Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation

The industry has voted for the top companies that embody important attributes required to be a "Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation." Those who made the list will be announced in Edition 3 of Redefining the Road magazine.

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Below are the nominated companies that have made the final cut based upon the following criteria: 

  • Corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity
  • Flexibility in hours and work requirements
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave)
  • Training, continued education and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Well-maintained/safe equipment & facilities for drivers
  • Other factors

Voting closes Sunday, July 3.



AGT Global Logistics
Originally All Girls Trucking and founded by a woman for women. Comprised of more than 75% women. The Founder and CEO understands the importance of work, family and life. People at AGT are promoted based on ability and women lead top management functions of the company.

160 Driving Academy
Equal voice and opinions, and ideas are valued at all times, multiple opportunities for advancement and career growth. A culture of togetherness and strong team spirit where women thrive, and an inclusive environment is a priority. Balance work/home life.

ADM Trucking Inc.
Core values: Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Resourcefulness, Teamwork and Responsibility. Provides growth opportunities, tuition assistance, and encourages volunteering. Provide great benefits for overall health and wellness.

AFC Transport, Inc.
We stay true to our mission by hiring the best employees in the industry, leverage technology to streamline transportation needs, and provide exceptional services to our customers. Management team is experienced professionals dedicated to empowering people. 

AFS Logistics
Committed to ensuring women on our team can meet full potential in the workplace and beyond. Business consists of 56% women, several of whom currently serve on executive and senior leadership teams. Supported by outstanding female mentors.

Offering drivers guaranteed annual salaries, fully paid benefits, and weekends at home with family. Prioritize the health and wellness of our team, and constantly seek feedback on ways we can improve. Treating our team with respect is one of our core values.

Altom Transport, Inc.
Much of our day-to-day operations wouldn't be possible without the women. Our female Drivers, Dispatchers, Accountants, and Mechanics are why Altom Transport is so successful.

American Central Transport
A Best Fleet to Drive for 5 consecutive years, ACT has always women into leadership positions, from our Board of Directors to our front-line management.  Our fleet is over 10% female and is growing.  Office staff is 50% female. Many opportunities and open to all. 

Ancora Education
We have both women Program Directors and Program Trainers nationwide. They train future CDL drivers - of all genders. Leadership maintains a positive and safe environment.

Andrus Transportation Services, Inc.
Treats all employees equally, regardless of gender, race or religion. Our VP of Safety/HR (Lynn Shrum) is one of the key executives.  Office makeup is nearly 50/50 female to male ratio, with no wage discrimination of any sort between co-workers. A true, equal opportunity employer.

Aria Logistics LLC
True and genuine women-owned and operated business. Top executives also are women. Environment where you learn new challenges daily and the right levels of support to challenge them resulting in career development and personal growth.

Armstrong Transport Group
Competitive pay and benefits. Offers advanced learning and training opportunities. Fosters a collaborative, familial culture by encouraging women to express opinions and ideas. Mixed-gender mid-management and leadership teams promoted from within.

Arrive Logistics
Flexible work schedules, professional development opportunities, access to mentorship groups. 12-week paid maternity leave, short-term disability coverage, Dependent Care FSA, paid-time off, affordable health insurance and onsite amenities like a lactation room and gym. Access to childcare, confidential counseling services, legal support, financial resources.

Artur Express Inc.
Office staff 65% female, management team 43% female, 12% female drivers across our fleet. Females treated equally and with respect. Amenities at terminal like clean, private showers for a safe environment for a vulnerable necessity. Flexible and empathetic to employees' needs.

Averitt Express
Culture where people and their worth have true value. Opportunities to advance due to training, communication, promoting from within, and investing in individual personal development. Equipment features state-of-the-art safety technology, provide 100+ safe and secure facilities with more than 2,100 parking spots to safely rest.

B.R. Williams Trucking, Inc.
Flexible hours if needed to be a "mom" or caregiver to meet family obligations. Women represented in all areas of our company - drivers, truck shop, warehouse, dispatch, logistics, and admin office. Executive team 30% women.

Badger State Western Inc.
Promote women in the workplace and treat everyone as equal. Safe, accommodating and equal work environment for female employees and drivers. We have a good number of females in our office and on the road in trucks and everyday were working to increase those numbers.

BCB Transport
In an industry that is heavily male populated, BCB encourages and promotes growth within women in all positions of the company. They are open to women's ideas and opinions and value them.

Bennett Family of Companies
Cornerstone of efforts is Bennett’s Women in the Driver’s Seat program, which recognizes women drivers for exemplary service, supports networking opportunities, and generates camaraderie through motivational speakers and events.  Core values center around family.

Big M Transportation, Inc.
Safe, clean environment for all employees at the terminal, and comfortable, well-maintained equipment while on the road. Women well-represented on our leadership team, and advancement opportunities offered fairly and equally.

