Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation

The industry has voted for the top companies that embody important attributes required to be a "Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation." Those who made the list will be announced in Edition 3 of Redefining the Road magazine.

Below are over 100 nominated companies that have made the final cut based upon the following criteria: 

  • Corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity
  • Flexibility in hours and work requirements
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave)
  • Training, continued education and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Well-maintained/safe equipment & facilities for drivers
  • Other factors


ADM Trucking Inc.
ADM’s core values include: Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Resourcefulness, Teamwork and Responsibility. ADM provides growth opportunities, tuition assistance, and encourages volunteering. ADM help feed the world, and our ADM Cares program benefits non-profit organizations and schools to help sustain and strengthen communities. We provide great benefits for overall health and wellness. A female colleague said, “The opportunities that I have had within ADM Trucking give me the courage to say, “The sky is the limit!”” 

AFS Logistics
AFS prioritizes human capital, ensuring our women teammates are set up for success to meet their full potential. As a company whose team consists of 55% women and with several women currently serving on our executive and senior leadership teams, AFS celebrates the value women bring to the workplace. We encourage internal promotions, giving women the opportunity to work in various roles while supported by other outstanding female mentors.

AGT Global Logistics
AGT Global Logistics (originally All Girls Trucking) is founded by a woman for women. The AGT office is comprised of more than 60% women. The Founder and CEO understands the importance of work, family, and life. AGT prides itself on using top carriers promoting the notion of safe drivers and environments. People at AGT are promoted based on ability and women lead top management functions of the company.

Amazon strives to be a sought after workplace for women, by providing an inclusive culture and offering various benefits and opportunities to help women to succeed. Amazon currently has 13 different affinity groups including Women at Amazon, Amazon Women in Engineering, Women in Finance Initiative, and Families at Amazon. Amazon also offers competitive parental leave and health care benefits. There are many career advancement opportunities at Amazon and participation in mentorship is highly encouraged.

American Central Transport
American Central Transport is a family-owned trucking company whose guiding principles are their core values.  Their management team include several women and 10% of their drivers are women. At ACT, we truly believe that family does come first, and we show that by always delivering on home time, and by having a freight network that always keeps you close to home, and helps provide both a great income and work-life balance for your family.

Aria Logistics LLC
Our Founder and President of Aria Logistics LLC is a strong advocate to create awareness within the E-Commerce Home Delivery Retailers, etc. Aria Logistics is breaking the barriers and leading an extraordinary path for women who are third party logistics carriers which is currently a male dominated industry.

Artur Express Inc.
Artur Express is a great organization for women because of the way we foster women within the organization. From the technology and benefits Artur Express has to offer, to its diverse employees, it prides itself on being the future of trucking. Artur Express has many female leaders. Five of our top executives are women and women account for 13 percent of our driver count. Artur Express is proud of where it is as an organization, and this wouldn’t have been accomplished had it not been for its intelligent and wonderful women.

Averitt Express
For 50 years, Averitt has been growing and thriving as a privately owned business with a culture where people and their worth have true value. There are many opportunities to advance with our team because we believe in training, communication, promoting from within, and investing in the personal development of each individual. Our equipment features state-of-the-art safety technology, and we provide 100+ safe and secure facilities with more than 2,100 parking spots to safely rest. 

Bay & Bay Transportation
Owned and operated by the Anderson family, Bay & Bay Transportation has maintained a diverse and inclusive culture since 1941 with family staying a top priority. Our drivers know if they need to get home to family, we’ll get them there. Bay & Bay team members have welcoming lounges, privacy rooms for mothers, and opportunities for career advancement both on and off the road. Benefits include annual pay increases, paid holiday/vacation, orientation pay, and more.

BCB Transport
BCB has flexible ways for all Drivers to support their family, while practicing the "BCB's of Trucking: Be Safe, Communicate and if you can, Be on Time." It is an ideal place to work for both Drivers and Corporate Staff because we believe in supporting the PERSON first.

Beacon Building Products
Our organization began efforts to create a more diverse workforce in 2020 and wanted a sustainable and cultural-based program versus a flash in the pan response to social pressures. Since its conception we have moved the needle in improving the diversity of our employee based and educated our leaders to see the massive value in having an equal workforce. We have so much opportunity for growth, Beacon is the workplace to grow a career.

Bennett Family of Companies
Bennett advocates for females in the transportation and logistics industry with a variety of initiatives.  The cornerstone of these efforts is Bennett’s Women in the Driver’s Seat program. This program recognizes women drivers for exemplary service, supports networking opportunities, and generates camaraderie through motivational speakers and events.  As always, Bennett’s core values center around family.  The culture created at Bennett is one where women can thrive in and continue to be successful. 

Big M Transportation
Big M Transportation is a well-respected company that treats all of their employees like they are family. They go above and beyond to make each and every employee feel important. 

BlueGrace Logistics
Culture drives life at BlueGrace. Our people and principals have helped shape BlueGrace's core values for 12 years and we're still growing strong. To keep the momentum, BlueGrace launched a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy that included our first business resource group: Women at BlueGrace. Senior leadership is committed sponsoring initiatives brought by this group to make BG a better place for women. During 2020, 57% of promotions were granted to women, including positions of leadership.

Boyle Transportation
Boyle Transportation supports women in all areas of the company. With 34% of our drivers and 30% of our office staff being female, Boyle is a great company at which to grow. Our culture of continuous improvement supports new ideas from everyone, so we never stagnate. All women, men, and people of diverse gender identities are accepted and welcomed into our family. We actively recruit female team drivers and make sure that their individual needs are met by our customers. 

