Safety & Harassment Series

As part of its mission, WIT is on the front lines of advocating, protecting, and promoting issues that have an impact on female drivers.


Addressing Gender Bias and Harassment in the Trucking Industry

WIT recently conducted extensive research among hundreds of professional drivers on their experiences in gender bias and harassment in the industry. A key learning from this research was that while companies with for-hire or private fleets have taken steps to reduce sexual harassment or gender bias through formal policies, training and sensitivity programs, there remains a significant amount of work yet to be done in these areas. In fact, approximately 30% of drivers participating in the study were either unaware of their company’s harassment policies or stated their employer did not have them in place.

This whitepaper covers the following:

  • Female driver perceptions involving gender bias and harassment
  • Experiences of women drivers involving verbally offensive comments, verbal threats, unwanted physical advances, and rape
  • Demographics of female professional driver respondents who participated in this unique WIT research
  • Practical recommendations for companies in the areas of policies and engagement of women in management roles


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