Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation

The industry has voted for the top companies that embody important attributes required to be a "Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation." Those who made the list will be announced in Edition 3 of Redefining the Road magazine.

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Below are the nominated companies that have made the final cut based upon the following criteria: 

  • Corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity
  • Flexibility in hours and work requirements
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave)
  • Training, continued education and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Well-maintained/safe equipment & facilities for drivers
  • Other factors

Voting closes Friday, June 30.



4Refuel strives to ensure it provides equal opportunities for women in terms of hiring, promotion, and pay. It also has policies and practices in place to ensure a safe, inclusive environment of dignity that values diversity and promotes work-life balance. Its diversity, equity, & inclusion volunteer committee programs, flexible maternity paid leave, and professional development opportunities actively promote gender equality through open communication, collaboration, and recognition of women's contributions to the workplace.

ADM Trucking

“What I love about working at ADM is knowing that I can walk into a male-populated field and prove that a woman can do it too." said Gwen Crayton, 2022 CDL Program Graduate and new 3rd shift Driver Trainer. "Also, as a single mother, they make sure that my work schedule fits my personal life so I can still be able to be involved with my child. Most importantly, I love working for ADM because ADM has given me an opportunity to accomplish my goal and turn my dream into a career. Thank you ADM and everyone that plays a part in my journey here."

AFS Logistics

AFS is committed to ensuring women on its team can meet their full potential in the workplace and beyond. Its business consists of 55% women, several of whom currently serve on its executive and senior leadership teams and have won numerous awards for their work. The company gives women on its team the opportunity to enhance their skills and advance their career by working in various roles while being mentored by other outstanding women.

AGT Global Logistics

AGT Global Logistics (originally All Girls Trucking) was founded by a woman for women. The AGT office is comprised of more than 75% women. The founder and CEO understands the importance of work, family, and life. AGT prides itself on using top carriers - promoting the notion of safe drivers and environments. People at AGT are promoted based on ability, and women-led top management functions of the company.

America's Service Line

America's Service Line supports its employees, and trusts them to do what they need to do in the manner in which it is chosen to be done. Additionally, the company is fair and equitable, assessed on merit and behavior, there is no favoritism, all employees are encouraged to speak up and contribute, and never ever once have the women in leadership felt they don’t matter or don’t have a voice in their organization to make change.

Ancora Education

Ancora Training is a friendly organization dedicated to the success of every employee. The corporate culture is grounded in the principals of trust, support, and growth. Employees must trust their employer to do right by them, to support them, and to provide ample opportunities for advancement.


ArcBest's people are at the heart of its success, including the thousands of women who are integral to the company's diverse, values-driven culture. Through flexible and remote work options, its Women in Supply Chain ERG, benefits that include paid maternity and caregiver leave and access to leading fertility solutions, growth and leadership opportunities, and fair and competitive pay, ArcBest is committed to further developing an environment that fully supports and empowers women in the workplace.

Armstrong Transport Group

To help elevate women in the workforce, Armstrong Transport Group offers competitive pay and benefits, and focuses on equitable hiring practices. The company supports women in their careers by offering advanced learning and training opportunities. Armstrong fosters a collaborative, familial culture by encouraging women to express their opinions and ideas. Armstrong’s mixed-gender mid-management and leadership teams promote from within, with a strong commitment to continuous growth and improvement.

Arrive Logistics

Arrive Logistics offers flexible work schedules, mentorship groups, and professional development opportunities. Arrive also has its Women in Logistics employee resource group (ERG), which aims to foster a climate of inclusion and empowerment for women in the logistics industry. The group of nearly 260 members strive to be a resource, provide development opportunities, and create a sense of belonging for all women at Arrive in order to make an impact on the community and industry.

Artur Express, Inc.

The majority of Artur Express' leadership roles are held by women and many have been promoted from within. Artur Express offers a generous maternity and paternity leave program and features female drivers and office staff in advertisements. Additionally, Artur Express employs a large population of LGBTQ+ staff and drivers and believes in educating, training, and promotion from within.

Autumn Transport

Family, leadership, and integrity are not words just plastered on the walls – they are values that guide Autumn Transport every day. The company is woman-founded, women-owned, and women-driven. Autumn Transport is proud to be a company that prioritizes women and their empowerment, and they will continue to do so for many years to come.

Averitt Express

For more than 50 years, Averitt has grown and thrived as a privately owned business with a culture where people and their worth have true value. There are many opportunities to advance with its team because the company believes in training, communication, promoting from within, and investing in the personal development of each individual. Its equipment features state-of-the-art safety technology, and its 100+ facilities with more than 2,100 parking spots allowing drivers a safe and secure place to rest.

B.R. Williams Trucking, Inc.

B.R. Williams Trucking is a family-oriented, diverse work environment that was built on the shoulders of women.

Bennett Family of Companies

Bennett advocates for females in the transportation and logistics industry with a variety of initiatives. The cornerstone of these efforts is Bennett’s Women in the Driver’s Seat program. This program recognizes women drivers for exemplary service, supports networking opportunities, and generates camaraderie through motivational speakers and events. As always, Bennett’s core values center around family. The culture created at Bennett is one women can thrive in and continue to be successful.

Big M Transportation, Inc.

Big M Transportation values continued training, education, and development. The company has sent some of its employees to college, has weekly training on John Maxwell, as well as many other employee events.

BM2 Freight Services, Inc.

Strong female leadership has allowed BM2 Freight Services to grow and maneuver through tough markets. The women of the company are taught to feel empowered and speak their mind and it ensures that all bases are covered when making decisions and thinking of the long-term impacts these decisions will have on the company. 

Bob's Discount Furniture

Bob's Discount Furniture has reasonable female representation in multiple areas of its business - everyone from its routing director to its routing managers, administrators, carrier partners, and drivers. The retention rate across its fleet and distribution centers was 97% in 2022. The company takes retention seriously through consistent engagement and feedback from our employees to ensure people not only love working at the company, but also have everything they need to be successful.