BR Williams Trucking Inc.
BR Williams is a very family-oriented business, The leaders of this company understand that women have a lot on their plate. Family is celebrated here at BRW. having the president & vice President be mothers themselves helps to promote that atmosphere. Women at BRW do not feel that they can't advance due to all the responsibilities outside of the office that they are responsible for. We value teamwork. our motto is: Honesty, Integrity & Service 

Brenny Transportation, Inc.
At Brenny, women are recognized more than normal in this industry. We are encouraged to be strong and confident. The culture is one of respect and family friendly. We are pushed to be the absolute best for the trucking industry. All voices are heard, and no one is judged. We go above and beyond to treat women drivers with utmost respect. This team that is about lifting each other up and helping each other grow and succeed.

CalArk International, Inc.
CalArk built their foundation based upon establishing a people-centric culture of trust and engagement to unite all of members of the Team. The company embraces gender diversity which shows in that 47% of Management are women and the strong gender balance across the entire team. With the benefit offerings, professional development opportunities, focus on employee empowerment and continuous encouragement for strong communication, CalArk never loses focus on striving to be a great place to work.

Cardinal Logistics Management
I was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 while working from home as a single mom. I had to miss work for treatments, surgeries, appointments, etc. I was also homeschooling my 6 (now 7) year old. My entire executive team not only sent gifts to help my daughter with school and keeping her busy while I was dealing with my symptoms, but sent food and ice cream deliveries to make my days easier. When she interrupts our company conference calls, there are only smiles and waves and understanding that these things happen when you're a single mom working from home. During this process, my commission was even adjusted to help me bring home MORE compensation due to my medical bills. I couldn't have done it without Cardinal support and encouragement. 

Carter Express, Inc.
Carter Express is known for our family culture and empowering our employees to develop long-lasting relationships, with both their customers and their peers! Women in leadership roles is something we are proud of, as we continue to grow! Carter Express is proud to announce we have a female President and CEO! Our customers have recognized Carter Express as ‘Best in Class’ in logistics, so I am voting them ‘Best in Class’ for women to work! 

Centerline Drivers
From the president to the leadership team to recruiters and sales professionals, women are at the forefront at Centerline. With a workforce that is 60-percent women and a leadership team composed of 50 percent women, Centerline's dedication to gender diversity continues to make it an industry leader. And with flexible schedules, remote working capabilities and programs and policies to encourage women in leadership, Centerline will continue to develop the next generation of female transportation leaders.

Certarus Ltd.
At Certarus, women make a real impact. By working for a company that is leading the energy transition, our female team members make meaningful contributions to the success of our business and the emissions reductions of our customers across North America. Our workplace culture ensures a safe and respectful environment where women can thrive. As part of our team, women are valued, rewarded, and offered opportunities to advance their careers.

Certified Express Inc.
CEI is a company that is proud to say that 27% of our driver fleet is occupied by females. CEI is a well diversified company with much support for our women drivers. We promote women in the transportation industry and feel it is vital to the industry.

CFI - Contract Freighters, Inc.
CFI is leading the charge for women in transportation. We invest in our SheDrivesCFI program to support our female professional drivers as well as our Women in Leadership to support our non-driving female associates as well. We have more than the average number of females in executive and managerial roles and lead with excellence as a community that supports and invests in women.

Christenson Transportation
Christenson Transportation has always realized that women were an intricate part of the trucking industry, whether it was in the offices or on the road driving a truck. They have always encouraged women to get involved in the trucking industry. On my first day with the company, he encouraged me to join Women in Trucking to make contacts and to help get insight on how we can encourage and market to women to join the trucking industry. We have several women drivers in our fleet, with more joining every day.

Clean Harbors
Clean Harbors is set apart by the value we represent in creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. We recognize women and their strengths in over 60 lines of business, paving the new wave of what transportation and environmental services look like. Our company platforms and ambassador groups offer women in trucking the opportunity to professional grow in their career, while maintaining a healthy family life balance. As we continue to be recognized as a Fortune 500 company, our culture will continue to mirror the needs of our employees and uphold the core values that make us great. These values are Safety, Teamwork & Collaboration, Integrity, Customer Service and Stakeholder Value. The women that work for us know that we are a company of one and are always listening! 

Convoy's business has been built with sustainability in mind. Investing in our employees are a core part of our social impact effort. Our passionate team is committed to our mission of transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste. Founded in 2015, Convoy has quickly grown to over 1000 employees. We’re one of the few hyper-scaling startups based in Seattle, and we’re actively building a strong, diverse team of brilliant people who want to innovate an industry.

Women represent Covenant throughout our organization, including our Board of Directors, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, and frontline leadership. Having a strong presence of women in leadership sets the stage to continue to promote and grow women in careers at Covenant. Covenant offers tuition reimbursement, parental leave, and promotes wellness credit opportunities for female health screenings. Additionally, Covenant’s diversity inclusion initiatives and “Women of Covenant” group invites our professional women and drivers to continue growth.

Transportation has historically been a male dominated industry, but at Crowley, women are empowered and encouraged to lead. Crowley has also been a family owned and operated business for over 129 years and supports a "family first" mentality with 12-week maternity/paternity leave and other benefits that provide a positive work/life balance. The company has developed many employee resource groups for diversity and inclusion and is relentless in pursuit of eliminating gender bias. I'm proud to work at Crowley and encourage other women to grow in their career with Crowley.