Bison Transport Inc.
Values diverse workforce, encourages representation of women, promotes accomplishments and endorses policies on gender equality. Equipment and facilities are tailored to women. Women drivers gain a fleet of support with our training initiatives including a team of women In-Cab instructors.

BlueGrace Logistics
Commitment to DEI is a pillar of culture. In 2022, appointed Francoise Caraguel as new Chief People Officer, bringing representation to the top, marking a huge accomplishment for business resource group, Women at BG. Strategic outreach and mentorship increased female hires 43% since 2019.

BM2 Freight Services Inc.
Equal opportunity employer. Experienced exponential growth which has allowed additional team members, many filled by women. We value the input and perspective that they bring to our company. Diversifying our company workforce has made us a more well-rounded company.

Bobs Discount Furniture
One of our core values is diversity. We have a strong culture that is focused on all people first and we embrace everyone in the Bob's family.  Growth, development and collaboration are equal among all of our people. They are the cornerstone of who we are as a company.

14% drivers are women, 25% employees, 17% executive leaders. All drivers can grow into leads/managers/engineers. Leaders work with Service Pros (drivers) to define career paths. Promoting from within is key. More than 50% leaders and training team members were Service Pros.

Boyle Transportation
Welcoming atmosphere for professional drivers from all genders and sexual orientations. Female-identifying professionals play key roles in all aspects of the business from advisory committees and drivers to prominent roles in the administration. 36% of our fleet is female, 20% of administrative staff is female.

Brenny Transportation, Inc.
Woman-owned company where we all have a voice. Supports growth both personally and professionally. Does everything possible to make sure women feel safe on the road and in the office, and schedule is flexible to accommodate home life.

Bridgestone Americas
Formed DE&I Center of Excellence in 2022, advancing commitment to cultivating an inclusive culture that advances equity, embraces individuality, and helps our diverse teammates thrive. Provide education around unconscious bias, allyship and inclusion, and offer six employee resource groups, including our Women’s Initiative Network.

Budd Van Lines
Many top executives are women, with our CFO, General Manager, VP Corporate Relations, Director(s) of HR, Sales, Claims, Training, and Customer Service. Most positions were attained through promotions within the organization, with numerous women as drivers and move specialists.

Carbon Express Inc.
Atmosphere of inclusion for women. Women account for 11 percent of workforce and their involvement at all levels is integral to our success.  Our no sleeper-cab, hotel-only model for overnight stays adds to the level of privacy and safety for all company drivers.

Committed to supporting female colleagues personally and professionally. Generous benefits package to full-time employees, flexible schedules to accommodate family responsibilities. On-demand courses employees can take on their own time.

Carter Express, Inc.
Promotes women internally. Operations Department primarily managed by women, with women stationed in leadership throughout the company. Carter is a company that not only invites women to the table, but women send the invitations.

Centerline Drivers
Workforce made up two-thirds of women and 50% leadership. For second consecutive year, Centerline hired 10% more female drivers than previous year. Flexible schedules, remote working capabilities and leadership and development programs.

Certified Express, Inc.
Recognizes and values women in the workforce and on the road. Nurture our group of ladies on the road and support them in every way we can. CEI strives to improve our company culture and maintain great relationships with the women in transportation on our team.

Celebrates Women through SheDrivesCFI program by uplifting the voices of women who inspire, work hard, and pave the way for generations to come. Foster inclusive work culture where women’s careers thrive, achievements are celebrated and needs are met equally. Female drivers have female trainers.

Clean Harbors
Prioritizes diverse and inclusive workforce in all lines of business. Women’s Employee Resource Group helps implement changes companywide – like adding female uniforms to the company catalog or constructing women’s locker rooms in the field – and provides a space for females to support one another.

Builds and evolves an inclusive culture that celebrates gender diversity. Women@Convoy Employee Resource Group cultivates inclusive community and serves as a source of learning, development and empowerment through networking, collaboration and opportunities to grow.

Provides opportunities for women to grow their career. The women of Covenant lead with passion and mentorship throughout the enterprise. Women of Covenant Group within the enterprise further supports women, even beyond the workplace.

Coyote Logistics
A culture with an incredible focus on the women at Coyote.

CPC Logistics
Track record of providing support and resources women need to build successful careers in all positions. Jobs allow drivers to be home every night, extensive safety training and awards programs, health and wellness education, comprehensive and competitive wage and benefit packages.

Multiple career and leadership development programs that encourage professional growth while supporting a work-life balance. Employee resource groups, such as Women Empowered, empowers women to reach their highest potential by creating a safe place to share ideas, amplify contributions, and facilitate conversations.

Cumberland International Trucks
Culture focuses on teamwork, work/life balance and development of talent. We have a leadership group open to all employees and networking opportunities for those interested.