Boyle Transportation

Boyle Transportation strives to create opportunities for professionals of every race, creed, and gender identity. Through diversity, the company is able to create a culture that is welcoming to all high-performing individuals. With 40% of its professional team drivers being female, the company is always looking for ways to make them feel welcome. Its culture of innovation and progress allows them to be pro-active as well as reactive to all situations, pushing to create even more opportunity and support for all individuals in the diverse employee pool.

Brenny Transportation, Inc.

Women have a voice here at Brenny Transportation and are supported by other women in leadership positions who understand, relate, support and take time to meet with them and allow open conversations. The family atmosphere and flexible schedule accommodates family needs, allowing paid health and wellness time to care for children. Mentoring, coaching, and guidance is provided to women to succeed in their careers and in turn, succeed in their personal lives to help them be the best at home.

Bridgestone Americas

As of December 31, 2022, women make up more than one in five (21.7%) of Bridgestone leadership positions and 31.7% of management roles. This includes women holding roles in the Bridgestone executive committee, such as their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Of its total workforce of 33,809 employees, women count for 12.8%.

Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation

Cardinal is an industry leader in providing its workforce flexibility in scheduling and work environments. The company's leadership understands the unique challenges of women in the workforce and maintains a company culture that supports their success and work-life balance. This benefits its female staff as it gives them the opportunity to earn a living to support their families financially, while also affording them time to provide the emotional, educational, and social support their loved ones need.

Cargomatic, Inc.

Cargomatic deeply believes in promoting equity in the workplace and provides resources geared toward empowering women to succeed. The company recently enlisted an external firm to complete a comprehensive pay analysis to ensure females, as well as all employees, are fairly compensated. The company also ensures its flexible benefit packages and work schedules are designed to accommodate family responsibilities. Other resources include Fringe, where points are provided that can be applied to student loans, parent perks, and continuing education.


At CarMax, diversity and inclusion is a top priority, with initiatives that foster a culture of respect and equality, including its Women’s Resource Group Pilot. Over the past two years, the company doubled the percentage of women fleet drivers and offer numerous career development opportunities, including tuition reimbursement and leadership development programs. The company continues to implement policies and practices that promote health, wellness, and work-life balance, including comprehensive healthcare benefits, flexible work arrangements, and generous parental leave.

Carter Express, Inc.

Carter Logistics is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where women are empowered to achieve their full potential. The company offers flexible work arrangements, mentorship programs, and career development opportunities that promote work-life balance and professional growth. The company values teamwork, respect, and open communication, creating an environment where women feel supported and valued. Overall, Carter Logistics is a great place for women to work because it prioritizes their well-being and success.

Centerline Drivers

From its president to its drivers, Centerline Drivers has been a leader in hiring and developing female transportation leaders for more than 35 years. With more than 50% of leadership positions and making up more than half of the workforce, women are at the forefront of everything they do. The company's culture is built around creating an inclusive workplace that fosters leadership development. 

Clean Harbors

Clean Harbors aspires to be a leading workplace for women to work through the participation and programing offered to females within its growing industry of environmental/hazardous waste and transportation. Continuously growing, and representing more than 15% of the female population, Clean Harbors has become a pivoting target in attracting females at all career levels. With satisfactory benefits that include employee engagement, competitive compensation and benefits, diverse and inclusive culture along with empowered career growth, there is no doubt that Clean Harbors is a great place for women to work.

Covenant Logistics

Covenant Logistics is committed to diversity and inclusion, a supportive company culture, and various career growth and development opportunities. The company has made significant strides in creating a welcoming and equitable work environment, with women occupying leadership roles throughout the organization and receiving recognition for their contributions. Covenant offers flexible scheduling options and competitive compensation packages, making it an ideal workplace for women looking to thrive in the transportation industry.


Crowley provides various career and leadership development initiatives that promote professional advancement and work-life balance. The company’s IDEA Council spearheads research, development, and implementation of strategies that foster a conducive workplace culture for success. The initiatives include business resource groups, like Women Empowered, aimed at empowering women to excel by providing a secure platform for idea sharing and collaboration, enhancing their contributions to the organization, and facilitating communication.

Cummins, Inc.

By harnessing the diverse perspectives, skills and innovation from every person, Cummins, Inc. provides superior solutions to its customers and drives innovative engineering, best-in-class quality, manufacturing efficiencies, world-class sales and services, and more. With an international workforce of almost 60,000 employees operating in 59 countries, diversity, equity and inclusion have always been critical to its success as a global power leader. Global diversity facts and statistics show us that when companies excel at diversity and inclusion they perform better. Inclusive environments enable the company to operate better across cultures, functions and languages to solve the challenges and seize the opportunities of a global customer base and ever-evolving demographic shifts. Meeting the evolving needs of its international workforce, the company continuously improves their talent practices to drive systemic change in its culture and ensure fair and equitable outcomes for all employees. As the company mobilize diverse teams, it powers its customers’ success, wherever they are.

Daimler Truck North America

At Daimler Truck North America, women keep the world moving. They represent all levels of the company, from the shop floor to its highest levels of leadership, and in all areas from engineering to operations to HR. In addition to competitive benefits and pay and flexible schedules, women at DTNA benefit from a wide variety of educational and growth opportunities, mentoring, and chances to engage in local events with their communities.

Dart Transit Company

Dart is great place for women to work as it provides an inclusive workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion, offers equal opportunities for career growth and development, supports women's professional and personal development, and has women in leadership positions. These factors create an environment where women at Dart can feel respected, supported, and empowered to succeed in their careers.

DAT Freight & Analytics

With women represented in every level of the organization, DAT is proud to foster a culture of diversity, equity and belonging. It supports its female employees through several initiatives, including an internal Women in Technology resource group, which provides a platform for candid discussions, idea sharing, and mentorship. Additionally, its wellness program focuses on physical and mental well-being and work-life balance, while its bi-weekly check-ins offer opportunities for candid feedback and career growth discussions.

Day & Ross

Day & Ross is committed to creating opportunities for women to grow their careers, both at the company and in the transportation industry as a whole. Through professional development, advancement opportunities, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and industry partnerships, the company strives to create an environment that promotes gender equality and empowers everyone to bring their whole selves to work each day.


