry. Through professional development, advancement opportunities, diversity & inclusion initiatives, and industry partnerships, Day & Ross strives to create an environment that promotes gender equality and empowers everyone to bring their whole selves to work each day.

Dot Transportation Inc.

Dot Transportation Inc. is a company focused on finding, developing, promoting, and retaining talent from all walks of life. With a people-first culture of curiosity, honesty, and open dialogue, the company seeks continuous feedback and has developed an atmosphere of thorough training, excellent benefits, flexible schedules, diverse advancement opportunities, and financial stability. This has created a growing company where women can come in at any position and be supported through their next career ambition.

Dupré Logistics

Dupré Logistics is a privately held, family-owned business that has always valued the contribution of women. Since its inception, women have played a significant role in the company, serving in executive positions and the highest leadership roles. Despite the trucking industry being predominantly male-dominated, women at Dupré Logistics serve at all levels of leadership and as drivers across the country - a testament to Dupré’s commitment to be ‘always forward thinking.’

Dynacraft, a PACCAR Company

Dynacraft is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, where women can thrive in their careers in a dynamic industry. The company values leadership development, openness, teamwork, continuous improvement, and educational advancement in order to drive strong business results. As valued employees of a premier company of PACCAR, women at Dynacraft have the opportunity to collaborate, network, and build relationships with other women globally, providing opportunities for mentorship and career growth.

EASE Logistics

EASE Logistics is focused on continuous improvement and disrupting the logistics industry for the better. EASE prioritizes bringing more women into this male-dominated industry and making their voices count, and the proof is in the numbers: In just three years, the employee population at EASE has evolved from 18.4% women to 29.69%, and the retention rate amongst our women has improved by 10%. The company values diverse perspectives, and women’s perspectives are vital to its continued success.

Echo Global Logistics

Echo’s employees who identify as women bring their best to work every day, achieving career goals while fulfilling personal pursuits. The team members passionately approach challenging work in a stable field. The logistics industry spans every sector, providing endless opportunities for women. Echo continues to build a robust pipeline of women leaders to transform the logistics landscape. A career at Echo means being part of a community that celebrates individual and team success.

Epes Transport System

Epes Transport prioritizes its people. Recognizing the importance of equality, diversity, safety, mental and physical well-being, and professional development, Epes actively supports its employees by providing resources and encouragement. Women play a crucial role in the company's achievements, holding diverse positions, from driving positions and frontline operations to executive and leadership roles. Women are actively encouraged to thrive and excel within the organization, fostering an environment that empowers women to reach their full potential.

Estes Express Lines

Estes believes that strength comes through diversity, and its company culture has long embraced a workforce reflecting various backgrounds, viewpoints, and talents. At every level, women have opportunities to excel at Estes — whether through its in-house driving school, behind the wheel, on the dock, in the office — or even managing a terminal. Moreover, they also hold senior-level positions and drive Estes’ status as an industry leader and North America’s largest, privately held carrier.

Excargo Services Inc.

For 45 years, the female founder has made an empowered, inclusive culture a capstone. Excargo has more women than men in every non-driving truck department and is very active in its industry on a local and national basis, giving our team access to networking and educational opportunities. The company has been certified by the Women Business Enterprise Network since 1994.


FedEx was founded on a people-first philosophy. The diverse workforce is full of exceptional women who work in roles across the company, including drivers, freight handlers, leadership, and everywhere in between. The company supports gender diversity and equality by investing in its people, DEI and development programs, and policies that ensure hiring and promotions based on merit. At FedEx, diversity and inclusion connect people and possibilities, and they’re dedicated to delivering opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Forward Air Corporation

Forward Air is a company where women are encouraged and empowered to succeed. From its Board of Directors and C-suite executives, through the ranks of corporate leadership, in its Terminals across North America and behind the wheel driving the company and economy forward, women serve in critical roles throughout Forward Air. The company is proud to foster an environment of success at Forward Air that encourages women to grow professionally at every level.

FStaff Truckers Drive Everything

FStaff excels as a workplace for women by promoting a warm, supportive, inclusive culture with flexible opportunities that allow all employees to thrive and live their best lives. The cutting-edge technology ensures unbiased hiring by precisely matching truck drivers with jobs based on skill alone, not gender. This strong commitment to fairness, flexibility, and diversity supports women in succeeding equally in its workplace, making FStaff truly deserving of recognition as a great place for women to work.


FWF is committed to equality, career advancement opportunities, and a supportive work environment. FWF fosters a culture of diversity, offers ongoing education opportunities, and strives for equal pay, making it a leading employer for women in logistics. These factors collectively foster a workplace where women can thrive professionally and personally.

Garner Trucking, Inc.

Garner Trucking stands out as an exemplary workplace for women through its dedication to diversity and inclusion, demonstrated by its involvement in initiatives such as the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Program, which focuses on increasing female representation in the trucking sector. By offering opportunities for women to pursue interstate trucking careers early on, providing female trainers, and supporting veterans, Garner Trucking fosters a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all team members.

Giltner Logistics

Giltner Logistics strives to be a great career choice for everyone, particularly women in a traditionally male-dominated industry. The company fosters a culture that champions gender diversity, ensuring every voice is heard and valued. Competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package, including paid maternity leave, underscore its commitment to supporting women at all stages of life. At Giltner Logistics, they work every day to be The Better Move!