We are honored to have talented women who work with us. They inspire us. And they motivate us through their leadership and work ethic. Aside from being on the road, these women provide mentorship and support for other women who drive and work in the industry. They stand up and face adversity. They are strong and make the company — and their communities — a better place to be.

D.M. Bowman Inc.
D.M. Bowman is creating a career attractive to females. Most of our positions include no touch freight, 75% drop and hook. We have great home time options and the safest equipment available. We also have a female driving ambassador who advocates for women in trucking.

Daimler Trucks North America
Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) takes pride in promoting diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization. Employee resource groups like the Women’s Interactive Network and the Executive Women’s Roundtable strengthen our efforts to empower women through networking and mentorship opportunities that lead to rewarding careers. DTNA also seeks to inspire the next generation of female engineers, leaders, and innovators by reaching into our community to engage diverse talent to drive our future success.

Day & Ross
Day & Ross has specific programs to recruit women and has focused on development opportunities for female leaders, including internal groups like Women @ Day & Ross and Trail Blazers, as well as career tools in Exec Online and Success Factors. The results are female leaders hired and/or promoted into leadership roles at a 50/50 ratio with male colleagues. We also provide career support for New Canadians and women wanting to pursue careers as drivers

Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing LLC
DDR is led by passionate people that are focused on promoting an inclusive and diverse workforce. As a result of this inclusive culture and environment, we see participation of women at all levels of the organization from floor technicians all the way up to Directors. I am very happy to work for and with these women, and the men that support them. Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing LLC (DDR), is an affiliation of Detroit Trucks North America (DTNA).

DHL Supply Chain
DHL Supply Chain believes diversity is a strength and aims to “attract, retain and advance” more women in our workforce. This includes increasing the number of women in our management ranks to 30 percent by 2025. We have a maternity policy that offers 12 weeks at 100 percent pay. It is part of our efforts to find even more ways to create a flexible work environment that supports the advancement of women across the organization.

Dot Transportation, Inc.
Dot Transportation, Inc. has always been an amazing place to work and an advocate for women, but through this challenging time where all our lives have had to change dramatically, Dot Transportation, Inc. has proven they put the safety and welfare of their employees first and foremost. While many companies were laying off employees, Dot Transportation, Inc. and Dot Foods found ways to avoid that by offering a multitude of different options to their drivers and staff. In the past 2 months Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, Inc. have also donated over $2.5 million worth of food to food pantries and people in need across the country.

Dupre Logistics
Dupre logistics enlarged our brokerage business group over the last three years. In that growth period we have expanded our department diversity so that now over 50% of our team members in this department are women. Along with these women in our business groups that play significant roles within our organization, we have also seen other career advancement opportunities arise for women in Dupre. This makes us proud to be women-in-transportation within this organization. 

Dynacraft, A PACCAR Company
Dynacraft offers an environment where the input of women is valued. The diverse leadership team ensures that women have a voice, are considered for promotion equally, and that pay disparity does not exist. Being part of PACCAR, women at Dynacraft have the opportunity to interact and build relationships with other women in the company. These connections allow for opportunities throughout the organization.

Echo Global Logistics
Together with employees, Echo strives to build an inclusive culture that values, supports, and amplifies the diverse voices of employees. In support of these initiatives, Echo promotes employee-led resource groups that focus on diversity of gender, culture, race, sexual orientation, and life experience, including the Women at Echo group. Women at Echo was formed to help cultivate an inclusive environment that recognizes the accomplishments of women in every department and role at Echo. This group supports, encourages, and enables women to advance their skills and leadership through connection, mentorship, collaboration, and discussion. The mission of Women at Echo is to advocate on behalf of all women at Echo to ensure the continued success of the entire organization. 

Estes Express Lines
Women have performed in vital roles at Estes since the company’s early days. The company has seen tremendous growth in its 90 year history and has continued to maintain a family-owned mindset where employees are viewed as the most valuable asset. In addition to offering a competitive reward package, Estes truly celebrates special moments in employee’s lives, provides resources for individuals to grow professionally, and values a diverse workforce.

FedEx Freight
FedEx Freight is a champion for women in the transportation industry and women in leadership. The company provides not only opportunity for women to advance, but support for growth and development. One shining example is our Women's Business Resource Team which is one of the longest standing and most successful BRTs where women within FedEx Freight are promoted to shine.

Fifth Wheel Freight
Opportunities for advancement are apparent throughout our organization. In addition, FWF has created an employee-led diversity and inclusion committee, Harmony Network, that ensures all team members are valued and have a voice. 

Frito-Lay has a Women's Inclusion Network (WIN) that has expanded to include a "Men Who WIN" subcommittee to ensure that our male leaders and colleagues have the tools and training to coach and develop our female leaders.  Like many organizations, we know how important mentors are in the careers of our young women, but we’ve also learned that our more junior- level, younger women don’t may not have as much exposure to our higher-level executives that who could act as sponsors for their career development. Our LIFT program is a comprehensive sponsorship program designed to provide critical experiences, coaching, development, visibility, and networks. Our sponsors find that they take away just as many learnings by gaining visibility to gender, generational and cultural differences improving their executive awareness, so it has become a win/win in driving cultural change within the organization. 

Garner Trucking
Garner is an exceptional place for women to work. Not only is it a woman owned company, but many of the management team members are women as well.  With a female recruiter out in the schools, Garner has made it a focus to increase the number of female drivers and well as increase the diversity among the fleet as a whole. It does not go unnoticed that promotions and internal opportunities are given equally to both the men and the women in the company. Garner's CEO Sherri Garner Brumbaugh is a force in the industry, holding high influence at the national level as a member of the ATA Board as well as being appointed to the national Truckers Against Traffickers Coalition. Garner is consistently recognized at all levels for its professional drivers and staff. Training and continued education opportunties are always encouraged and appreciated. Garner is most definitely an amazing place for women to work. 