DDC FPO is an amazing workplace for women due to its commitment to gender equality and empowerment. It is a supportive environment that values diversity, offering equal opportunities for growth and advancement. DDC FPO actively promotes work-life balance through flexible policies that empower women to succeed in their careers. With a strong focus on promoting women's voices, DDC FPO stands out as an exceptional organization that champions gender equality and ensures a fulfilling work experience for women.

Direct Traffic Solutions, Inc.

Direct Traffic Solutions is a great place for women to work as it prioritizes gender diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the company. It provides equal opportunities for career development, training, and advancement. The workplace culture is supportive, respectful, and flexible, accommodating the needs of all women. The company offers flexible work arrangements, and mentorship programs to support women's career growth. DTS always wants to ensure that all woman feel valued and empowered to succeed.

Dot Transportation, Inc.

Dot Transportation Inc. (DTI) offers a premium work atmosphere and culture focused on hiring and retaining female talent. The variety of driving positions and schedule options available at DTI provide the flexibility, financial stability, benefits, and support that female drivers want and need. At DTI, women will find thorough training, professional development, and advancement opportunities. DTI is committed to helping foster a culture of gender diversity across its fleet and within the transportation industry.

Dynacraft (A PACCAR Company)

Dynacraft fosters a diverse and inclusive environment, providing opportunities for women to enjoy a rewarding career in a dynamic industry. The company promotes leadership development, openness, teamwork, continuous improvement, and educational advancement in support of driving strong results. Being of PACCAR, women at Dynacraft collaborate, network, and build relationships with other women globally, providing additional opportunities for mentorship and career growth.

EASE Logistics

Logistics is a heavily male-populated industry (nearly 70%). EASE prioritizes bringing more women into the industry and making their voices count. The company values diverse perspectives and women are an integral part of managing, leading, and growing its teams. They have been essential to some of its best ideas and how it innovates. EASE thrives with women, and wants to continue increasing their opportunities with the company.

Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics prides itself for having passionate team members who take on challenging work in a stable field. Echo’s employees who identify as women bring their best to work every day, achieving career goals while fulfilling personal pursuits. The logistics industry spans every sector imaginable, providing endless opportunities for women. A career at Echo means being part of a team that celebrates individual success as a team. Echo continues to build a robust pipeline of women leaders to transform the logistics landscape.

Elite HR Logistics

Elite HR Logistics encourages and whole-heartedly supports the employment of women in the transportation industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the transportation industry. Elite HR Logistics works with top talent and respected businesses that deserve great people. It supports both sides of the logistics industry with more than 30 years of combined experience in safety, service, and relationships.
Epes Transport System, LLC
Since 1931, people have been central to the culture of Epes Transport. Epes core belief is that if you treat associates with dignity, success will surely follow. From the driver seat and frontline operations to the executive suite, women are integral to Epes’ success. Epes supports associates by providing resources that champion equality, diversity, safety, mental/physical well-being, and professional development. Women at Epes Transport are not only valued and supported, more importantly, they are encouraged.

The Erb Group of Companies

The Erb Group of Companies continues to attract more females in the heavily diverse male-populated industry. The company promotes the well-deserving women in positions such as driver supervisors and directors of departmental operations, so women across the company see the support and impact women have in their industry. The Erb Group is a company of women supporting women!

Estes Express Lines

Estes believes that strength comes through diversity, and its culture has long embraced a workforce that reflects a broad array of backgrounds, viewpoints, and talents. At every level, women engage in opportunities for career advancement — whether through its in-house driving school, behind the wheel, on their terminals’ docks, in sales, or at its corporate office. Moreover, women hold senior roles at Estes and help drive its position as North America’s largest, privately held freight carrier.

Evans Network of Companies

Evans Network of Companies has always been and will always be a family business. That was the belief of its founder, Albert L. Evans, Sr. in 1939. Evans is recognized as the largest intermodal drayage provider in the U.S. with expanded services such as Truckload, LTL & Brokerage. In addition to an amazing group of women in corporate roles, it has several, high-revenue generating women agent entrepreneurs. 

Forward Air

Regarded as a premier company for employees within the trucking industry, Forward Air is committed to recruiting from the entire talent pool. With women on the BoD, 3 women on the executive leadership team, and countless women in leadership roles across the company, Forward Air is determined to help women succeed in the male-dominated industry. In December 2021, Forward Air announced its largest-ever rate increate for independent contractors, creating a lucrative opportunity for women drivers and husband/wife teams.


Frito-Lay, as part of PepsiCo, is committed to achieving gender parity and pay equity. To help reach its goal of having 50% women in management roles by 2025, the company is incorporating the guidelines outlined in the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles: Equality Means Business, which help companies empower the women in their workforce and, in PepsiCo’s case, the women in its food supply chains, facilities and global communities. It is also part of Catalyst CEO Champions for Change, which pledges to advance more women and women of color into senior leadership and board positions.

Fusion Now

Fusion Now is an organization that puts inclusivity into every part of its business - from its marketing to its hiring and promotion practices. It works to develop all employees and provides outstanding work-life balance for women while promoting an inclusive and diverse place to work.

Garner Trucking

Garner Trucking is a great place for women to work. From the female leadership to the focus on issues affecting females in the industry, recognizing this diversity and the different needs of females in the workforce continues to be a focus.

GFL Environmental, Inc.

At the heart of GFL lies its greatest asset – its people. GFL Environmental’s defining feature is its purposeful transparency and accountability in its constant drive to foster an inclusive environment, that empowers women to share ideas, contribute to their fullest potential, and always feel a sense of belonging. GFL recognizes there is always room for improvement and is persistent in its mission to increase the participation of women across GFL.

Giltner Logistics

Giltner Logistics values diversity and inclusion, provides equal opportunities for career advancement, fosters a supportive and flexible work environment, promotes work-life balance, and actively seeks out and incorporates feedback from its female employees.

GLT Logistics

GLT Logistics promotes gender diversity and equality by providing women with equal job opportunities, fair wages, and a collaborative work environment. As a company mostly conformed by women (61%), it empowers women to contribute their voices and opinions in all company decisions, events, and activities, from executives to specialists. The company values and acknowledges the significant contributions women have made to its industry and are dedicated to providing them with the respect they deserve.