Cummins Inc.
Inclusive environment for female employees with flexible working arrangements to support hybrid work- family structures, extended paternity policies, and breastfeeding-friendly facilities and workplaces. Dedicated female resource groups address systemic workplace issues in real time. Continuing education and career development programs.

Daimler Truck North America
Supportive business resource groups, empowering mentorship programs, mindful recruiting practices and targets, and active community involvement contribute to an inclusive culture that leads to rewarding careers.

Dart Transit Company
President has made it his mission to recognized and honor all women no matter race, color, or sexual orientation. Woman drive this company.

Day & Ross
Committed to creating advancement and leadership opportunities for women, and building an inclusive organization where everyone belongs.

Decker truck Line
Flexible, kind and competitive. They listen and work with their employees no matter the gender.

Drivewyze Inc.
Representation, pay, health, and job satisfaction are crucial components for overall employee satisfaction regardless of gender. A large percentage of women employed at every level and in every department. Women paid equally for equal work, and Drivewyze supports and protects the health of all employees.

Dupré Logistics
40% of team members are women. Along with the women in our business groups that play significant roles within our organization, we have also seen other career advancement opportunities arise for women.

Dynacraft, a PACCAR Company
Mentoring from all levels of leadership, offering both male and female mentors which guide and provide opportunities to learn and branch out to every part of the business. Teamwork atmosphere, flexible hours and work from home opportunities.

Erb Group of Companies
23% of managers are women, 83% of recruiters are female. Offer career pathways internally for employees. Full-time hours are flexible to 32 hours per week, We have team members trained in mental health first aid.

Ease Logistics
Welcoming and encouraging of women. Maternity leave, opportunities for advancement and education, and flexibility without worry about repercussions. Work environment is innovative, supportive, diverse, and encouraging for all employees.

Elite Transit Solutions, LLC
Over 1/3 of employees are women. Benefits package includes generous paid time off for vacations and sick days, 8 weeks paid maternity leave, student loan benefits, health insurance, competitive salaries, career development, and remote work opportunities. Many women in leadership.

Challenges the norms by putting programs in place to attract and retain top female talent, mentor and grow those team members to succeed, and help our customers and partners do the same.

Estes Express Lines
Company culture embraces a workforce reflecting various backgrounds, viewpoints, and talents. Women enjoy opportunities for advancement They hold senior roles and drive Estes’ position as both an industry leader and North America’s largest, privately held carrier.

Exxact Express
Many opportunities for drivers and internal staff for professional development, personal development, and advancements for growth within the organization. Highlight strong women associates on our social media outlets.

FedEx Freight
Hires and promotes employees based on merit, accomplishments, and skillsets – regardless of gender. Our Women’s Business Resource Team (BRT) promotes the roles and contributions of female team members. Women work in every role across the company, including drivers, freight handlers, multimodal, leadership, and everywhere in between.

Fifth Wheel Freight
Incorporating diverse perspectives and providing opportunity in West Michigan are central components of FWF's mission. Harmony Network, an employee-led group committed to the vision of establishing education, unity and diversity among employees.

First Choice Transport, LLC
Excellent work and home life balance. Ability to work remotely part of the week and offers flexible schedule and an environment that supports women. President leads by example and shows that women really can have it all.

First Industries Corporation
Core values: honesty, teamwork, work ethics, knowledgeable, positive attitude, and trust. Each value plays an important role in each individual person working at our company. First Truck has also developed a gender equity advisory group to allow woman to also have a voice.

First Truck Centre
Woman are executives, managers, technicians, laborers, drivers, and administrative employees. Programs, policies and culture encourage knowledge sharing, mentorship, continuous improvement, training, and career growth. Our Gender Equity Advisory Committee empowers woman to change business processes to be inclusive.

FirstFleet Inc.
There is no gender gap. The philosophy at FirstFleet is work hard and you will be rewarded. They provide safe equipment and flexible hours and home time for truck drivers and administrators. There is no ceiling glass or otherwise in a male-dominated industry if you work hard. 

Fluid Truck
Recruitment goals focus on seeking out and hiring women. Our female co-founder has built a strong management team, with focus on elevating talented women in public-facing roles. Fluid Truck’s women's events help female employees network and build relationships.

Forward Air Corporation
Competitive compensation, benefits, career-advancement programs, and opportunities that cultivate personal and professional development. In 2021, Forward announced its largest-ever rate increase for independent contractors, creating lucrative opportunity for women drivers and husband/wife teams.

Fraley and Schilling
Since 2018 we have grown from 5 women in Knoxville office location to 15. Three have secured promotions in that time, including one who was promoted to the Executive Team. Flexible for mothers. Upper management is looking to promote more women from within, career development courses are offered to them.

Fusion Now
60% women. Fusion's leadership team actively works to promote & advance the careers of women Fusioneers by offering free training, networking & career coaching. This year alone over half of the women working for Fusion have been promoted.