Grammer Logistics
Grammer is a great place to work and has excellent opportunities for Women. We have several women in key leadership roles that make a great impact in our company from HR, Safety, Operations & Sales. Training, education, and development support is far better than any other company i have worked for in my 30+ years in the trucking industry.

Guttman Energy
Guttman, a family-owned Company has grown and changed a lot over the past 90 years, yet our priorities have remained the same: protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers, providing highly responsive and personalized customer service, offering our team members a respectful and rewarding place to work, and giving back to the communities we serve. Now in its fourth generation, Guttman Energy lives by its five core values: Respect, Lead, Collaborate, Serve and Solve. Guttman remains focused on being the company of choice for our customers by excelling in providing solutions, adding value, and the company of choice for our employees by offering an inclusive and innovative environment, and fostering personal growth, integrity, and community responsibility. Consistently ranked as a top employer, Guttman has earned the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Top Workplace Award in 2020, 2019 and 2018, as well as their Clued-in Senior Management Award.

Highway Transport Logistics, Inc.
At Highway, we value all our employees and want everyone to have a positive experience here. We continue to focus on adding women in leadership positions and as professional drivers. We offer competitive pay and safe equipment and facilities for all our employees. Our managers take the time to learn about our team members to understand what their career goals are and help them achieve those.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services
J.B. Hunt focuses on creating an environment that is welcoming for women and empowers their voice. J.B. Hunt has an employee resource group – Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women – that’s dedicated to helping women develop rewarding careers at the company. Through GROW, employees can participate in professional development opportunities, get involved in the community, and collaborate and connect with others in the local and national marketplace. GROW currently has more than 850 members. 

Jack Cooper Transport
Jack Cooper is a WEBNC certified Women Owned Business. It is committed to diversity & inclusion and to making a great employee experience for all team members. It offers incredible employee benefits and pay.

Jetco Delivery
Jetco’s culture is rooted in its core values – safety, candor, accountability, respect and teamwork. By requiring value-aligned behavior, we work together to create an environment where everyone is comfortable. Their voices are heard, creating an environment where women thrive. Our intermodal team is led and operated by all women. Three SLT members are women. We have female representation on our Driver Committee. Our employees have tremendous schedule flexibility, including flexible PTO (instead of “old school” vacation days). We're committed to helping our drivers achieve their professional goals, training and helping finance truck purchases.

John Christner Trucking
JCT has women in every department and has always encouraged women to be leaders within the company. They recognize talent and place them in lead roles without hesitation. They treat women with respect and make everyone feel their role is vital to JCT’s success. 

JR Kays Trucking Inc.
JR Kays Trucking encourages women to work in any capacity within the company. In addition to drivers, we have women in dispatch, accounting, management, and ownership. We are also a certified minority women owned business. We love to work with women in securing any position within our company that offers growth - from a level II mgmt position into a level I and from a company driver to an owner operator - we love to encourage and support women as they move up the ladder. 

JX Enterprises Inc.
JX has pioneered a corporate culture that supports women empowerment throughout the organization. JX has a genuine devotion in designing a landscape that invests in successfully mentoring women, offering competitive compensation, rewarding women with career advancements, as well as focusing on initiatives to keep women in the workplace. JX continues to review the needs of new mothers, paid maternity leave and offers flexible hours along with work from home hybrid opportunities. 

Karl’s Transport, Inc.
We employ 135 drivers, 13 of them are fantastic female drivers. Out of our 18 office staff members, 12 of them are wonderful women. We recently promoted one of our top female drivers to our CDL school to become a CDL instructor. She put the hard work in and passed her instructor's exam with flying colors. We take pride in providing a work environment where women can succeed. We are proud to be an organization where women feel comfortable and confident in the workforce. We are not only a great place for women to work, we are a family, a friend, and a mentor to our female drivers. 

Our culture at Kenco was built on respect for our customers and our employees. We recognize that women offer value in numerous roles, from our Vice President of Innovation to the many women who are Kenco general managers operating huge fulfillment warehouses on behalf of our clients. They are in these positions because they are the best at what they do and offer value to our customers and our business. 

Kenworth of Louisiana
Every person matters at Kenworth of Louisiana. Women and men on our teams have always worked as equals. But we are more than our culture of acceptance, we celebrate our inclusiveness. Mutual respect and our Louisiana way of looking out for each other helps. I always believe that you go where you are wanted. Women are made to feel welcome because they are at our company. We are represented in every aspect of the business and that makes me proud. Every day it gets better and seeing progress helps to keep the needle moving in the right direction.

Kenworth Truck Company
Kenworth promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace. The unique views, skills and talents of our employees fuel dynamic idea generation, problem solving and innovation, which strengthens our business. Women hold key roles at Kenworth, contributing expertise in the development, production, and sale of our products. Kenworth’s Diversity Council and the PACCAR Women’s Association work together to advance leadership opportunities for women. Nearly 22% of Kenworth’s leadership roles are held by women, exceeding the national average. 

Kottke Trucking
Kottke does not see gender or race. We are all treated equally with respect, all have the same opportunities for advancement and are paid on the same scale. With three brothers owning equal shares of the company and nine daughters and one son between them, I believe it is logical to say Kottke will be a Woman owned and operated business in the near future. 