Grammer Logistics

Grammer Logistics is a hazmat tanker carrier focused on the safe hauling of chemical and NGL freight. Grammer Logistics is dedicated to creating a workplace that supports the growth and advancement of female employees. With more than 49% of its office staff being women, including dispatchers and internal staff, it has also successfully onboarded 19 female tank truck drivers. Despite the industry's gender gap in tank truck driving, the company has worked with female fleet owners to onboard several trucks with its employees. Grammer Logistics prioritizes diversity and inclusion and is committed to fostering a supportive environment for all of its employees.

Great Dane

When a woman first joins Great Dane, she doesn’t have to prove the value she has already established in another job. She is evaluated on her skills and experience, instead of her gender. She has the same voice as anyone else, and her opinions are respected. Women are encouraged to be involved at every level of the company – and she is supported by her male and female coworkers to reach her full potential.

Guttman Energy

Guttman Energy, which is not part of Guttman Holdings, is part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As one energized, engaged, and employee-owned and led team, each employee has a heightened sense of commitment to their customers and vendors’ goals, their Company, and their performance. United by a common purpose, the company's vision is to build a stronger future for all of its stakeholders, by taking personal ownership of its growth, and ensuring its collective long-term success.

Halvor Lines

Halvor Lines actively recruits women to positions throughout the company – drivers, office staff, managers and senior executives. The company also makes career development a priority and has supported career growth for women in all departments/areas. The workplace culture is extremely respectful and women feel safe at its facilities and with their coworkers. Women's ideas are valued and acted on and the longevity of many female staffers attests to this.

Highway Transport

Highway Transport continues to work toward improving working conditions for all employees. The company currently offers flexible work schedules and quality benefits and safety is a top priority. The company has female driver trainers available for new drivers. Highway Transport believes continued education and professional development are a critical component of success. 


Women fill 48% of Hubtek's leadership roles and the company is proud to say it is a company that cares about inclusion and respects women's rights. Men and women work side-by-side, respecting each other as people and not only because of gender. From its C-Suite, the COO, CFO, and Interim CTO are women. Last but not least, a significant number of the company's main shareholders are also women.

ISAAC Instruments

ISAAC Instruments believes in the power of one team. The company cares about and supports one another and grow together because success is a team sport. Additionally, the company motto is "be heard, move with purpose, enjoy the ride." ISAAC strives to constantly improve its colleagues' experience while encouraging them to contribute through agile quarterly appreciation reviews, opportunities for development, and growth. It provides colleagues with Employee Assistance Program with human interactions, online resources, and assessment tools.

J.B. Hunt Transport

J.B. Hunt is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where all employees feel welcomed, valued, respected, safe and heard. In 2022, Shelley Simpson was named company president, the first female to serve in the role. The company established its Inclusion Council comprised of diverse leaders who ensure inclusion remains foundational in an exceptional employee experience. J.B. Hunt’s employee resource group Growing and Retaining Outstanding Women is dedicated to supporting women’s professional and personal success.

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. has been certified as a Great Place to Work® by the Great Place to Work Trust Institute six times. This honor is truly bestowed upon it by its associates, who complete an annual anonymous survey. The certification encompasses respect, fairness, pride, camaraderie, caring and creditability. In associates’ comments from the survey, the most frequently used words to describe J. J. Keller include: great, balance, sharing, love, flexibility, opportunities and gain.

JRS Transport Services

India is an emerging and developing country and the number of jobs for women in the trucking industry is very low as women aren't as involved in the industry, most specifically as drivers. JRS Transport Services has a dedicated and committed team that works toward the industry's growth and encourages women to be a part of the company.

JX Enterprises

JX Enterprises is worthy of being recognized because it continues to invest time, resources, and people to focus on the importance of supporting and empowering women in the workforce. Launching the Women of JX group has been a leading experience encouraging women from all 30 of its entities to join together in discussion, development, education, support, and networking opportunities. The company promises its people that it will continue to invest and develop its women at JX and this initiative as it is an important part of the company.

Kenworth Truck Company

Kenworth Truck Company employs the best people behind the best product, placing employees at the center, as well as providing the resources, training, and managerial support needed to allow employees to do their best work. Kenworth strives for an equal and inclusive workforce, intentionally building practices and modeling behavior that allows employees to not only feel safe but enables them to feel connected to its mission and to reach new heights of professional achievement.

Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc.

Kirsch Transportation Services is a trailblazer in championing gender equality. With women holding key leadership positions such as CEO, Chief Accounting Officer, VP of Business Development, and General Counsel, our 41% female workforce enjoys unparalleled opportunities. From representing the organization at national conferences to serving on local boards, Kirsch empowers women to excel. Our commitment to supporting and elevating women at every level makes Kirsch Transportation Services a truly great place for women to work.

Knichel Logistics, Inc.

Kristy's less than welcoming experience working as a woman in the transportation industry more than 20 years ago made it her mission to make her own company a model for a great place for women to work. Her focus is on recruiting, retaining, and empowering as many women into this industry as she can.

Koch Companies

Koch Companies believes strongly in providing women the opportunity to excel within its organization. Many of its top women leaders have been promoted from within the organization to the positions they are in now. The company provides a culture that allows women to thrive both behind the wheel and behind a desk and are proud to partner with organizations like Women in Trucking to continue to be on the forefront of supporting gender diversity in transportation.

Landstar System, Inc.

Landstar’s vision is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive, technology-driven transportation industry. At Landstar, female sales agents and owner-operators are independent business owners with the opportunity to grow while receiving priceless back-office support and scalable resources from Landstar. The more than 1,100 independent Landstar sales agents and 10,300 independent owner-operators choose Landstar as the opportunity to build their businesses because of the company’s reputation for safety, support and innovation.

Leonard's Express

Because its female co-founder pioneered values of equity, the organization has had a deep understanding of the complicated conscious and unconscious biases in trucking since day one of operation. This cognizance has spearheaded years of growth and inclusion through meaningful representation, female mentorship, and determination to dispense equal opportunity. Women play a necessary role in the augmentation of trucking and the company plans to seek out every opportunity to let them do so.