Garner Trucking
Recruiting focuses on programs, schedules, and talks to women about trucking as a career. Through listening, multiple schedule options have been created to accommodate needs of the women. Operations ensures areas that female drivers travelling are safe and secure. 

Genpro Inc.
Genpro joins in celebrating the contributions of women worldwide. Our focus is to create a workplace where all individuals can share the same rewards, resources, and opportunities, regardless of gender. 

GLT Logistics
Equal opportunities to all genders, breaking down traditional barriers by hiring people not based on their gender, sexual preferences, style, or race, but on their competence and passion to perform a job. Of the total employees, 62% of the roles are being played by women, and 61% of the leadership roles are performed by them.

Go-To Transport, Inc.
Go-To Transport is the top job for women in transportation. From our CEO, Vice President, and the many drivers in our fleet, Go-To relies on the leadership of women.

Grand Island Express
Strive to maintain family-oriented culture that makes every new driver feel welcome. We work to ensure our drivers thoughts, feelings, and ideas are heard. We feel having a diverse group of drivers and office staff maintains our family-oriented culture that makes us unique in this industry.

Great Dane
Family company with a 122-year-old history of empowering our employees to succeed. Many women have risen from entry-level positions to supervisors, managers, directors, and the executive-level. Offer great benefits, training, and advancement opportunities to help our workforce grow in their careers.

Gulf Relay LLC
We have so many strong women within our organization. “As one of these strong women, I can say that I receive a tremendous amount of support from EVERYONE and have been given so many opportunities to grow within Gulf Relay.”

Guttman Energy
From ensuring our safety commitment and reducing environmental impact, to creating a culture of social responsibility and improving operational efficiency, we are committed to building a stronger future for all our team members, customers, and the communities we serve.

Halvor Lines Inc.
Women feel safe expressing ideas; their opinions are valued and acted on. Promotes from within and has increased female leadership substantially in recent years. Provide women with professional development opportunities. Women drivers feel safe in our facilities, even after hours (including those who are gay and transgender).

Highway Transport Logistics, Inc.
Flexible work schedules and quality benefits. Safety is top priority. Female driver trainers available for new drivers. Continued education and professional development are a critical component of success. Compensation is competitive, we pay detention at minute 1.

HYZON Motors
“I wake up every day excited to get to work. My drive to grow and learn is nourished at the very highest level of leadership. I am constantly presented with opportunities. We're doing great things and it's exciting to be part of this amazing team.”

From the women leading our design and testing of life-saving safety systems (airbags/restraints for truck drivers and occupants) to the women leading our manufacturing, HR, and global finance, we are the women on the frontline of safety. We reward our female team with work-life balance, great benefits and excellent career-pathing.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.
Women feel heard and respected. Employee resource group (Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women) recognizes value women bring and is dedicated to supporting professional and personal success of women. Employees participate in professional development opportunities and gain involvement in the community through networking events and volunteer activities.

Jetco Delivery
Truly understand work life balance. Half of managers are women along with entire intermodal team that is all-female and female-led. Actively encourage and promote women into supervisory roles. Many drivers are in “home-daily” positions so they are able to balance family life.

John Christner Trucking
Family-oriented and has worked even harder in the past year to accommodate the need for drivers to get home to their families. We've worked with our operations department to create regional lanes where possible so the driver can theoretically stop at the house more often. 

Women Leaders in Trucking Employee Resource Group offers support, growth opportunities, and empowerment to women. This resource group hosts various gatherings, activities and training events. Committed to social responsibility, paid time off for volunteering and our employees make weekly donations to JX Gives Back Family Foundation 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Karl’s Transport, Inc.
We asked our female employees for testimonials: Supportive, caring employees, culture that makes you feel part of a team. Our female safety manager says she works with an elite group of females that is led by a strong female leader who shows immense pride in the industry.

Kenco Logistics
Recent strategic changes have increased participation rates and maximize diversity, with a particular emphasis on women. New Flex-scheduling option enables women, who may be primary care-givers, to pick schedules that revolve around their families. Kenco has organized multiple Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Kenworth Truck Company
Kenworth has made improving diversity and fostering inclusion a crucial business initiative, seeking recommendations from the PACCAR Women’s Association. In addition to Kenworth’s dedicated D&I council, executive advisory board, and ongoing D&I events, employee performance reviews now include employee-initiated goals to help prioritize D&I work within the company.

Knichel Logistics Inc.
As a WBE and WOSB certified organization, our CEO's mission is to lift up other women. Most managerial positions held by women via merit. A "woman friendly environment" with designated milk expressing rooms for new mothers, paid maternity leave, and flexible work hours (to name just a few).

Leonard's Express
Training and development, formal mentoring and coaching, and career-pathing and advancement for female employees. Generous medical benefits, free mental health programming, generous PTO, and flexible schedules. Family is always first.