Landstar Transportation Logistics Inc.
Landstar’s vision is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive, technology-driven transportation industry. At Landstar, female sales agents and owner-operators are independent business owners with the opportunity to grow while receiving priceless back-office support and scalable resources from Landstar. The more than 1,200 independent Landstar sales agents and nearly 10,000 independent owner-operators choose Landstar as the opportunity to grow their businesses because of the company’s reputation for safety, support, and innovation.

Linden Bulk Transportation LLC – Div. of Odyssey Logistics and Technology
Values: Safety, Security, Quality and Technology. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Locke Transportation Inc.
Teresa took over the family business 20 out of 30 years. Locke is financially secure and has a strong foundation. Not only does Teresa run a trucking company but has warehouse and mechanic shop. A true leader that cares about the well being of her employees first which she demonstrated during COVID last year.

Long Haul Trucking
At Long Haul Trucking we work hard to ensure that our corporate culture is supporting of each of our female employees and pay them in salaries and bonuses equally to their male counterparts. With a female CFO and 4 of our 8 managing executives female as well, we take pride in making sure that the voice and opinion of women are heard and respected through all our decision making. 

Magnum Companies
Magnum is diverse, progressive, understanding, flexible, broad, gives drivers control, organizational, respectful, appreciative, family oriented.

Matheson Trucking
Matheson is an industry leader in innovation, largely due to the culture of respect and equality. From the women who work in the office, to the female truck drivers and material handlers, Matheson offers opportunities for growth and insists on work/life balance. Everyone in the Matheson family, particularly Carol and Lauren Matheson insist that the working community is stronger when women are given the opportunity to rise in their careers and grow the company while they do it. Matheson is truly deserving of the 'Top Companies for Women to Work in Transportation' award.

McLeod Software
McLeod Software recognizes that being a woman in the workplace has its own set of challenges. As we strive to be an employer of choice, we work to ensure that practice and policy surrounding compensation, work-life balance, perks and benefits, leadership, and career opportunities are friendly for women. Additionally, McLeod works within the communities in which we operate to partner with organizations whose mission it is to further women in technology and the transportation industry.

Michelin North America
Michelin is actively working towards its vision of increasing women in 30% of management roles by 2020. The company actively invests in benefits, unique networking, career development and volunteer opportunities focused on women. The nationwide Women’s Network, Michelin Mamas Group and Lean-In Circles are championed by Michelin executives, and work together to foster an engaged female workforce around the world.

Navajo Express
From a key executive: I have personally been at Navajo Express for 3.5 years. In that short time, I have gone from Director of Marketing to VP of Marketing/Sales and am responsible for leading our nationwide sales team. Throughout my career at Navajo Express I have felt nothing but support and guidance from management (specifically our CEO) as they encourage my ideas and growth. I have also had the opportunity to see other women's careers advance regardless of department - in the past year we have seen an internal advancement of a women being promoted to Sr. Director of Analytics, Director of Safety, and Director of Protein.

New West Truck Centres
New West has a very diverse culture and group of employees that work in multiple locations. Women are at the forefront of our business in a wide range of positions such as, Heavy Equipment Technician, Parts Technician, Human Resources, Accounting, Sales, Service Advisors, Finance Manager, Warranty Manager etc. The dedication of these women to not only the industry but to our company, has allowed New West to grow and become more diverse in their approach to the trucking industry. Recognizing the company for its commitment to helping women grow within the industry is well deserved. 

NFI Industries
NFI Industries is a family-owned company that fosters and maintains a diverse workplace environment. NFI takes pride in having women in every aspect of their business, from finance to driving their trucks. NFI offers flexible scheduling to maintain a work life balance while also encouraging continuous professional development to accelerate your career. With the heart of NFI being the drivers, there is an emphasis on driver recognition displayed in our She Drives Campaign. 

Odyssey Logistics & Technology
Odyssey Logistics & Technology prides itself as a company with a culture that supports gender diversity, offering competitive and flexible compensation packages and ongoing professional development. Odyssey has several women in senior leadership roles, including corporate and division positions as president, vice president, co-founder and senior vice president, director, and women drivers/owner-operators throughout its organization. Odyssey is committed to its diverse workforce and continues to focus on opportunities for associate advancement. With more than 2,500 associates worldwide, over 55% are female.

Old Dominion Freight Line
We have established a great culture at OD that is hard to find or replicate. From our humble beginning in 1934 until today, there is still a close bond between everyone here. Whether it’s on the road, on the docks, in the office, or at one of our cook outs or many celebrations, there’s an attitude of sharing, caring and smiling. It’s an attitude our customers and team members value and appreciate too… one that makes us more than just a freight carrier. It makes us a family. A family that helps the world keep promises. 

Omnitracs, LLC
Omnitracs is committed to developing a diverse workforce in a space where women are typically underrepresented. Women hold leadership positions across the company, including Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, GM & Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, and more. Our Advocates for Women in Technology employee resource group holds events to provide networking and career-building opportunities, as well as support causes that impact women including Truckers Against Trafficking and Girls, Inc.

OTR Capital, LLC
OTR has a unique culture that is progressive, ambitious, and inclusive. Our commitment to women and their professional development is apparent in our growing number of female leaders. We have a Women In Logistics mentorship program, which provides a network of women to train, develop, and foster growth and success. We also have a robust compensation package that includes Short Term Disability, Paid Family Leave, and comfortable accommodations for new moms.