LGT Transport

LGT Transport is a family-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned company that values gender diversity. Women hold positions at every level and across different departments in both driver roles and office staff. They are present in terminal management, dispatch, maintenance, leadership, and safety & compliance. LGT is led by a female CEO and CFO who encourage an open-door policy, value feedback, and prioritize promoting from within. This creates a supportive work environment where women at all levels are empowered to succeed. LGT's commitment to creating a safe and inclusive workplace makes it a great place for all to work.

Marathon Petroleum Company

MPC accredits its tenure of female and BIPOC workforce to the robust benefits and career advancement opportunities provided to employees. Examples include 8 weeks of fully paid parental leave and generous paternity leave, adoption assistance, tuition reimbursement, employee networks, flexible working environment and development programs. Drivers are home daily and can take advantage of an updated 3-week vacation policy plus credit for work and military experience. The company also supports communities where they live and operate.


Matheson is a fantastic place for women to work. Those in the office enjoy hybrid or fully remote schedules, and the company has many female drivers who love the set schedules Matheson has in place for them.

May Trucking Company

In a male-populated industry, May Trucking Company has played an integral part in the growth and expansion of women working in transportation. A majority of all departments are women-led, while 55% of dispatchers and 12% of the fleet drivers are female. May Trucking Company has accomplished this by being flexible, eliminating obstacles to personal and professional growth, and by providing resources for women to be seen and heard.

Mercer Transportation

In an industry that is typically thought of as male populated, Mercer’s gender diverse population is 52% female. Dedicated to progressing females into leadership opportunities Mercer offers competitive pay, excellent benefits and flexible schedules which are all critical for women in the industry. Mercer also provides continuing educational opportunities empowering employees to progress in their career.

Mile Hi Foods

Mile Hi Foods is a great place for women to work because of the variety of options the company can provide. The company has local, regional and OTR, as well as no touch and touch freight. Depending on what a new driver is looking for, it can provide. One of its female drivers was awarded the Driver of the Year award at the Colorado Motor Carriers Association Safety Banquet this year.

Moran Transportation Corporation

Moran Transportation Corporation's female drivers are the best of the best in terms of being incredible team members within its organization. They are timely, accurate, safe, and customer driven in all aspect of their job. Within the other roles of the organization, women drive its growth and provide excellent management to the organization.

MOTOR Information Systems

MOTOR values women in transportation by recognizing and responding to their needs. The company offers hybrid/remote working and a flexible schedule for work-life balance and extended paid parental leave for families. Recently, the company conducted a survey to ensure its providing the proper support. Employees are encouraged to participate in organizations such as Women in Auto Care and Michigan Council of Women in Technology. 

National Carriers, Inc.

Whether in its operations department, safety department, or maintenance department, women hold many of National Carrier's leadership positions. As an example, the current director of safety and compliance has been recognized in 2020 as the Clare C. Casy Award as Truckload Carriers Association's Safety Professional of the Year. She was also recognized by the Kansas Motor Carriers Association and Safety Director of the Year in 2016. She currently serves on the Women In Trucking Image Team.


At Navistar, the company empowers every woman to magnify her impact and its DEI team offers women-focused leadership development opportunities and mentoring support. The company's women engineers drive improved ergonomics, so women drivers are as comfortable as their male counterparts. Its technician recruitment and training program is diversifying its workforce and its Women in Navistar (WIN) employee resource group has broadened its scope by establishing Women in Navistar Dealerships (WIND) to further its network and impact.

New West Truck Centres

This organization, from the top down, is committed to making the transportation industry, and its dealership specifically, one of the best in the business and the employer of choice. The company's motto is treated well, trained well and paid well. 

Odyssey Logistics

Odyssey monitors and evolves its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. From leadership to road warriors, Odyssey is committed to creating policies and encouraging everyday behaviors that embrace and encourage its difference in age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make us all unique.

Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line believes some of its recent awards are a testament to the OD Culture and Family of People that make the company a great place to work. Recently, the company received several notable honors - Forbes America's Best Large Employers, Lytx Annual Safety Award, ATAs President’s Trophy, 2023 Newsweek Most Trustworthy Companies. Old Dominion knows its open culture and strong beliefs in its core values have created an environment for its family of employees to succeed.


ORBCOMM is dedicated to fostering a workplace that promotes inclusivity, supports equity, and celebrates diversity. In April 2022, the company established ORBCOMM Women Connect, which provides a supportive and collaborative environment for women across the company to mentor, empower and advocate for each other in accordance with their motto, “Empowered Women, Empower Women.” It aims to continue increasing representation of women at ORBCOMM and is proud to report that 66% of Q1 2023 new hires are female.


Orica provides its employees the opportunity to experience different cultures and work with a variety of people across the globe. The company offers coaching, mentoring, and career development opportunities that provide each employee the ability to grow their career. Orica employees have the power to shape a positive and prosperous future for themselves with one of the world's leading mining and infrastructure solution providers. Orica is people focused and embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus on growing in each of these areas in an effort to be a great place to work for all people. This year, Orica launched a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee that will serve as an advisory board to its leadership team. The committee will provide research, recommendations, support, and guidance to the business.

Ovie Logistics Express

Ovie Logistics Express prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion and provides equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender. Attributes offered include flexible schedules, training and development programs, competitive pay and benefits, maternity pay, safe working conditions, and a culture that supports work-life balance and well-being. The company is committed to providing resources and support for female employees, including mentorship and networking opportunities, training that contributes every day to a positive work environment.


PACCAR’s Global Diversity Councils organize events to cultivate an inclusive work environment, increase awareness, reach diverse communities, and foster belonging. The PACCAR Women’s Association and its local chapters provide networking, education, and mentoring opportunities to develop female talent and engage allies within the organization. PWA organizes global summits that develop the next generation of leaders. Through community outreach, the company inspires the next generation of professionals to pursue the transportation industry and join the PACCAR family.

PACCAR Leasing Company

PacLease is strong organization that embodies diversity and inclusion and empowers women to succeed. From executives to technicians, PacLease has top women talent in key roles. 