GLT Logistics

GLT Logistics recognizes the invaluable contributions of women. Their pivotal roles enhance interactions with clients, teammates, and partners and profoundly impact the company's growth. Women's exceptional performance over the years has comprised 56% of the team and occupied 60% of leadership positions. GLT promotes equal professional growth opportunities for women and creates educational spaces to empower them with tools to enhance their profiles, self-esteem, and leadership skills.

Great Dane

The women of Great Dane are encouraged to reach their full potential, and they’re encouraged to be leaders who strive for greatness. Their contributions are valued – not only as women - but as professionals who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their male colleagues. They feel supported to champion issues that are important to them while enjoying mutual respect and collaboration at every level. It is a place where their voices are not only heard but respected.

Great West Casualty Company

Great West Casualty Company values and champions women in all levels and roles by fostering mentorship opportunities, paying for professional development, providing comprehensive and supportive parental leave policies, and providing Excused Absence days for a host of feminine needs without tapping into PTO. Great West provides flexible working arrangements for most roles, allowing women to be present for their families as well as continue to advance and achieve excellence on the job.

Halvor Lines Inc.

Not only is Halvor Lines a great place for women to work but it is also an excellent place for anyone to work. The company values each other, and it is evident by the way employees respect each other. Ownership and leadership uphold these values every day, by being kind, understanding, and listening when coworkers have a new idea or discover a problem that needs a solution. One of the common sayings that was first stated by its primary owner, Jon Vinje, was, “if it isn't good for the driver, it's probably not good for Halvor.”

Highway Transport Logistics

Highway Transport believes in creating a safe and supportive space for women to thrive in the transportation industry. Its dedicated committee works tirelessly to promote inclusivity and equality, while its policy ensures that harassment or threats of violence have no place in its workplace. The company is committed to enhancing the work environment for all its employees by providing them with the necessary resources to succeed. Its maternity pay policy supports working mothers, allowing them to take paid time off to bond with their newborns. The company takes pride in its female leaders, who inspire and mentor younger women, showcasing the numerous opportunities available to them.

Interstate Billing Service

Interstate Billing Service offers an empowering environment for women, with more than 130 of its 160 team members being women, showcasing a commitment to gender diversity. Its team of leaders consists of 28 women, comprising 75% of the group. Its culture fosters collaboration, mentorship, and career growth, making it a standout workplace for women seeking meaningful and fulfilling careers.

ISAAC Instruments

ISAAC stands out as an exceptional workplace for women by emphasizing comprehensive colleague well-being. ISAAC cultivates a culture of care and inclusivity, from the attentive support provided by dedicated comfort agents to the array of recreational activities that promote physical and mental health. This commitment extends to robust Employee Assistance Programs, ensuring women feel valued and supported in their roles and fostering an environment where all employees can thrive and contribute their best.

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

At J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., the purpose is to help employers create safe, respectful workplaces. That work begins at home – within J. J. Keller. For seven years, the associates ranked J. J. Keller as a certified Great Place to Work®, outranking the benchmark companies for a good working environment, being able to take time off when needed, balancing work and personal life, and being treated fairly regardless of gender.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

J.B. Hunt strives to create an inclusive culture where all people feel welcomed, valued, respected, safe and heard. The company recognizes the benefits that a broad spectrum of ideas, perspectives, skills, values and beliefs offers. J.B. Hunt’s employee resource group Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women is dedicated to supporting women’s professional and personal success. Earlier this year, Shelley Simpson was named incoming company CEO and will be the first female to serve in the role.

JoyRide Logistics, LLC

JoyRide Logistics, LLC is an organization that has enabled the women in management to grow from the entry positions at the company, supporting them in their growth and providing them with the necessary tools, training and support to now lead the company at its peak. The 10-year existence of JoyRide Logistics has resulted in a majority women-operated company in all management roles and the results speak for themselves - JoyRide is at its very peak and continues growing despite the market concerns

JX Truck Center

JX Truck Center actively promotes women in the transportation workforce by offering programs such as the Business Development Program and Living as a Leader for those in leadership roles. All female employees participate in the Women of JX program, which showcases women at all leadership levels, fostering learning and growth. Female employees range from technicians and service advisors to the Director of Human Resources.

Kenan Advantage Group

Kenan Advantage Group (KAG) is dedicated to creating a culture where every woman’s potential and value is realized. With females holding key operational, support and leadership roles nationwide, KAG aims to promote an inclusive environment where women thrive and excel. Its steadfast commitment to and early adoption of pay transparency initiatives promotes equal compensation for equal contributions. Additionally, the launch of EmpowerU, its pioneering women's employee resource group, provides networking, support, and development opportunities.

Kenworth Truck Company

Kenworth fosters an environment where women are respected and valued. It is a great place for women to work because of its inclusive environment, mentoring opportunities, and career development programs available to all employees. With a supportive network and a focus on promoting diversity and inclusion, Kenworth offers women a great place to work where they can thrive professionally and contribute to the company's long-term success.

Koch Companies

Koch believes strongly in providing women the opportunity to excel in its organization. Many of the top women leaders have been grown from within the organization to the positions they are in now. The company provides a culture that allows women to thrive both behind the wheel and behind a desk and are proud to partner with organizations like Women In Trucking to continue to be on the forefront of supporting gender diversity in transportation.

Landstar System, Inc.