PACCAR is committed to driving diversity and inclusion across its global divisions. Diversity Councils foster an inclusive workplace culture through engaging events and training that raise awareness. The PACCAR Women’s Association provides many networking, education and mentoring opportunities to develop female talent. Through community outreach and PACCAR facility tours, we show the next generation of engineers, technologists, innovators and business leaders what it is like to be part of the PACCAR family. 

PACCAR Australia
PACCAR Australia is a great place to work, evidenced by continual delivery of benefits, development, and promotion opportunities for women. Current initiatives include: 1. paid maternity leave, with additional retirement benefits, flexible hours and job design when returning to work 2. competitive remuneration and on-going benchmarking, 3. training and education support, including paid exam leave, flexible study time, 4. tailored women-only mentoring and networking groups 5. overt succession planning and communication of career advancement opportunities.

PACCAR Engine Company
The PACCAR Engine Company has always had a positive work environment for women. Over 38% of the workforce are women doing jobs such as assembling diesel engines to holding leadership positions. There is a PACCAR Women’s Association group whose aim is to develop female talent to increase women’s roles at PACCAR. Two women in leadership positions here have been promoted at Peterbilt, one as the Plant Manager and the other as an Assistant Plant Manager.

PACCAR Parts recruits and develops a diverse workforce and strongly believes in supporting women in their professional career with resources such as its Diversity and Inclusion Council, PACCAR Women’s Association, mentorship programs and training designed to prepare women for leadership opportunities. PACCAR Parts has a culture that promotes gender diversity and values the contribution women bring to the company. It also provides flexible hours, competitive compensation, and benefits, continuing education, professional development, and career advancement opportunities. 

Palmer Trucks
Palmer Trucks, Inc. strives to maintain a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the trucking industry. The organization actively includes women in decision-making and leadership positions, including its largest business units. Palmer Trucks strives for diversity and inclusion across all company functions, and actively applies its core values to include, support, and recognize women in the workplace. The workforce includes working mothers in leadership roles for which their schedules are flexible and include a competitive compensation and benefits package. Several women managers have been actively trained and promoted from within the organization.

Paper Transport, Inc.
This organization is a great place for women to work because there is equal opportunity for every employee to grow in their roles and to make a real contribution. There is also no pay gap between male and female employee's salaries.

Penske Transportation Solutions
Penske Transportation Solutions promotes a diverse and inclusive environment that encourages women throughout the organization. An example is Penske's Women in the Field initiative, which brings women from across the company's field operations together to provide development programs, networking, and mentorship opportunities with the goal of capitalizing on participants' potential and enhancing their performance. Penske also supports its female associates through community service initiatives, charitable giving and the Penske Women's Network. 

Peterbilt Motors Company
Peterbilt strives to provide tremendous opportunities for women at all levels of the organization. A diverse work environment is valued and promoted through efforts from the Diversity Council and the Peterbilt Women's Initiative (PBWIN). PBWIN supports women and empowers women to contribute at their highest levels and achieve at their maximum potential. 

PGT Trucking
PGT is focused on recruiting female truck drivers. Our Women Behind the Wheel initiative is designed to promote the benefits of flatbed driving to women in a historically male dominated field. This includes female trainers including driver trainers and classroom staff.  We have a gender and ethnically diverse leadership team. Strong performing women can and have advanced rapidly in the company. PGT is active in several women's industry groups in addition to Women in Trucking.

Prime Inc.
Prime Inc. is proud to support and employ women and continue to look for ways to increase those efforts every year. We have our Highway Diamonds program and annual gala as well as highlights on female associates and their success stories year-round in our company magazine, social media, and advertising.

Ralph Moyle, Inc.
Ralph Moyle, Inc demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to the women working in our organization. We have women working in each department from drivers, warehousing, operations, maintenance, human resources, even our VP of operations. There has been a long commitment within our team to be more diversified with female employees. Currently, our fleet is 10% female and our management team is at 35%.

ReedTMS Logistics, Inc.
ReedTMS Logistics fosters a diverse, employee-centric culture where all people feel welcome and supported. We are fortunate enough to have a strong female leadership presence within our HR, Training, Sales, Accounting, & Operations departments. Having these diverse voices as leaders allows us to create policies and procedures with inclusive language, create a better support system for all employees, and create a fun, welcoming environment for all. Company activities are also inclusive and geared towards not only women, but people of all backgrounds, beliefs, abilities, demographics, and sexual identity, orientation, and expression.

Rihm Family Companies
Often, women in trucking are faced with a challenge when it comes to earning respect and be afforded the same opportunities as male counterparts. That is not the case at Rihm Kenworth.  Women are embraced and valued at Rihm. No matter what position, the Rihm family encourages its employees to grow in their careers and it starts at the top, with Kari Rihm, CEO and President.  Kari serves as a role model for all young women who aspire to succeed in a male-dominated industry. 

Riverside Transport Inc.
Women are treated equally to men and approximately 50% of leaders in the organization are women. The company buys/runs pink trucks in support of our women drivers (and breast cancer). Company owners appreciate our perspective and award career progression based on performance and qualifications rather than gender.

Roehl Transport
Roehl Transport is built on values like Driver Success, Safety and Mutual Support & Teamwork. We’ve created a pathway to a successful CDL truck driving career for women who learn to drive the Roehl Way of Protective Driving. From experienced driving professionals to those who get paid while getting their CDLs and from trainers who’ve complete gender-sensitivity training to our non-driver office support, Roehl is investing in our teammates’ professional and personal successes. 

Rogers Trucking Inc
Rogers Trucking values women and has designed a company that is putting women at the forefront. From the start the company has placed strong vales in promoting women in an industry that is male dominated. RTC listens to all and tries to empower and promote a better environment to be part of the trucking industry. Rogers is a place that takes into account the needs of females in a male dominated industry. 

