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Upcoming Webinars


April 21 at 1:00PM CST

Roadmap to your Health Care for Owner Operators and Small Fleets

Hosted by Enrollment First, Inc.


Attend this webinar to learn how to navigate the healthcare industry. Key topics include:

  • Small Fleet Benefit Options
  • Owner Operator Coverage Options
  • Medical Coverage: What's Available?
    • Major Medical
    • Minimum Essential Coverage
    • Hospital Indemnity Medical
    • Supplemental Lines
  • Driver-Focused Partners

Past Webinars


Women at the Helm: How Women in Leadership Shape Better Outcomes During Times of Crisis

Hosted by:

Sarah Ruffcorn, President of Trinity Logistics; Jennifer Braun, Vice President of Kansas City Operations for Trinity Logistics; Anne Reinke, TIA President; and a member from the Professional Driver community.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges to women in transportation. Drivers worked tirelessly to deliver essential goods while the world faced lockdowns and restrictions. Logistics companies navigated new territories to keep the connections between shippers and drivers running. New opportunities arose for both sides to listen and navigate an uncertain world together.

A recent study shows that women in leadership shape better outcomes during times of crisis. In this webinar, leaders from the driver community, top 20 brokerage Trinity Logistics, and the TIA will discuss:

  •  Their experiences and opportunities to lead during a global pandemic
  • What they see down the road for 2021
  • Why working together is the only way to get the job done

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