Light Speed Logistics Inc.
LSL provides real leadership opportunities and gives a place in this heavily male-dominated industry to voice our opinions and be heard. “I have always felt supported in my role and felt as an equal contributor.”

Marathon Petroleum Company
Strong benefits like up to eight weeks of fully paid parental leave, adoption assistance, and tuition reimbursement; competitive compensation including bonus and retirement programs (401k match and pension); personal and professional development opportunities; and engaged and supportive leadership.

Matheson Trucking
Matheson Trucking values its female team members and understands the importance of strong women in leadership roles as well as a variety of positions throughout the company. Many team members have remained at Matheson for 5, 10, even 20 years.

May Trucking Company
Fosters inclusive and diverse workplace environment. Over 150 female employees and 33% of our terminals are run by women. Continuously looking for new and innovative ways to support and attract women, from increasing our number of female mentors to free feminine supplies to women centric resource groups.

Meadow Lark Companies
Offer flexible schedules and are always available to work through issues. 65% of employees are women. We are a Truckers Against Trafficking Gold Sponsor and provide assistance to underprivileged women in our community.   

Merchants Fleet
Females make up 50% of senior leadership and 50% of total employee base. Flexible, job-relevant learning opportunities, including customized professional certifications from Harvard Business School and registered apprenticeships. 51% of all promotions in 2021 were awarded to female employees.

Michelin North America, Inc.
We attract and develop top talent in an environment that encourages individual growth and treats all employees with respect. Michelin has an active and well-organized women’s business resource group that focuses on increasing gender diversity by taking actions to hire, develop, promote and retain women across all professional groups

MOTOR Information Systems
Women represent 64% of recent hires. We support families, offer extended maternity leave and a flexible work schedule for a healthy work-life balance. We encourage and support professional development and event engagement. Employees are involved in our own DrivHER initiative.

Munoz Trucking, Inc.
Understanding of single mothers needing help when working for their children to be able to come with them to work on occasion if needed due to daycares / schools being closed.

Navistar, Inc.
Resources attract and retain women including targeted development programs, ERG support and commitment to organizations whose mission is to support women - organizations like the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago and Society of Women Engineers to name a few.

New West Truck Centres
New West has a culture of fun and inclusion as well as a strong drive to continually train employees to promote growth from within.

NFI Industries
NFI’s values place an emphasis on family, integrity, safety, customers, teamwork, and social responsibility. NFI recognizes drivers throughout the year in campaigns like our She Drives campaign to encourage more women to join the transportation industry.

No Boundaries Trucking Group
Every location has at least one female manager with multiple women drivers. We joined WIT to learn how to cultivate a female friendly workplace. As we know, women are safe and smart drivers, and NBTG welcomes women to join our growing company.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology
We bring value to our customers by finding new ways to solve old problems. The only way to create something new and exciting is to continually challenge conventional thinking. This requires bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and unique experiences.

Old Dominion Freight Line
ODFL was a woman-owned business for many years during the early days. In order to build a more sustainable future in trucking, women need to play a key part of that. Our OD Family Spirit, competitive pay, and career advancement opportunities make us an employer of choice.

OTR Capital, LLC
Our commitment to women and their professional development is apparent in our growing number of female leaders. Our mentorship program provides a network of women to train, develop, and foster growth and success. Robust compensation package that includes Paid Maternity Leave, Mental Health Days, and flexibility for new moms.  

PACCAR Engine Company
Women comprise a strong percentage of the workforce across all departments and are increasingly represented within the management team. Development of women in leadership is championed through the PACCAR Women's Association, participation in Women in Trucking, etc.

PACCAR Parts is a company with a great culture and values the unique qualities, teamwork, innovation and dedication to excellence of its employees. It supports women with resources such as its Diversity and Inclusion Council, PACCAR Women’s Association, mentorship programs and training. Provides flexible hours, competitive compensation and benefits, continuing education, professional development and career advancement opportunities.  

Palmer Trucks
Many women have progressed to departmental and regional management roles. Women actively mentor and uplift fellow female colleagues. Backed by senior leadership support, women take advantage of flexible scheduling and training opportunities to advance their careers while caring for their families.

Paschall Truck Lines
A great place for women to work because of our long standing history, 100% employee-owned company model, and forward-thinking mindset. In 2013, 100% of PTL's stock was transferred to its employees through an ESOP. We believe in long-term relationships, investing in our people, and that each employee is a leader.

Penske Transportation Solutions
An inclusive environment, comprehensive benefits and emphasis on work-life balance help women at every level of our organization thrive. Encourages mentorship and career development through initiatives like Women in the Field and Women in Logistics, and women hold prominent leadership positions.

PepsiCo has several Employee Resource Groups focused on women, including WIN (Women’s Inclusion Network). The mission of WIN is to connect and empower female professionals and help them to develop personally and professionally. In 2016, PepsiCo publicly pledged to reach gender parity in management by 2025 and to have implemented equal pay review processes to commit to gender equality.