Landstar inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive, technology-driven freight transportation industry. Female sales agents and owner-operators are independent business owners with the opportunity to grow their businesses however they want, while receiving priceless back-office support and scalable resources from Landstar. Nearly 1,100 independent Landstar sales agents and more than 9,000 independent owner-operators choose to align with Landstar to build their businesses because of the company’s reputation for safety, support and innovation.

Leonard's Express

The co-founder’s strong values of female empowerment in a predominantly male-run industry are still abundantly present in its day-to-day operations. Because she pioneered values of equity, the organization has had a deep understanding of the conscious and unconscious biases women in trucking face. This cognizance spearheaded years of growth and inclusion through meaningful representation and a perpetual determination to dispense equal opportunity.

LGT Transport

LGT Transport is a woman and veteran-owned company that values gender diversity. Women hold positions at every level and across different departments. They are present in terminal management, dispatch, driver training, leadership, and safety & compliance. LGT values feedback and promotes from within, creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where all employees are empowered to succeed.

Marathon Petroleum Company

MPC accredits its tenure of female and BIPOC workforce to the robust benefits and career advancement opportunities provided to employees. Examples include 10 weeks of fully paid parental leave and generous paternity leave, adoption assistance, tuition reimbursement, employee networks, flexible working environment, and development programs. Drivers are home daily and can take advantage of a minimum 3-week vacation policy plus credit for work and military experience.

May Trucking Company

May Trucking Company leads the transportation industry in embracing change and promoting gender diversity. May Trucking Company promotes female employees by proactively removing barriers that hinder women from pursuing careers in the transportation industry. By offering flexible schedules, supportive employee resource groups, and educational programs, May Trucking Company ensures inclusivity. Equal employment opportunities for women are provided across all areas of May Trucking Companies business operations.

McLeod Software

McLeod fosters an inclusive culture with flexible work options, comprehensive maternity benefits, and targeted upskilling and leadership development for women. The company actively supports industry-wide initiatives aimed at empowering women in transportation, such as hosting regional WIT events, demonstrating a strong commitment to diversity and equality.

Michelin North America, Inc.

Michelin has been setting the standard for diversity and inclusion for years. The organization makes women feel empowered and encouraged to be themselves every day. With several key initiatives and opportunities for involvement, Michelin makes coming to work as a woman feel safe, inclusive, and empowering.

MOTOR Information Systems

MOTOR values women by offering hybrid schedules and extended maternity leave for work-life balance; providing benefits, including mental health support, family planning and financial caregiver assistance; encouraging professional development and engagement through WIT, Women in Auto Care and Michigan Council of Women in Technology. MOTOR's recent survey and white paper, "Driving Change: A Closer Look at Women’s Priorities in the Automotive Industry," was published to better understand and address women's needs at MOTOR and beyond.

Musket Transport

Musket has always employed women and recognizes that there are more barriers to entry for women in the industry than in other demographics. The company does its best to remove these barriers and work with its community to educate, inspire, and support women entering transportation and logistics. There are many women in decision-making roles and behind the wheel, but the company strives to outperform the industry’s best standards and meet those that top companies in Canada uphold.

National Carriers Inc.

National Carriers offers equal compensation and benefits for all employees. Physical and mental health services and benefits are available. In the past twelve years, National Carriers has solicited and encouraged female drivers to join its fleet through local training schools in its hiring areas, providing tuition or tuition reimbursement. Many of the company’s office and shop employees (from supervisors to clerks) are held by women. The female lead safety team has been recognized nationally for its outstanding accomplishments in their area. The breakdown department is led by a woman and her team of operators. National Carriers’ CFO is female.

National Shunt Service (NSSL)

NSSL prides itself on creating a workplace where women not only feel valued but empowered to thrive in their careers. Its commitment to gender diversity is evident in its supportive culture, flexible work arrangements, and opportunities for professional growth. With competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and a focus on safety & development, NSSL provides an enriching environment where women are valued, respected, and given the tools to achieve their full potential.


For more than a century, Navistar has championed women, ensuring they seize opportunities and turn them into triumphs. Women join the esteemed company to collaborate with other leaders in designing and manufacturing International-Trucks and IC-Buses that bring joy to drivers of all genders. Firm in its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the company prioritizes exceptional work/life harmony. This top company offers innovative roles, outstanding benefits, career-enhancing training, and its promise of a more sustainable tomorrow.

New West Truck Centres (Freightliner Inc.)

New West Truck Centres stands out as a great workplace for women due to its commitment to gender equality and inclusivity. The company fosters a supportive environment where women are empowered to thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries. With equal opportunities for career advancement, fair compensation, and comprehensive support systems, New West Truck Centres cultivates a culture of diversity and respect, making it an excellent choice for women seeking fulfilling careers in the trucking industry.

NFI Industries

NFI Industries is a family-owned company that fosters and maintains a diverse workplace environment. NFI takes pride in having women in every aspect of its business, from finance to driving trucks. NFI offers flexible scheduling to maintain a work life balance while also encouraging continuous professional development to accelerate your career. With the heart of NFI being the drivers, there is an emphasis on driver recognition displayed in its She Drives Campaign.

Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line champions equality, inclusivity, and support for all employees. With transparent pay scales and promotion processes, an inclusive culture, and flexible work options, the company prioritizes women's well-being and professional growth. The supportive policies, development opportunities, and safe environment foster a sense of belonging and respect. Through recognition programs, continuous feedback, and competitive compensation, the company creates an environment where every employee can thrive, making it a top company for women to work.