PACCAR Parts has a rewarding culture that champions workplace equity, diversity, career advancement, competitive compensation and work-life balance. These ideals are underscored by the company’s focus on promoting from within, providing leadership training, networking and mentorship resources geared towards women, and reaching for diverse job seekers during recruitment. PACCAR Parts celebrates the work of its Diversity Council, Mentorship Program and the PACCAR Women’s Association for their advocacy of inclusivity, respect, and individual value.

Palmer Trucks

Palmer Trucks has a long, multi-decade history of supporting and promoting women within lifelong, rewarding careers. This is exemplified by dealership truck washing and parts counter women receiving in-house mentoring, education, and promotion to reach positions such as internal accounting auditor and general manager. Historically, Palmer women have led the group's most successful and high-performing teams. Palmer women have an equitable opportunity to pursue their goals.

Penske Transportation Solutions

An inclusive environment, comprehensive benefits and emphasis on work-life balance make Penske a great workplace for women. The company encourages mentorship and career development through initiatives like Women in the Field, Women in Logistics, and the Women’s Business Resource Group. Women hold prominent positions leading departments including marketing, human resources, maintenance training, and freight management. The Penske Women’s Network rallies associates around causes like women’s shelters, the Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run.

Peterbilt Motors Company

Peterbilt Motors Company should be recognized as a great place for women to work because the company is progressive in a traditionally male-populated field.

PGT Trucking, Inc.

PGT Trucking proudly supports women in the trucking industry, encouraging their personal and professional development within the organization. Women hold prominent leadership roles across multiple departments at PGT, and the corporate culture promotes a diverse, inclusive workplace, believing that everyone’s differences drive innovation and growth within the company. PGT celebrates women for their contributions to the company’s success and values their unique perspective to help promote improvements within the trucking industry.

Pilot Company

With a workforce of more than 30,000, women make up more than 50% of its team, and they hold more leadership roles than men across their 800+ travel centers. As they strive for success, the company recognizes that diversity is key, especially in traditionally male-populated areas, where women's input is vital. The company's team members receive top benefits, like paid parental leave, mentoring, career development, and support from the Women's Network – which fosters mutual growth and empowerment.

Powersource Transportation

100% of Powersource Transportation's management team and 95% employees are women. Powersource excels in open communication, a family centered atmosphere, competitive compensation/benefits and compassion. Encouragement for women to thrive to be their best selves trickles down to drivers/customers and other employees.

Procede Software

Procede Software recognizes individual contributions and nurtures a culture of promote-from-within, including vast development opportunities for building a successful career. The company is proud to celebrate real, quantitative progress toward diversification and its leadership principles with women holding 47% of their leadership positions. Women having a seat at the table and an equal voice is simply how the company is built. Its employees and their talents ultimately drive the company's success, and their female workforce (36%) strengthens its competitive advantage.

Proficient Auto Transport

The culture is fundamentally different from other companies' and it is all due to the leadership philosophy of the executive team. Women are given the platform to express ideas, contribute and grow in their roles with a high level of autonomy. It is obvious within the work environment that the women in the organization are highly regarded and respected for what they bring to the proverbial "table". Their input is sought after by leadership.

Quality Carriers

Quality Carriers is paving the way in the trucking industry for women to become professional drivers, shop mechanics, terminal teammates, corporate directors, executive leaders and more. By launching programs like QC Women and Women Wednesdays, the company has fostered an environment where women feel accepted and supported within a traditionally male-populated industry. Every day, Quality Carriers proves its commitment to opening doors for women to succeed in trucking, and is proud to be stronger for it.

ReedTMS Logistics

ReedTMS Logistics' employee-centric and family-first culture, free wellness initiatives and events, Culture Club, the beautiful diversity present amongst its team, internal growth and professional development are some of the ways it promotes and celebrates women. The company works constantly to ensure inclusion and offers flexible work hours, a work-from-home program, and competitive benefits, while celebrating milestones and accomplishments. 

Rihm Family Companies

Last year, Rihm Family Companies began an employee resource group for women – the Rihm Women’s Association (RWA), which has doubled its membership in its first year and has expanded its activities to include charitable giving, networking events, and will host its first full-day conference later this year. Women who work at Rihm experience a supportive environment where there are endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Roehl Transport, Inc.

With more than 60 years of success, Roehl Transport is built on values like safety, innovation and unity in diversity. Roehl offers women on-the-job paid CDL training, as well as opportunities in IT, maintenance, HR and operations. From experienced driving professionals to those who are just starting in the industry to certified driver trainers who’ve all completed gender-sensitivity training, Roehl is investing in its teammates’ professional and personal successes.


RXO values a diverse workforce, and welcomes everyone regardless of race, gender, identity, ability or background. The company prioritizes uplifting women through women’s employee resource groups, encourages career growth opportunities, and offers tuition reimbursement to continue formal education or a professional certificate. The company partners with Women in Trucking, Dress for Success, and expands community impact programs yearly. Additionally,  it has a diversity leader who ensures policies, procedures, initiatives and efforts are aligned with equitable and inclusive practices.

Ryder System, Inc.

Ryder is committed to having a diverse and inclusive workplace. Ryder’s Women Leadership forum focuses on career growth and provides female employees support by helping them find and form connections. In Q1 2023, 22% of its hires were women, while 37% of promotions were earned by female leaders. The company holds themselves accountable to improving its total percentage of women which is currently 22% by tracking diversity and providing resources to have a successful career.

S-2international LLC

S-2international pushes the borders of business and what it means to be a woman-owned business. The company knows it's more than checking off a box or being certified - it's about the way it operates. S-2's approach to doing business is rooted in service delivered with heart, and that translates to employees as well. The company is an employee-centric company, and it shows its appreciation daily. Benefits, pay-for-performance, recognition are just a few ways. 77% of the S-2 team are women.

Saia LTL Freight

At Saia LTL Freight, the company's success hinges on taking care of what matters most – its employees, including its terrific female team members. Two of the core values, "Taking Care of Each Other" and "Do the Right Thing," succinctly embody what women mean to Saia, its success, and the transportation industry as a whole. The company is committed to continuing to create an inclusive environment where women can thrive at every level.


