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I've Got My CDL - Now What? 

We often hear, “I’ve just obtained my CDL, but I don’t know where to start.” It can feel overwhelming starting the next phase of your trucking journey, such as finding the right employer. Our experts offer advice to help you in your next steps.

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Becoming a Female Truck Driver

Men have historically dominated trucking, but times are changing quickly. More and more women are hitting the open road.

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The Importance of Mentorship

A mentor can help a new driver work through challenges, such as remaining safe on the road or managing her finances. In doing so, a mentor can accelerate the driver’s learning curve and provide a sense of community.

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What Exactly is the Job Description for a Truck Driver Today?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the job description of a truck driver? Has it changed over the years?

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Tips for Choosing the Right Employer

Keep in mind the following when considering a prospective employer:


Corporate Culture


Company Values


Allows Work/Life Balance


Competitive Compensation


Competitive Benefits


Continued Training


Career Advancement


Positive Reviews

Here are some questions that can be helpful as you assess the companies you’d be interested in working for: What’s their corporate culture like? What’s their fleet size, average age of equipment, and maintenance/service schedule for equipment? How do they value safety and what’s their safety score? Do they emphasize training – and what’s their formal onboarding, new driver training process, and length of OTR training? What are their policies important issues such as harassment, same-gender training? For drivers, what’s their compensation and benefits, such as medical, maternity, retirement? You may want to consider working for a company that consistently ranks on WIT’s Top Companies for Women to Work in Transportation list.

My advice for someone seeking a career in the transportation industry is to not job hop. Do thorough research, find a good company that fits your needs and stay there.”
– Jodi Edwards, Professional Driver, J.B. Hunt Transport

To stand out to trucking company recruiters, I graduated top in my class, I drove as many miles as allowed in school, I used a resume, and I dressed properly for orientation and meetings."

– Deb LaBree, Independent Owner-Operator, Castle Transport, LLC, Leased to Landstar


Use the schooling and training you get and add to it, knowing that every day is a challenge. Don’t give up or get frustrated. Be patient with yourself, and NEVER let failure be an option. Remember that there are always people out there willing to help you.”

– Allyson Hay, Professional Driver, Walmart Private Fleet


Featured Jobs

See what jobs have been recently posted on the Women In Trucking Job Board.

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Post A Job

Looking to post a job on the Women In Trucking Job Board? 

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Truck Driving Schools

Find a professional truck driving school in your area. The Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) is the largest association representing commercial truck driver training programs in the United States. CVTA represents nearly 200 training providers in 42 states that collectively train more than 50,000 commercial drivers annually. 


The Women in Trucking Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports ambitious students, drivers, and professionals in the trucking industry who seek to grow their skills through classroom and vocational training. The foundation accepts applications for scholarship awards twice in the calendar year, Spring and Fall.


WIT is proud to offer our members the Mentor Match program where members find, connect and share experiences with other women (or men) within the association. Find your match based on a specific interest, specialty, career stage, or start/end date.


In 5 years, I would like to be an owner-operator or run some type of trucking business. I'd like to give back to the community - like volunteering to drive the trucks that house food for the hungry.

Lisa T.

Five months ago, I felt stuck. Should I finish my degree in international business while I was financially struggling or obtain a technical career & apply what I've learned about back-end business operations? I have no doubt I made the right decision pursuing professional driving.

Mitzi D.

For over 20 years I've always worked without any direction but I've always had a fascination with driving tractor trailers. Driving is exactly what I was meant to do and as a woman it's that much more exciting.

Tracy C.

When pursuing a career, I wanted to have something that would withstand economic changes and a chance to grow my own business.

Deadriann I.

I'm committed to a career in trucking as way to get away from the day to day routine of a regular job. I love that I'm contributing to society by transporting goods to different places safely that everyone around me uses everyday.

Zana W.

To be a driver would fulfill a passion of mine and help with the demand for more drivers. Now that my daughter is older, my husband and I can do as we planned - work on becoming Owner-Operator team drivers.

Jennifer A.

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