The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has fought for the rights of all truckers for more than 50 years and looks forward to seeing more and more women join the industry as drivers and small-business owners. At the heart of OOIDA's mission as an organization is to improve conditions for all small-business truckers, which only makes it that much better for women to enter and remain an industry traditionally dominated by men. OOIDA paves the way for all the challenges faced by all drivers with a commitment to fairness and what is right for those that make personal sacrifices to move goods and essential needs throughout the United States. OOIDA also exemplifies this dedication in its approach to building and maintaining a workplace that respects and acknowledges the unique contributions of its female staff. By integrating women fully into its ranks, OOIDA leads by example, showing that a more inclusive industry is possible and preferable.

Orica - USA

As a truly global company, Orica seeks to attract and retain talent at all levels from the geographies in which it operates and provide working environments in which employees from all backgrounds are treated with respect, feel included, and are supported to succeed and achieve their full potential.


PACCAR's global diversity councils play a significant role in creating an inclusive work environment that fosters a sense of belonging. The PACCAR Women's Association (PWA) is dedicated to supporting and developing female talent within the organization. Through networking, education, and mentoring opportunities, PWA empowers women and engage allies to create a more inclusive workplace. PACCAR plays a significant role in attracting diverse professionals to join the transportation industry and become part of the PACCAR team.

PACCAR Leasing Company

PacLease is committed to elevating women within the organization, whether it is through career opportunities, training and development, or day-to-day recognition. The company has many female leaders and role models in various positions and functions and encourages and mentors other women to pursue their goals and aspirations.


PACCAR Parts’ company values are integral to its success. Workplace equity, workforce diversity, career advancement opportunities and competitive compensation promote employee satisfaction and retention. PACCAR Parts has a long-standing reputation for promoting from within, reaching for diverse job seekers during recruitment and providing comprehensive leadership training opportunities for its employees. PACCAR Parts’ Diversity Council, PWA and mentorship programs ensure employees have ample opportunity to advocate for and celebrate inclusivity, respect and individual value.

Palmer Trucks

Palmer Trucks provides education, support, flexibility, and resources for working women and mothers to achieve their full potential. Several Palmer women have developed multi-decade careers and have advanced into corporate managerial roles with no prior post-secondary education. Palmer Trucks' most successful locations and divisions are led by its women leaders.

Pennsy Supply, a CRH Company

Pennsy Supply strives to create an inclusive work environment where talented people from all backgrounds are welcome. More specifically, the company has several practices in place to ensure that women are provided equal opportunity to join and advance within the company from its recruitment process to its culture to opportunities for advancement. Some examples include ensuring that biases are eliminated in hiring, evaluations and promotions are conducted by using competency based questions for decision-making, creating networking opportunities for women through Employee Resource Groups and/or coachin/ mentoring, offering executive coaching at critical career points, closing the gender pay gap through pay equity, highlighting senior leaders as visible role models, strong support by company president and leadership, tracking progress with KPIs and metrics, and creating robust antidiscrimination policies.


Penske promotes gender diversity by emphasizing inclusivity and career development, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and supporting work-life balance. Initiatives like Women in the Field, Women in Logistics and the Women’s Business Resource Group offer networking and development opportunities for corporate and field associates. Women lead critical functions including Marketing, Human Resources, Maintenance Training and Freight Management. Associates engage in community service by partnering with local women’s shelters, Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run.

PepsiCo Foods North America

PepsiCo Foods North America is known for being a great place to work, especially for women. This is due to excellent pay and benefits, commitment to diversity and inclusion, community investment, sustainability, and providing flexibility for associates, recognizing that many have important responsibilities outside of work, enabling them to perform at their best personally and professionally. The company's combination of competitive compensation, inclusive culture, community engagement, and sustainability efforts makes it an attractive workplace for women.

Peterbilt Motors Company

Peterbilt strives to provide tremendous opportunities for women at all levels of the organization. A diverse work environment is valued and promoted through efforts from the Diversity Council and the Peterbilt Women’s Initiative (PBWIN). PBWIN supports women and empowers women to contribute at their highest levels and achieve at their maximum potential.

Polaris Transportation Group

As a woman-owned organization, the leaders are dedicated to making a mark on the trucking industry and making Polaris an attractive and supportive choice for women. The various educational programs and initiatives help empower all staff to explore their full potential which has also resulted in high employee retention. Recipients of the 2022 Women in the Workplace and 2023 Employee Engagement award through Trucking HR Canada.

Premier Truck Group

Premier Truck Group recognizes that its strengths come from the diversity and unique backgrounds of its team. The strong dedicated women within its workforce continue to drive the company as a leader within its industry. The company’s hope is to inspire other women to join and succeed within Premier Truck Group and the commercial truck industry.

Purolator Inc.

Purolator is an equal opportunity employer and champions the principles of the Employment Equity Act by supporting designated groups that are underrepresented in the Canadian workforce, including women. Purolator is committed to maintaining a workforce that truly reflects its culture of inclusion. The company expresses the importance through action and intention adding increasing women in leadership to its overall organizational goals.

Quality Carriers

Quality Carriers has fostered an inclusive and supportive work culture for all by ensuring professional opportunities, career growth, and a safe working environment for women in the trucking industry. The company has a proven track record of opening doors for women to be professional drivers, shop mechanics, terminal teammates, corporate directors, and more. The company proudly celebrates these breakthroughs with highly successful programs like QC Women and Women Wednesdays.