Women who join Savage and its affiliate companies can expect competitive pay, ongoing training, great benefits, well-maintained equipment, a safe work environment, paid parental leave, and an equal opportunity to advance on merit. Its internal group, ELEVATING WOMEN AT SAVAGE, actively promotes women's interests such as uniforms in women's cuts and sizes. Local routes mean drivers are home every day for a healthy work-life balance and Savage actively recruits and promotes women in all roles.


Schneider has a proven track record of empowering women and creating a safe, inclusive work environment. Women make up 12% of Schneider’s drivers and 38% of participants in the company’s leadership mentor program are women. At the leadership level, 40% are women, serving as role models and mentors for associates and those across the industry. At Schneider, the company firmly believes that diversity fuels innovation, inspires creativity, betters strategic thinking and cultivates leadership.


The company’s established Women in Solera (WINS) network assembles female leaders to deliver impactful mentorship company-wide. This year, Solera also started WINS in Tech, a STEM-focused track that encourages and develops skills so women can build a lasting career in science-focused fields. Solera recently opened up its WINS and Leadership Academy programs to WOCAN, Women of Color in the Automotive Industry, providing free access in an effort to move DEI progress forward across the industry.

Southwest International Trucks

Southwest International Trucks focuses on recruiting, retaining and promoting women in its industry and specifically at its dealership. The owner/chief people officer, Shawn Trimble Craig, is a woman. When she joined a little more than a year ago, to succeed her father in the business, she immediately got engaged with women's groups, speaking engagements, and driving the focus of the dealership to being more woman friendly - including women's restrooms/locker rooms for the company's growing staff of female technicians.

Standard Logistics

Standard Logistics' is a great place for women to work because the company offers great benefits from day 1, including health care, 401k matching, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities. With 50% of women in senior leadership roles and 40% in leadership roles, the company shows its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion at all levels. It also advocates for diversity and inclusion through other organizations in the industry, such as NPTC.


Led by a female CEO and CIO/CFO, Stericycle stands by the notion that your gender does not define your ability to succeed. Stericycle champions a culture of community, and where women can grow and lead in the male-populated waste industry. Women can see themselves represented at all levels of the organization. In 2022, Stericycle increased the percentage of women in senior and middle management roles globally, to 30% and 33%, respectively.

Stoops Freightliner - Western Star

Stoops Freightliner-Western Star is one of the largest Freightliner dealership groups in the U.S. today, serving customers at locations in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. At Stoops, the company embraces employees of all backgrounds and experiences and strives for the best customer service as well as training opportunities and career advancement.

Sunset Transportation

Sunset is proud to report that 50% of its company leadership is female. The company is driven by values centered around being not only a good employee, but a good person. Sunset has made continuous efforts to accommodate workplace landscapes for women, and it has implemented several policies as a result, including rotating schedules, increased work-from-home flexibility, wellness stations throughout its offices, and paid paternity leave to accompany robust maternity leave perks. 


Sworkz provides equal opportunities ensuring that women have the same opportunities for career growth and advancement as their male counterparts. The company believes in work-life balance and has created an inclusive work environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and supported regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or other personal characteristics. It offers pay equity, ensuring that women are paid fairly and equally for their work with no gender pay gap.


SWTO, LLC is a great place for women to work because of its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. The company's leadership team includes women, and it actively seeks out and hires talented women to join its workforce. SWTO also offers flexible work arrangements, equal pay, and opportunities for career advancement regardless of gender. Additionally, the company provides a supportive and collaborative work environment where women can thrive and reach their full potential.

Total Transportation of Mississippi

Trucking can be a rewarding career for both men and women. At TOTAL, the company has welcomed more than 3x the national average of female drivers. It believes that women can perform the job just as well, and usually better than some of their male counterparts. The company has created an environment where anyone can grow, have job security, and forge a career path of their own. The family-oriented atmosphere is a key attribute that makes TOTAL stand out amongst the crowd.

TRAC Intermodal

TRAC made a commitment to increasing the number of women hires at all levels. Currently, nearly one-third (31%) of all TRAC employees are women and a similar 31% of those who are director or above are women. TRAC is committed to empowering the next generation of women employees, using senior executives as role models and mentors for those who wish to cultivate a career in transportation and logistics. TRAC has a proven track record of empowering women to assume vital positions in the field, such as pool managers and regional equipment managers, as well as positions in sales and customer service.


The leadership team at TRAFFIX encourages female employees to reach for the stars without fearing limitations or glass ceilings. The company offers competitive maternity leave, flexible hours, work from home, pay equity, tuition reimbursement for those looking to expand their professional development, a diversity, equity and inclusion committee, a women in transportation ERG, straightforward career pathing for vertical growth, and the freedom to grow outside of their organizational group into new areas of the company.


Transflo has a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a focus on creating a supportive environment for women in the workplace. The company offers opportunities for growth and career advancement, flexible work arrangements, and a competitive benefits package. It also has programs and initiatives in place to support and empower women, such as mentorship programs and networking events. Transflo values the contributions of women and recognizes the importance of gender diversity in building a successful and inclusive organization.


TransForce has an exceptional number of women in leadership positions at every level of the organization, from human resources to finance, sales, marketing, operations, and safety. The company offers competitive salaries, benefits, and a culture of meritocracy that encourages all individuals to succeed. Career growth, development and opportunity are abundant in TransForce thanks to the company’s diversified business portfolio, which offers women the opportunity to build a career in professional driving, education, business, and tech.


Since 1982, TransLand has prioritized providing a great place to work for all employees with a "golden rule" concept. Now recognized as a Best Fleet to Drive For in both 2022 and 2023, the company values gender diversity, equal pay, work-life balance, family-friendly policies, supportive workplace culture, professional development opportunities, and a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and discrimination. Women can feel safe, respected, and valued, with equal opportunities to grow and advance in their careers.

Trimac Transportation

Throughout Trimac’s 78 years of history, they have had some incredible women in their workforce. They want to continue attracting talented females who make their company strong! They celebrate the strengths, talents, abilities, and accomplishments of the hard-working women on their team across North America in transportation. They value the unique people who make up their team—no matter the race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, age, or disability.