Peterbilt Motors Company
A diverse work environment is valued and promoted through efforts from the Diversity Council and the Peterbilt Women’s Initiative. PBWIN supports women and empowers women to contribute at their highest levels and achieve at their maximum potential.

Pilot Company
Of more than 28,000 employees, over half are women, and three of four individuals in leadership roles have been promoted from within the organization. Team members receive paid parental leave, mentoring, career development, and opportunities to support each other through resource groups like Women’s Network.

Platform Science
Women are valued and respected and invited to join the conversation, represented at all levels of the organization, from individual contributors to C-level to our board. Through programs like our EmpowHER Hour, where female executives are invited to come speak to our group about career development, we are serious about keeping engaged and supported.

PLM Fleet
33% of PLM’s Strategic Leadership Team and 25% of the National Sales team are women. PLM continues to implement programs to address professional development, work-life balance, and wellness programs. Currently has a generous 4-day work from home policy.

Prime Inc.
Prime prides itself on taking care of all drivers, even more so their female drivers. They go out of their way especially through their female liaison to recognize and minimize the adversity woman face through education and support. They have the Highway Diamond program that awards female drivers for going above and beyond.

Quality Carriers
Culture inclusive of women and their accomplishments. QC sets you up with the opportunities to be successful and paves a road of advancement for women. Our Social Media series, QC Women Wednesday promotes the success and bright futures of women in trucking.

Our Management team, HR department and DEI Committee seek to develop opportunities for female employees. We are on pace to have 5% more female hires in 2022 compared to 2020. In 2020, we had 11% female representation on the executive team and now have 36% representation. We have added maternity leave and other expansive medical benefits.

Ralph Moyle, Inc.
Current employee stats in 20% females, with 37.5% being on our Executive Team, and 50% of our management team is female. The family atmosphere and work-life balance is amazing for all employees. As we continue to grow our team will continue to work hard to enhance gender equality in our business.

Redwood Logistics
Displays a commitment to diversity and creates a healthy environment for all to grow, including women in the industry. Redwood is a champion for women voices in the industry, hosting an annual 'Women in Logistics' roundtable for outstanding individuals to share their stories and encourage more gender diversity.

ReedTMS Logistics
Differences are celebrated and embraced, and we leverage each other’s strengths to support our opportunities, and are a family. Flexible hours, a work-from-home program, wellness initiatives/challenges each month, and competitive benefits. We celebrate milestones, accomplishments, and promote employee growth and development.

Rihm Family Companies
Recently launched the Rihm Women’s Association (RWA) to recognize contributions of female employees; help women expand their professional network and develop leadership skills; address workplace challenges for women; and encourage and promote more women in trucking. 

Rocking T trucking
“Absolutely the best company I've ever driven for I felt like I belonged from the moment I walked into the front door.”

Roehl Transport
Offers women on-the-job paid CDL training, as well as opportunities in IT, Maintenance, HR and Operations. From experienced driving professionals to those who are just starting in the industry to trainers who’ve completed gender-sensitivity training to our non-driver office support, Roehl invests in teammates’ professional and personal successes.

Ryder System Inc.
Ryder's priorities are to attract, develop, promote, and retain the best talent. We foster an inclusive and diverse workforce to drive innovation. Ryder addresses the industry’s gender gap by tracking our diversity, holding ourselves accountable, and empowering women to succeed. Active for more than a decade, Ryder’s Women Leadership forum helps accelerate female career growth. In Q1 2022, 20% of new hires were female, advancing the total percentage of women in our company to 21%.

Saia LTL Freight
Extensive amount of women in many roles within the organization - from drivers, terminal managers, managers, directors, to having 3 women on our board. One of the first employee resource groups (ERG) formed was for women.

Competitive pay, ongoing training, great benefits, well-maintained equipment, a safe work environment, paid parental leave, and an equal opportunity to advance on merit. Our internal group Elevating Women at Savage actively promotes women's interests such as uniforms in women's cuts and sizes. Local routes mean drivers are home every day for a healthy work-life balance.

Committed to establishing a diverse workforce and creating an environment that fuels innovation, improves strategic thinking and cultivates leadership. Over 20% of workforce is female. The company is commited to offering opportunities and paths for associates to grow their careers. 

Skelton Truck Lines
In Canada, only 3.5% of professional truck drivers are women. But don’t tell that to Skelton Truck Lines, where 30.6% of its drivers are female.    Safety and security are a priority. A security manager is available 24/7 if drivers experience troubles on the road and facilities are monitored around the clock.

"Our dedication to creating meaningful customer experiences is unparalleled,” said Kerynn Holtzman, DVP, Operations and Customer Success. “Promoting Lisa Flynn to Vice President of Customer Experience sets the bar for exceeding customer expectations. Promoting Women in Trucking and STEM roles is an important part of our values.”