RE Garrison Trucking, Inc.

RE Garrison Trucking, Inc. is a destination employer for women because of its culture. The company is a proud driver first company and knows that its more than 100 female drivers and 150 support staff work tirelessly to promote the industry to women. The company is actively inclusive, transparent, and gives employees opportunities and recognition. The team benefits include tuition reimbursement, the Legacy Leaders Training Program, flexible hours, paid maternity leave, remote work opportunities, and secure worksites.

Red Classic

Red Classic is committed to being a top employer for females in the transportation industry. In addition to cultivating a culture that promotes and celebrates gender diversity, the company strives to enhance work experiences through programs that foster professional growth, opportunity, networking, mentorships and education. Red Classic is proud to have a workforce of diverse servant leaders who aim to enable others and help all teammates achieve their full potential.

Reliance Partners

Reliance Partners stands out as a remarkable workplace for women due to its inclusive corporate culture and commitment to gender diversity. With 36% of its leadership team composed of women, it sets a high standard for gender equality. Offering flexible work arrangements, competitive compensation, and quality benefits including paid maternity leave, Reliance Partners prioritizes the well-being and advancement of its female employees. The presence of women in executive positions creates an environment of empowerment and support for all women within the organization.

Rihm Family Companies

The Rihm Women’s Association (RWA) offers an invaluable platform for female team members to connect and lead within the organization. Recognizing the exceptional contributions of women in its workforce, the RWA fosters professional growth, expanding networks, and cultivating leadership skills. Its mission extends beyond the workplace. It champions gender diversity and inclusion and hopes to inspire more women to pursue careers in trucking through engagement both within the company and in the broader community.

Roehl Transport, Inc.

From experienced driving professionals to those who are just starting in the industry to Certified Driver Trainers who’ve all completed gender-sensitivity training to its non-driver office support, Roehl Transport is investing in its teammates’ professional and personal successes. Roehl Transport is built on values like safety, innovation and unity in diversity, and Roehl offers women on-the-job paid CDL training, as well as opportunities in IT, maintenance, HR and operations.


RXO is continuously focused on providing benefits and garnering feedback to develop programs that support women in the workplace. Its Women’s Inclusion Network is the largest employee resource group, launching initiatives such as mentoring, career journey spotlights and career development workshops. The company partners with community organizations, like Dress for Success and Bright Blessings, focused on supporting women. Its parental benefits afford expecting mothers time to prepare for their child and bond after birth/placement.

Ryder System, Inc.

Ryder cares deeply about advancing the representation of women in the industry. In every part of the company, it is accountable for sustaining a diverse workforce. Ryder's Women Leadership forum promotes female career growth through investment in training and networking opportunities. Female hires accounted for 22% of the total in 2023. The company’s commitment to an inclusive and diverse workplace enables it to empower and respect every individual's path to success.

S-2international LLC

S-2international is committed to diversity in the workplace providing employees with amazing opportunities. 68% of its team and supervisory staff are women. The female leadership perspective shapes policies helping make S-2 a great place for all people to work. Empowerment, empathy, and service delivered with heart drive a caring culture focused on the unique needs of its team members. The focus extends to its customers and vendors, allowing consistent growth.

Saia LTL Freight

Saia LTL Freight believes in the power of inclusion as it helps drive excellence. All the women employed at Saia are a tremendous asset to the company because they bring a different perspective to their roles and the workplace. They help further innovation and reflect the company’s range of customers. Saia is committed to fostering a workplace where every woman thrives. This commitment extends to its interest in seeing the number of women who have a successful career in the transportation industry as a whole increase. The company is proud to be a company that connects, inspires, and helps women succeed – from educational initiatives and networking opportunities to professional development resources.


Founded in 1946, Savage has a rich history of creating a culture where team members thrive and grow. Its vision and legacy states, “a major purpose of the company is to provide our people with opportunities for personal growth — to do things that they never dreamed possible.“ The company is committed to providing Savage women with the opportunities, tools, and recognition they need to be architects of their own success, both in and outside of the workplace.


Women make up more than 13% of Schneider’s drivers and 40% of leadership roles. This year, the company also saw an increase in the number of women diesel technicians hired in its shops across the U.S. Schneider is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment and providing career advancement opportunities for women. Internal programs, like the Schneider Women’s Network, and its external efforts, like participation in WIT, demonstrate its commitment to ensuring women’s success in this industry.


Through programs like the Women Driving Auto Retail initiative, Women in Solera Leadership Academy, and Women of Color Automotive Network, Solera actively promotes female representation and advancement across various roles. These efforts underscore Solera's commitment to cultivating an inclusive culture, amplifying diverse voices, and creating opportunities for women to thrive in the automotive industry.

Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines is an exceptional workplace for women, offering a range of initiatives and support systems such as paid maternity leave, along with a quality benefits package that includes a 401(k) Retirement Savings Program (company matches 50% on up to 10% of eligible compensation), Flexible Spending Accounts (Healthcare and Dependent Daycare), and Health Savings Accounts. The company has never had a layoff and fosters a family-oriented culture.