Tri-National, Inc.

Tri-National’s strong cultural values has led it to be a top company to employ women in transportation. TNi is an organization that acknowledges the drive women have for being career-oriented, while at the same time being family focused and accommodating the needs of their families. TNi’s cultural values give women the respect and recognition of their accomplishments, providing the opportunity to earn prosperous careers and lead TeamTNi to be the best in the industry.

Trinity Logistics

Trinity team members are offered flexibility in hours and work requirements, quality benefits for themselves and their families, continued education opportunities to help support career growth, competitive compensation, opportunities to serve their communities through the company’s employee-run non-profit, and a family-friendly company culture. Trinity employs more than 400 team members across seven regional service centers, with 49.5 percent of them women, and 19.6 percent of those women holding a leadership role, including President Sarah Ruffcorn.


Diversity is critical to the success of Truckstop and the company is continuously adding inspiring and talented women to its team. More than half of the 785 Truckstop employees are women, who make up 60% of leadership roles including CEO, CMO, Chief Product Officer, General Counsel, and more. Truckstop offers benefits such as unlimited PTO, leadership development, and coaching to continue to support women through all phases of their careers.

Tucker Freight Lines, Inc.

Tucker Freight Lines, Inc. is committed to providing a culture that is inclusive and diverse where women flourish. The company emphasizes equal opportunities, fair pay, and strong representation of women in leadership roles. Additionally, supportive policies and benefits, work-life balance, and professional growth opportunities are prioritized. Through open communication and ongoing improvement, Tucker excels as an outstanding workplace for women to make a significant impact and achieve success.


UPS recruits, empowers, educates, mentors, develops and encourages women to join Women Behind the Wheel. In 2023, its goal is to train forty additional women to become certified trainers to continue Women Behind the Wheel advancement in its driver training school in South Holland. UPS Foundation committed more than 3.3 million in grants and sponsorship to advance programs supporting women's issues. UPS helps women achieve their personal and professional aspirations and dreams.


USAL insists on nurturing a workplace environment in which its female trailblazers and road warriors can confidently use their voices, skills, and many creative contributions to lead their organization with purpose and to greater heights. Its culture encourages personal and professional growth through participation in unlimited online learning, industry/trade events, community service, and company-sponsored “fun and pride” activities. It encourages a healthy work-life balance through its affordable benefits which include paid parental leave and time off, flexible work schedules, wellness and family building programs, and 401(k) savings and matching. 


Valoroo is comprised of 64% women total and 62% women in management roles. It is supportive of a healthy work-life balance and that's reflective in the company's motto - "people first." As Valoroo evolves and grows, there are many advancement opportunities as it only promotes from within. Its global employees all work from home, which allows its team members to eliminate commute-time from the equation and be closer to their families. In the states, its policy is flexible as well and it offers a hybrid work schedule, allowing its team the flexibility to find balance between their work, their wellbeing, and their personal lives.

Venture Logistics

Venture has a culture of growth – for the business and all its employees. Ambition is embraced, allowing creative thought and outcomes. Ownership cares deeply and has strong roots into the transportation industry of more than 30 years. Venture has implemented various policies and practices that promote gender equality and support women's professional growth. Women are well-represented at all levels of the organization, including in leadership positions. Venture offers flexible work arrangements, family-friendly policies, and extensive training and development opportunities. Venture also actively supports women's advancement through mentorship, sponsorship, and networking programs. 

Volvo Group North America

For more than a decade, Volvo Group has worked diligently to increase inclusion and improve the gender balance of its business, and the transport and infrastructure industry. With a target of 35% women amongst all employees and leaders by 2030, the company is committed to building an inclusive workplace which welcomes bold, creative, and boundary-pushing people who are eagerly committed to empowering creativity in all its forms. Having a diverse, inclusive workplace is a critical piece of its work. By actively reviewing and challenging its existing policies, practices, and processes, the company wants to ensure its offerings truly meet the needs of an ever-evolving workforce.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is a space where women thrive. The company provides mentorship programs, learning opportunities, and associate resources groups designed to focus on career growth and development. Werner promotes flexible schedules, work-life balance, and fosters an inclusive environment that respects and values diversity. 

Wilson Logistics

Once you know Wilson, and its culture, you know that safety really is a requirement here. The company expects and holds its drivers accountable above and beyond industry standards. 


One of WM's diversity goals is to increase its female representation across its employee population to at least 25% by 2030. In order to reach this goal, the company has had to take an aggressive approach to make WM one of the best places for women to work – not just in professional roles, but in operations roles and frontline roles across the enterprise. With value placed on promoting DE&I, alongside WM’s commitment to lead the industry in female representation at all levels, WM has actively engaged to drive the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding experience for women. The culture of respect for women in this industry as well as the purposeful commitment to providing career opportunities for women to showcase their skills and abilities sets WM apart from others in this industry. 

XPO, Inc.

XPO is, at its core, an organization that cares about its employees and understands the challenges they face in their professional and personal lives. That caring culture has given rise to a broad range of accommodating benefits, such as enhanced maternity leave, preventative health care and liberal leaves of absence. These progressive benefits, along with gender-responsive career development opportunities, are helping to transform the way our industry approaches the recruitment and advancement of women.


Yellow is committed to attracting, developing, retaining, and advancing women in the transportation industry. The company is creating a culture of belonging that celebrates diversity and ensures its employees can thrive. Yellow has been awarded WIT’s Top Company distinction each year since 2018 and proudly celebrates its 33 Top Women to Watch winners and 2022 Driver of the Year Peggy Arnold! Its Women’s Inclusion Network is designed to foster relationships, enhance the employee experience, and prepare future leaders over the road, in its terminals, and all roles critical to its success.


Zonar is committed to increasing gender diversity and offering competitive compensation, safe working conditions, continued education, and career advancement opportunities for its female employees. In recent years, Zonar has dedicated recruiting and talent efforts toward promoting women to senior roles across departments. Female employees at Zonar are guaranteed a safe and motivating work environment where they can grow and achieve their career goals. Zonar celebrates these accomplishments and strives to minimize the systematic obstacles women face.

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