Ryder System, Inc.
Ryder continues to address the industry’s gender gap by empowering women to succeed. In Q1 2021 alone, 22% of Ryder’s new hires were female; bringing the overall total of women within the transportation and logistics company to 24%. Encompassing more than 1,000 women leaders across the organization, Ryder continues to be recognized as an employer of choice for women with Forbes recently honoring the company as one of “America’s Best Employers for Diversity” in 2021.

S&H Express
At S&H we value the omen, they value woman's opinion, they know that women in trucking is the future of trucking. I run the safety department, they have sent me to continuing education courses to make sure I am knowledgeable in everything I do. They treat me as one of the team. We value our women drivers, we have been discussing getting a pink truck for our top woman driver. We celebrate women in trucking we want more women to join trucking, about a year and half ago we were on Fox News and we’re honored for women in trucking.

Schneider is a diverse company and continually strives to provide a positive and encouraging professional environment for all its associates. We support family dynamics and encourage associates to keep a work life balance. Recently recognized as a great company for women to work for by Forbes, Schneider has opportunity for advancement and are seeing more women in leadership positions. Your ability to advance is up to you and how hard you work. If you work hard, you will succeed, and Schneider will help you with this!

Skelton Truck Lines
Skelton is a company that truly deserves to be recognized for their effort and ability to recruit and retain female employees. This applies to both on the road drivers and office personnel. Our fleet is comprised of 31% women as well as 9 female department managers. Skelton Truck Lines is a company that attracts, encourages, recognizes, and retains their employees. These strong points are often what makes Skelton the perfect choice for our female employees.

Smith Transport, Inc.
We are THRIVING in our careers at Smith Transport. We have many women in leadership roles across our terminals. We boldly push their efforts to new levels and encourage them to grow with training. In the last few years, we have truly transformed our internal culture. From women behind the wheel, maintenance, & other departments we applaud Smith Transport for being forward-thinking and helping women build their dream careers in an industry we love.

Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc.
Our mission statement is Live our Culture, Provide Quality and Create Financial Strength. We understand that in order to create this culture and standard of excellence across our organization, we must be invested in the well-being of each of our associates. We offer a commitment to excellence in serving our associates, comprehensive training, safe and well-maintained equipment, a competitive pay and benefits package, career growth opportunities, and long-term job security through financial strength.

Star Fleet Trucking, Inc.
First of all, it’s the people that work here! Trucking is viewed as a man’s field but with Star Fleet Trucking that is different. Although the top three positions are currently held by men, we have a woman as controller, a woman operations manager, a woman as safety manager, a woman as compliance manager, and five out of seven terminal managers are women! If that doesn’t scream equal opportunity, I don’t know what does. Women also excel as independent contractors, delivering RVs and houses!

Stericycle views diversity and inclusion as a key element for corporate sustainability and success. Our workforce is 23% women with 30% of our middle managers being women and 29% of our senior managers being women, including our CEO and CFO, plus 33% of our Board of Directors are women. We offer a competitive benefits package, flexible work arrangements for many roles, and an active women’s resource group that focus on development, mentoring, and life skills.

Sunrise Transport Inc.
Sunrise Transport is focused on providing a safe, family friendly environment where driver satisfaction is a top priority. We take pride in our core family values. We strive to ensure our drivers maintain a healthy work/life balance, offer flexible work solutions (home daily), provide well maintained equipment, growth opportunity and industry leading pay/benefits. Our committed team of wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters enjoy an awesome career, and we encourage more to join!

S-2international LLC
As a Woman-Owned business, S-2 is highly committed to building a diverse workforce and a company that strikes the right work/life balance. S-2 is unique in its set up, providing ample staffing to ensure that our team members can leave work at the office when they leave for the day! Our employees are not tethered to their shipments 24 hours because we have a team of quality individuals on each shift to seamlessly care for our clients. Additionally, we have excellent benefits with strong company contributions, superb compensation programs (including position-based commission and bonus opportunities), 401k with aggressive match to provide for the health and financial well-being of our team. We have a fun environment, with a supportive management team that provides for the comfort and safety of every employee. Heart is at the center of all we do for our customers AND our employees.

The Dart Network
The Dart Network has been family-owned for over 85 years. Dart remains committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in its workplace. Trucking is often thought of as a man's world. Many of our leaders are women and they drive many of the decisions at Dart. Women have leadership roles in IT, operations, fleet management, HR, pricing. Dart is an amazing place to work for all employees and drivers but truly appreciates the value that all people bring to the table. We are a family and value each member.

TP Trucking, LLC
TP Trucking, LLC is a forward-thinking diverse company geared for safely and dependably moving customer’s freight. Several operational locations across the US offer over-the-road, regional and local driving jobs as well as administrative, dispatch and mechanical positions that will attract employees from all walks of life. All positions are gender-neutral with top pay and benefit packages. Job placement is determined by experience, performance and a willingness to learn.

Tri-National, Inc.
TNi’s strong cultural values lead us to be one of the best transportation companies to employ women. TNi is a company that acknowledges the drive women have for being career oriented, while at the same time being family focused and accommodating their family needs. TNi’s cultural values give women the respect and admiration of their accomplishments to have prosperous careers and lead the company to be the best in the industry!