Southwest International Trucks

Southwest International Trucks is dedicated to advancing women in the company. Its newly launched women's ERG, SWIT WOMEN, prioritizes mentorship, education, and recruitment to foster gender diversity. Led by its female CEO, Southwest is actively reshaping perceptions of women in the trucking industry and implementing impactful changes to improve work-life balance for all employees. This commitment underscores its dedication to creating an inclusive workplace where every individual can thrive.

Standard Logistics

Standard Logistics is a great place for women to work because it is the exception to the rule. At Standard, 50% of the senior leadership team comprises women, ensuring equal representation at the table during crucial decision-making processes. Moreover, women can rely on flexible work schedules, mentorship opportunities, extended health benefits (including family planning support), and training opportunities (including free access to LinkedIn learning), empowering women to develop their skills and advance in their careers.

Stericycle Inc.

Led by a female CEO and CIO/CFO, Stericycle stands by the notion that gender does not define your ability to succeed. The company champions a culture where women can grow and lead in the male-dominated waste industry. Stericycle supports a diverse workplace where women can see themselves represented at all levels of the organization. In 2023, 29% of women held senior management roles at Stericycle, and the percentage of women in middle management reached 33%.

Suburban Propane

Suburban Propane values gender diversity and is committed to fostering an inclusive workforce that represents the communities it serves. Through partnerships with organizations such as Women in Trucking, the company advocates for women's advancement in traditionally male-dominated fields. Women hold diverse roles at every level within the organization, supported by competitive compensation, benefits, and development opportunities. Its drivers benefit from flexible schedules, bringing them home every night in support of a healthy work-life balance.

Sun State International

Sun State International stands out as a remarkable workplace for women due to its nurturing family environment and unwavering commitment to inclusivity and support. Offering equal access to career development and education programs, the organization empowers women to excel professionally. With a culture that values respect and belonging, Sun State International ensures women feel valued and empowered in their careers, making it an exceptional workplace for women to thrive.

Sunset Transportation

Sunset is dedicated to promoting gender equality with women making up 50% of its leadership team and more than 40% of its staff. Led by a dynamic, second-generation female CEO, the company fosters an empowering environment that values diversity and inclusion, particularly in leadership roles across finance, operations, HR, and marketing. Sunset's commitment to gender diversity and work-life balance supports its belief in the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.


SWTO, LLC is a great place for women to work because of its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. The company's leadership team includes women, and it actively seeks out and hires talented women to join its workforce. SWTO also offers flexible work arrangements, equal pay, and opportunities for career advancement regardless of gender. Additionally, the company provides a supportive and collaborative work environment where women can thrive and reach their full potential.


Sysco is a top company for women in the trucking industry due to its commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives. It fosters a supportive work environment with opportunities for career advancement and provides resources for skill development. Sysco prioritizes safety measures, offering specialized training programs and implementing policies that ensure the well-being of all employees. Additionally, it values work-life balance, offering flexible schedules and benefits that cater to diverse needs, making it an ideal choice for women seeking opportunities in the trucking industry.

TA Dedicated

2024 is TA Dedicated’s second year as a new organization, forged by UPS Dedicated and former Transport America. In a short amount of time, the top female leaders have accomplished the following: launching the company’s first ever DE&I program and forming a committee to support it; created a mental health room that features zen lighting; mindfulness tools and meditation options so that there is a safe space to privately take a break; Vice Chair of DE&I (female) is spending 2024 working to build a program specifically for drivers and integrating them into DE&I opportunities; female executive sponsor of DE&I collectively acquired 26 unique internal nominations of support staff and drivers to highlight them during Women's History Month; and constantly looking to diversify C-Suite with the goal of a woman named at the VP level or higher.

Taylor Nelson, PL

Taylor Nelson, PL is committed to centering women's voices and experiences, both within its own organization, and when working with the clients who come for legal services. Not only is this done on a high level, with mission statements, but on a very practical level. The company does its best to recognize that "women" are not a monolith and have diverse experiences, roles, and responsibilities.

The Erb Group

The Erb Group is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for women in the transportation industry through its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company's consistent DEI initiatives include training and workshops to promote awareness and collaboration among diverse groups of individuals. The Erb Group prioritizes intentional hiring practices to ensure diversity in its workforce and leadership. By ensuring that women have a seat at the table, the company creates opportunities for their voices to be heard and their contributions to be recognized.

As a company that puts people first and values the spirit of family, The Erb Group is driven by the belief in creating opportunities for both professional and personal growth. The work perks and benefits are designed with this in mind, aiming to support and empower its team members in all aspects and walks of life. 

The Evans Network of Companies

The Evans Network of Companies culture drives success and has always been and will always be a family business. That was the belief of its founder, Albert L. Evans, Sr. in 1939. Evans is recognized as the largest Intermodal Drayage provider in the U.S. with expanded services such as truckload, LTL and brokerage. The company has several high revenue generating women agent entrepreneurs. With that brings many opportunities available for women OO/drivers.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

At Goodyear, its diversity and inclusion strategy focuses on ensuring its workforce reflects the communities and customers it serves. The company firmly believes a diverse workforce is critical to its long-term success. Embracing and valuing differences allows it to attract top talent, improve associate engagement and foster innovation. Through its efforts, the company has seen year-over-year increases in the number of female and minority executives and the number of salaried females globally.