Committed to providing equal opportunities to women. Women represent 31% of leadership. With more than 200 employees in the upcoming cohort, the Women in Solera (WINS) network brings together exceptional female leaders to deliver impactful mentorship.

Led by a female CEO and CIO/CFO, Stericycle empowers women to succeed. Dedicated Employee Resource Group gives female employees the opportunity to build community and access career development resources. Stericycle hosts an annual International Women’s Summit, which brings together female leaders for a series of events to foster personal and career growth.

Storey Trucking Company
Storey Trucking has the expectation of equality for all employees and offers flexibility for work and a teamwork mentality to get the job done.

Sunrise Transport
Highest core value is the safety of our people and providing a family safe environment. Flexible work solutions assuring good work/life balance and great pay/benefits. We drive late model trucks with auto transmissions and the latest safety technology.

Sunset Transportation
Certified WBENC with 50% of our company leadership is female. Implemented several policies, including a rotating schedule, increased work-from-home flexibility, and paid paternity leave to accompany robust maternity leave perks.  We thrive due to our strong women! 

Swift Transportation
“Great support.”

The Evans Network of Companies
Culture drives success. Not only do we have we have an amazing group of women in corporate roles, we have several, high-revenue generating women Agent entrepreneurs. With that brings many opportunities available for women OO/drivers.

The Kenan Advantage Group
From the company vision, to their values and goals, this company stands out when it comes to a great place for women to work and continue to advance in their career. The management/executive teams are diverse and the company is very inclusive and will provide flexible schedules and time off.

The Pete Store LLC
“I love that there is a woman in every single department in our Richmond dealership-which is VERY rare for trucking! I think the Pete Store does an amazing job at keeping its employees happy and motivated, as well as appreciated. It's a small family feeling in a big company.”

Thomas E. Keller Trucking
Over 57% of our leadership team is female and we have grown our female driver percentage to 6% over the last few years. We promote OTR female trainers to ensure the option is always available to learn and receive firsthand knowledge and experience from other women actively in the industry. Zero-tolerance policy and administer an intensive antiharassment training upon hire.

TLD Logistics Services Inc.
“I feel valued and respected. Management at all levels give out this respect. They let me know that without me, and other women in the company, there wouldn't be a company. My home time needs are well accommodated. The pay is above and beyond.”

Total Quality Logistics
Employee Resource Group called Women in Logistics (WIL) is comprised of 2,939 employees who identify as female. WIL holds all-member virtual events at least quarterly and individual teams organize in-person outings. 6 weeks of paid maternity leave and expecting mothers can join a maternity management program where they have access to a nurse for questions during pregnancy.

Total Transportation of Mississippi
Total Transportation supports women in the trucking industry in everything that we do.  22% of our driving force is Women drivers. When we include our office staff, 29% off all employees are Women.  Total also has three Director's and a VP that are also women.

Maternity leave is provided. Equal career growth opportunities including promotions, financial incentives, and professional development are available. TRAFFIX supports women through its Women in Transportation ERG where issues that affect women in transportation are discussed and resources such as independent financial growth education sessions are available.

Unlimited PTO and great maternity leave benefits. CEO, Renee Krueger, has a history of mentoring and developing women in the industry. Leadership shares the desire to steer the freight industry in a more diverse and prosperous direction.

Trimac Transportation
Women are an incredibly talented and untapped market that can help us achieve our recruitment goals. We support and are active with female trucking-focused organizations and we love showcasing women and a diverse workforce in our marketing and hiring material.

Tri-National, Inc.
Tri-National’s strong cultural values has led us to be one of the best companies to employ women in the trucking industry. TNi acknowledges the drive women have for being career-oriented, while at the same time being family focused and accommodating the needs of their families.

Trinity Logistics
Company culture that is supportive, positive, and family-friendly. As women, we are supported in many ways, such as flexible schedules to keep up with our families, a maternity room for those breastfeeding, competitive compensation, and continued education and leadership opportunities.

Tri-State Motor Transit
Out of our Company Drivers, 26% are women. Out of our Owner-Operator fleet, 38% are women. And, the office/shop staff is made up of 43% women. Women at Tri-State have so many opportunities to excel and exceed their expectations.

Triumph Business Capital
We make a concerted effort to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion through staffing and benefits. Our team is comprised of 68% women. Out of 44 positions of influence (VP & above), 26 are held by women, and nearly half of them are BIPOC.

More than half (53%) of the 920 Truckstop.com employees are women, who make up nearly 20 percent (18.5%) of leadership roles including CEO, Senior Vice Presidents and more. Truckstop.com offers benefits such as unlimited PTO, leadership development and coaching to continue to support women through all phases of their career.

