Tips & Tricks

Useful hacks for professional drivers.

My Walk-Around Checklist

To get through night driving, I listen to audio books or my favorite music.

- Tracy Z.

How to Verify that Your Tractor is Connected Properly

The day before my husband and I set out on a journey — which these days, lasts for about a week — we prep food for the trip, change the linens in the truck, pack our clothes, and do all the checks to make sure the truck is safe to drive.

- Deb L.

Where to Keep Your Spare Key

I encourage drivers to find a company that treats you like family, and not like a number.

- Lisa R.

Tools You Need as a Professional Driver

Studies have actually shown that animals decrease levels of cortisol and lower blood pressure, along with other benefits such as reducing loneliness. Having a furry friend in this profession helps with stressful days!

- Carmen A.

Million Mile Driver Advice You Need to Know

One good thing that came out of the pandemic is that the general public has a newfound respect for professional truck drivers. I challenge every driver to maintain and keep that respect by being true professionals out there—while driving and parked!

- Liz I.

How to Deal with Stress as a Trucker

I always have at least one dash cam recording if my truck is moving. That’s my personal insurance policy against careless drivers.

- Melissa A.

Why You Need to Calibrate Your Tire Gauge

Never walk with your head down. Walk like you know where you’re going – not talking on your cell phone or checking messages.

- Sandy G.

Sun Protection for Professional Drivers

Take it one day and one mile at a time. Don’t let the trucks drive you.

- Stephanie J.

Why You Need to Check Your Fuel Water Separator

Do your research before taking a new position with a company. What is their track record for safety? How old are their trucks? Do they have a lot of maintenance issues? Do they offer on-going training?

- Barb D.

How to Deal with Trucker Guilt

It's very rewarding to be involved with organizations and charities in the trucking industry and give back to our community.

- Ingrid B.

Tires 101: Everything You Need to Know

Embrace who you are and what you do. Yes, it’s a tough industry, but you don’t have to accept the bad to enjoy the good. Trust yourself, and believe that you can make a positive impact.

- Jo-Anne P.

Why You Need a CB Radio

Swap sugary drinks for water, and keep healthy snacks on-hand like fruit, nuts, trail mix and smoothies to curb hunger in between breaks.

- Jeannie L.

Brake Safety Week: Why It Matters

As a member of the LGBTQ community, my advice is to find a company that has internal advocates that will not only make sure that you're happy as an employee, but will speak up to help create change at a structural level.

- Regan M.

Exhaust After Treatment System: What You Should Know

One of the main things to look at when choosing a trucking driving school should be their placement rate. It should be in the high 90 percent.

- Fran B.

Letting Technology Do the Work: Predictive Cruise Control

When you hire on with a company, or change trucks, give a family member a photo and identifying information such as VIN number, license plate number, company name, number of your truck and trailer, and pick-up and delivery locations.

- Kari F.

Why Professional Drivers Should Attend Industry Events

My makeup is simple, most days just tinted moisturizer and blush, and I love the tinted lip glosses. To take it off at night, I use makeup remover wipes and moisturizer. I keep my hair short, and just use spray gel and blow it dry.

- Cindy K.

What's My Tractor MPG?

Strive for excellence and never settle for ‘the norm’ or let yourself get lazy. Always treat others as you would like to be treated, even if they aren't treating you well. You are a professional woman driver so let that shine through always.

- Tracy G.

What I Meal Prep for the Road

I try to bring a goofy sense of humor that brightens the day of my peers and managers.

- Ryan V.

What's In My Toolbox

Make sure that you have a Plan A, B, C, D, etc when it comes to parking.

- Becky R.

Brake Safety Tips

When you feel frustrated, angry, tired, etc., stop, take a deep breath, get focused and centered.

- Tammy K.

Yoga Stretches in Your Cab

There will be days that test your limits, that feel overwhelming, that you aren't keeping up or your goals seem unachievable, but just remember, We Can Do It!

- Cat C.

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