The Pete Store

The Pete Store truly values all employees. Leadership recognizes the benefits of having more women in historically male populated roles and actively works to recruit, retain, and promote talented women. The Pete Store creates opportunities for women to develop to their highest potential both professionally and personally. Further, embracing WIT has created an entire network of women both internally and externally to support and lift each other up.

Thomas E. Keller Trucking

Thomas E. Keller Trucking strives to exceed traditional standards for women in the industry by offering self-defense classes, installing panic buttons in female trucks, providing an annual membership to Women in Trucking, and ensuring it has at least two female drivers on its Driver Advisory Board. The company implemented a mentor program pairing drivers together based on a request from a female driver who wanted to help new female drivers.

Total Transportation of MS, LLC

With more than 2x the national average of female drivers, Total Transportation of MS takes pride in fostering an environment where anyone can grow, have job security, and forge a career path of their own. Their commitment to diversity and inclusivity spans from the management team to the front lines and includes unique opportunities for women to learn from women and be celebrated for their contributions.

TRAC Intermodal

TRAC has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, with initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality. TRAC offers family-friendly benefits and flexible work arrangements to support women balancing their professional and family lives. TRAC has an employee centric culture that provides many opportunities for internal advancement and professional growth. The company embraces and encourages its employees to bring their true and authentic selves in addition to their personal best to work every day.


TRAFFIX fosters a supportive environment where women thrive. With initiatives like the Women in Transportation group, extended maternity leave, and flexible remote work policies, it prioritizes women's career growth and work-life balance. Its competitive compensation, continuous education support, and commitment to equal opportunities further underscore its dedication to empowering women in the workplace.

TransFunds M&A

At TransFunds M&A, they are proud to say that two thirds of its company is made up of females. Even its leadership team is predominantly female, embodying its commitment to gender diversity and equality throughout all levels of its organization. Its inclusive culture allows a wonderful platform for women to thrive, lead, and make their contributions. The company recognizes women as an integral part of its business and prides itself in saying that TransFunds M&A a great place for women to work!

TravelCenters of America

Women make up 43 percent of TA’s workforce, and nearly 30 percent of senior leadership positions are held by women. TA fosters an environment of engagement; its Women’s Resource Group builds an inclusive community offering development, resources, networking and mentoring. TA also has a Women’s Safety Advisory Panel focused on creating safer environments for women guests and team members. TA is proud to engage with organizations that support women including Women in Trucking and TAT.


Trimac's commitment to women's inclusion and empowerment sets it apart as a great place for women to work. They actively engage with female-focused organizations like Women Building Future and Women in Trucking, spotlight talented women during Women's History Month, and provide tailored support through a Youth Apprenticeship Program. Offering separate facilities, women-sized uniforms, and PPE ensures a welcoming and accommodating environment, reflecting Trimac's dedication to diversity and inclusivity.

Tri-National, Inc.

Tri-National’s strong cultural values has led it to be one of the best companies to employ women in the trucking industry. TNi is a company that acknowledges the drive women have for being career-oriented, while at the same time being family-focused and accommodating the needs of their families. TNi’s cultural values give women the respect and admiration of their accomplishments to have prosperous careers and lead TeamTNi to be the best in the industry.

Trinity Logistics

Trinity Logistics employs more than 450 team members across seven regional service centers with 49.5 percent of them women and 19.6 percent of those women holding a management or leadership role, including its current President, Sarah Ruffcorn. Ruffcorn also serves as Co-Chair on the Women in Logistics Committee with the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) and recently received the 2024 Distinguished Woman in Logistics award.

Triumph Financial, Inc.

Triumph Financial empowers women in transportation through its inclusive culture and initiatives. With mentorship programs, flexible schedules, and gender-neutral advancement opportunities, Triumph Financial fosters an environment where women thrive. By actively promoting diversity and offering support networks, Triumph Financial ensures every female employee feels valued and has the opportunity to excel.


Truckstop recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion, fostering a supportive community, making it an exceptional environment to thrive in. Diversity is celebrated, and unique strengths are maximized. The company commits to principles such as assuming positive intent, having each other’s back, and respecting other people’s roles.

Tucker Freight Lines

At Tucker, women prioritize both family and career. Enjoy flexible hours, remote work, and the assurance of never missing important family moments or neglecting personal health needs. We provide comfortable and private spaces for lactation needs, also provide hygiene products in our restrooms. In our family-friendly environment, it's common to find children in the office or lending a hand at community events. We empower our women to engage with the community, educating young children about transportation opportunities and emphasizing gender equality for both girls and boys. We value and acknowledge the contributions of our women through nominations and shout outs. Our ongoing leadership and equality training have led to the promotion of seven women to management roles, including three at executive levels.

Twin City Transportation, Inc.

Twin City Transportation strives to provide an environment that is challenging, healthy, and collaborative for everyone. Employees are asked their opinions and thoughts when new processes are put into place. The company pays tenure bonuses to all employees. Drivers are given the opportunity to earn additional PTO every month as one facet of its safety bonus program. The company also provides full pay for a portion of maternity leave as one of its benefits as well as recognizes that women need to have flexibility and freedom to take care of issues unique to them.

Tyler Technologies, Inc.

Tyler Technologies, Inc. excels as a workplace for women due to its inclusive culture, offering equal career opportunities, flexible work policies, and robust support for personal and professional development. Women are empowered to lead through mentorship programs and initiatives promoting diversity and gender equality. With its commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, Tyler stands as a beacon for women in the workforce, fostering an environment where they can thrive and contribute meaningfully at all levels.