TrueNorth Transportation
TrueNorth Transportation’s CEO and Co-founder Jin Stedge believes in empowering women in all areas of the business. She drives the company to hire and promote women in management (70% of executive team are female). In addition there are over a dozen female drivers. Technology makes it easier for drivers to quickly and efficiently complete paperwork and get back to driving or home and family.

Tucker Freight Lines, Inc.
“They genuinely care about the people who work for them. They want to support them in their career but also their personal life. They have always stated they are a family-orientated company, and that is so true. As a woman working at Tucker, I never had to compromise my family life or work life because of their support.”  

U.S. Xpress
Advancement opportunities and benefits, such as paid maternity leave. Women also have access to numerous mentors throughout their careers and resources, including the Women's employee resource group that was launched in 2020 and has 200+ employee members.

Our organization consistently develops strategies related to how to recruit and retain women. We have 11 different BRG types, partner with various organizations externally, and unapologetically aspire to have 28% women in management.

US Autologistics
US AutoLogistics (USAL) is an exceptional place for women to contribute and affect change. USAL endorses a healthy work-life balance through affordable benefits, hybrid work schedules, and enormous emphasis on achieving exceptionally low CSA safety scores.

Utility Trailer Sales Southeast Texas Inc.
Gives women the opportunity to enter the sales force in a very male-dominated industry. “I believe Utility has very supportive culture and gender diversity. Our training and support is a great way for us to advance and learn more about our products and to help our customer. The companies and drivers that make this industry great.”

Venture Logistics
Great benefits, work flexibility, and advancement opportunities for women in logistics. Introduced the Venture Women's Network focused on personal development, leadership, and tackling issues of inequality. This group has allowed all genders to come together for the purpose of creating a safe, equitable workplace.

Venture Transport
Women in leadership roles is growing. Advancement opportunities, great support through HR and Payroll teams, and great pay and benefits. “I have worked for Venture for going on 4 years and intend on continuing my employment with this company for years to come. This company has a great culture!”

Veriha Trucking, Inc.
Woman-owned and run, and its executive leadership is 75% women. Veriha’s concentration on value-based culture and being people-centric is why women want to work at Veriha. All people are celebrated. Veriha hires the best person and that has built a strong female base in every area. 

Veritable Vegetable
Supportive environment for women to work. We train for Class A driving, but also to become expert refrigerated carriers, and acquire administrative and management skills. We offer extensive and generous health benefits to women and their families. 

A division of Finloc 2000 Inc., vHub promotes the inclusion of women by creating a work environment that offers a variety of perspectives, promoting fulfillment and parenthood, and treating men and women equally professionally with access to management positions. Encourages different skills and perspectives of women for increased productivity. 

Volvo Group North America
Volvo trucks promotes gender diversity and provide work environment that is safe and secure, paid maternity leaves, flexible working hours, equal opportunity for growth. Higher education sponsorship is also provided as needed to excel in career.

Walmart, Inc.
Walmart is stronger when people are heard, included, and empowered. We believe we are at our best when we promote diversity across our transportation team and do so through groups such as our Women’s Resource Council. Walmart offers tremendous growth opportunities and benefits that foster a supportive work environment, such as Live Better U, mentor matching, our Associate to Driver program, safe equipment and parking, and a leadership team who sees your unique spark.

Werner Enterprises
Support and encourage diverse voices and perspectives of our associates, our customers and our suppliers. Women’s Leadership Alliance, our longest standing Associate Resource Group, works to ensure that we are an employer of choice among women.

Wilson Logistics
Recently, we have emphasized finding trainers for our female students. Resulting in our female percentage doubling since 2020; currently sitting at 25%. Making it easier and safer for women entering trucking is why Wilson is a great place for women to work.

Through our Frontline Leadership Development Program, Leading Today, For Tomorrow, nearly 500 women have completed the 26-week program aiming to grow critical leadership behaviors, shift the coaching culture, and improve the employee experience. Through our first-of-its-kind, Your Tomorrow education benefit, female employees have access to more than 170 fully-funded programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, short-form technology and business certificate programs, and high school completion.

XPO Logistics
Facilitates growth and advocating for women. Via both equality and equity, our leadership has done a remarkable job cascading our mission of one team, making us even more so efficient and equally robust. Ensuring each employer is safe and welcomed thus (and best) redefining collaboration and promoting healthy competition, making us doubly stronger and better together in moving the world and gender equality forward.

We are creating a culture of belonging that celebrates diversity and ensures our employees can thrive. Yellow has been awarded Women in Trucking’s Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation distinction each year since 2018. Our Women’s Inclusion Network is designed to foster relationships, enhance the employee experience, and prepare future leaders over the road, in our terminals, and all roles critical to our success. We are driven women, driving forward together.

We prioritize a commitment toward increasing gender diversity, competitive compensation, safe working conditions, continued education, and career advancement opportunities for its female employees. Zonar has dedicated recruiting and talent efforts toward promoting women to senior roles across departments.

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