Trimac Transportation
Trimac Transportation prides itself on being an employer of choice, offering equal opportunities for employment and advancement. We offer flexible schedules which provide work/life balance, helping to maintain quality family time while building a career. Underlying this commitment is Trimac’s safety record which regularly ranks highest in its class. We provide comprehensive benefits; and support entrepreneurial drivers with programs to become owner operators. Trimac provides leadership development opportunities for all women on our workforce. 

Trimble values diversity of gender, race, and nationality, knowing it drives our best thinking and it starts at the top. Our Board of Directors includes three women out of a total of ten members, placing us in a select group of companies with that level of female board representation. We are also focused on measuring and increasing gender balance in high impact roles such as front-line management, engineering, product management, and sales.

Trinity Logistics
Trinity Logistics, Inc is a huge supporter of the advancement of women in the transportation and logistics industry. Our workforce majority is women as well as our leadership. Pay and career opportunities are based on merit & qualifications, gender does not factor into those decisions. Trinity supports the advancement of women and organizations that fight to do the same!

Tru-Pak Moving Systems
Tru-Pak is committed to ensuring equality for women throughout the organization. As one of the few women-owned, authorized agents of United Van Lines, Tru-Pak leaders understand and work to eliminate the challenges faced by women today in a male dominated industry. Owner Allyson Siegel strives to ensure women have ample opportunity to build the career of their dreams within the Tru-Pak organization, whether that is in the office, on the road, or in the warehouse.

Owners Lisa and Dirk Kupar help female employees find meaningfulness and engagement in their work. They take the time to learn about employees’ values, strengths, and life goals, and work with employees to turn a job into a passion. They are also committed to helping women achieve promotions and are continuously seeking ways to develop their leadership skills. It’s a company providing a work environment that allows women to grow and thrive, and to be the absolute best they can be with guidance, support, and endless encouragement.

Company culture is a critical differentiator for Truckstop.com. We pride ourselves on providing an environment where partners are encouraged to build on their strengths and develop their talents. To do this our partners must feel connected, fulfilled, and equipped. We provide a host of benefits including competitive compensation, retirement matching, all-inclusive insurance, a wellness program, flexible working conditions, paid time off for service opportunities and more.

TruNorth Global
TruNorth provides a family-style atmosphere within a big corporation framework. We embody the spirit of diversity here at TrüNorth Global and we are proud to report that 80 percent of our leadership team are women. We work to instill confidence, encourage them to think critically, and have a voice.

U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.
U.S. Xpress is proud to say that it has more than 1,600 female team members, which make up nearly 20 percent of its workforce. Women also hold leadership roles across all divisions of the company. U.S. Xpress invests heavily in the career growth of its employees and professional drivers, encouraging innovation and creativity to ensure the company stays competitive, efficient, and determined to deliver best in class service for customers.

United Site Services, Inc.
At USS, we give you an opportunity and it is up to you how you make your impact. For more than 20 years, United Site Services (USS) has provided essential services like portable restrooms, portable sinks, temporary fences, and other site services to more than 120,000 customers every year. We take pride in providing essential services in communities across the country while providing for yourself and your family. USS has strong benefits and pay, we have local routes, are home every night, interact with customers and make a difference every day.

From our CEO to our inside operations, we support women and continue to find ways to develop our people. Women in Operations (WIO) committees help to support these efforts and allow a safe space for women to reach their professional and personal goals.

Veriha Trucking, Inc.
Veriha Trucking is not only woman-owned and ran, its executive leadership is 75% women. Veriha’s concentration on value-based culture and being people-centric is why women want to work at Veriha. I work at Veriha not because I am a woman but because of the culture. All people are celebrated. Women, men, drivers, office staff, etc. Veriha hires the best person and that has built a strong female base in every area. 

Volvo Group North America
Volvo Group North America recognizes gender diversity as an integral part of our business success. Our holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion helps us solve critical issues, drive innovation, and create positive societal impact through corporate social responsibility. We provide industry-leading benefits for our team members, including, flexible work options, paid time off, paid maternity leave and great coworkers/great culture. We take pride in developing thought leaders of the future.

Walmart is an equal opportunity workplace. We're more than just drivers, we're ambassadors to our stores as well as the road. We participate in community service supported by our office. We reset our 34 hours at home. Pay and benefits are awesome. We're hauling more than freight, we're hauling pride for our company as well as our customers. Working so we can all save money to live better. One of our beliefs is to have respect for the individual and they do adhere to it. 

Werner Enterprises
Werner is a place where women can come, have a career and feel proud of the work they accomplish, strive for purpose and continue with the legacy of moving America's goods safely and professionally.

XPO Logistics, Inc.
At XPO, we believe in creating a respectful and inclusive culture, where diverse talents and perspectives are valued. Women make up 37.5% of XPO’s board, and approximately 26% of our total workforce compared to the industry average of 15%. From the boardroom to the driver’s seat, we’re transforming the male-dominated transportation industry and closing the gender gap through progressive workplace initiatives and the recruitment and promotion of women for all roles.

Yellow is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining women in the transportation industry. We are creating a culture of belonging that celebrates diversity and ensures all our employees can thrive. Our Women’s Inclusion Network is designed to foster relationships, enhance the employee experience, and prepare future leaders over the road, in our terminals, and all roles critical to our success. We are proud to be driven women, driving forward together. We drive, we lead, we engage.

As an organization rooted in both trucking and technology over almost half of Zonar’s employees are women with many in senior roles across departments including Product, HR, Marketing and Finance. Zonar has a women’s affinity group that meets monthly, works towards pay equity and runs a “Women of Zonar” social media program to highlight its women employees so that everybody but particularly young women and girls can see what opportunities exist for women at Zonar and the industry.

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