U.S. Xpress

U.S. Xpress strives for an inclusive culture, offering five Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to connect like-minded individuals across the company. The largest group is its Women in the Workplace ERG, with a mission to encourage, enable, empower, engage, and energize women and their allies within U.S. Xpress. The company does this by fostering an environment that supports women in advancing their skills and leadership potential through discussion, mentorship, and collaboration.

Uber Freight

Women at Uber Freight are uplifted by extensive programs and resources that further their advancement and development as leaders. Beyond Uber Freight’s robust benefits and flexibility, the company established spaces where women can find support, solidarity, and opportunities for continuous growth. Powering global mobility, Uber Freight works to ensure that everyone can move freely and safely. Central to this mission are its efforts to champion and advance women both within Uber and across the industry.

United Petroleum Transports

United Petroleum Transports believes in supporting a work environment where everyone can thrive in a safe and respectful workplace. The company places significant value on diversity and inclusion and offers equal opportunities for advancement, regularly elevating women to leadership roles due to their exceptional performance. One third of its terminals are led by women, and for five years running, one of those terminals has earned the company’s annual Terminal of the Year Award.


UPS is dedicated to promoting women’s representation worldwide and achieving its 2025 aspirational goals (including 30% women in FT management globally). This includes regular updates and discussions on employee surveys, hiring, retention, demographics, succession planning, and other initiatives to transform human capital. UPS is committed to increasing women’s representation in operations roles to achieve success. Women’s Leadership Development and Women in Operations groups work to empower and inspire women to reach their full potential through personal and professional development. The combination of Women in Operations Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and senior leadership support to build specific training, mentoring, and development programs that provide women with the skills and support needed to advance their careers. Women can build the life they want on their own terms at UPS.


USAL is committed to cultivating a workplace that empowers its female pioneers and dedicated drivers to fully leverage their talents, ideas, and leadership. Its culture thrives on fostering both personal and professional growth, offering unlimited access to online learning, participation in industry events, community engagement, and company-sponsored activities that are both fun and fulfilling. The company supports a healthy work-life balance with attractive benefits, including paid parental leave, flexible work schedules, comprehensive wellness and family-building programs, as well as competitive 401(k) plans with company matching. USAL is dedicated to continually attracting and advancing exceptionally qualified women who are poised to drive its organization to new heights.

Venture Logistics

Under Venture's leadership, the company’s commitment to excellence shines through. The company prioritizes competitive wages, outstanding benefits, and fosters a supportive, inclusive work environment that embraces diversity. At Venture, they deeply value individual growth, nurturing a talent pipeline to support the expansion of its organization.

Volvo Group North America

For more than a decade, Volvo Group has worked diligently to increase inclusion and improve the gender balance of its business and the transport and infrastructure industry. With a target of 35% women amongst all employees and leaders by 2030, the company is committed to building an inclusive workplace which welcomes bold, creative, and boundary-pushing people who are eagerly committed to empowering creativity in all its forms. Having a diverse, inclusive workplace is a critical piece of its work. By actively reviewing and challenging existing policies, practices, and processes, the company strives to ensure its offerings truly meet the needs of an ever-evolving workforce.


Walmart offers a supportive environment for women in transportation. They ensure weekly home time with no split days off, providing a work-life balance. Their on-site facilities and parking ensure safety, while competitive pay rewards hard work. Furthermore, they offer expanded fertility and family-building benefits that cater to women's needs. Walmart’s Associate-to-Driver program also presents a unique career advancement opportunity, demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity and employee growth.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises values gender equality, offers equitable opportunities for career advancement, pay, and is proud to provide tailored professional development designed to fast track growth. The company promotes a culture of respect and inclusion and has adopted policies that support employee wellbeing and balance, including parental leave and flexible scheduling. Werner has mentorship programs, diversity training, strong representation of women in leadership, and clear reporting mechanisms for discrimination and harassment to ensure a supportive environment for all.

Wilson Logistics

The traditional definition of a FAMILY is made up of two parents and their children who balance life together. Wilson’s definition of a FAMILY is no different and because the company has a large percentage of associates who are women, it enjoys the balance they bring to its organization and family table.


WM is leading the way by promoting gender diversity in the trucking industry and transforming work into a welcoming space for women. Its commitment fosters an embracing environment, prioritizing women's needs with safe spaces and leadership opportunities. The company supports work-life balance with flexible schedules, competitive compensation, and professional development. Guided by integrity, WM champions inclusion and diversity and creates a sense of belonging. Together, WM leads by example.

XPO, Inc.

XPO prioritizes its employees, recognizing and addressing the unique challenges women face. With a caring culture, it offers enhanced maternity leave, preventative healthcare, and flexible leave options. These progressive benefits, coupled with gender-responsive career development initiatives, demonstrate a commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace. XPO's efforts are not only reshaping industry standards but also empowering women to thrive professionally and personally within the organization.

Zonar Systems

Zonar Systems is committed to increasing gender diversity and offering competitive compensation, safe working conditions, continued education, and career advancement opportunities for its female employees. In recent years, Zonar has dedicated recruiting and talent efforts toward promoting women to senior roles across departments. Female employees at Zonar are guaranteed a safe and motivating workplace where they can grow and achieve their career goals. Zonar celebrates these accomplishments and strives to minimize the systematic obstacles women face.


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