How Important is Experience When Searching for Jobs in Trucking and Logistics?

by Angela Eliacostas, on Jun 4, 2019 9:48:00 PM


Ask Angela: How important is experience when searching for jobs in trucking and logistics? Can I switch from an unrelated industry into transportation?  

Absolutely! The opportunities for employment in trucking and logistics are great right now. Having experience is a definite bonus and will enable you to negotiate if you have a clean driving record and strong references.  
If you don’t have much experience, don’t let that dissuade you. If you want to be a driver make sure you get the necessary licenses - and then apply and negotiate. In my world of logistics, the number of qualified applicants is much lower than it used to be because the need is so great. Because of this AGT Global Logistics has started an internship and onboarding program. Interns are given a comprehensive core training that exposes them to multiple areas within our business. They shadow members of our team and learn the AGT way. 

Many skills are transferable from non-transportation industries. Telecommunications, sales, service industry positions all lend very nicely into logistics and transportation management. In addition, there are many personal qualities that will be a great indicator if this industry is right for you.  These qualities include: 

  • Attention to detail 
  • Strong motivation to learn 
  • Excellent verbal and written skills 
  • Understanding the importance of customer service 
  • Basic understanding of business/sales 
  • Ability to problem solve 
  • Being a team player 

Your hard work will pay off in today’s transportation world.

Best of luck to you,

About Angela 
Angela Eliacostas, President and Founder of AGT Global Logistics. Angela is the 2018 Freightliner and WIT Influential Woman of the Year. She has more than 25 years of experience in the transportation industry. Angela is a leader in expediting shipments and serves as a liaison between carriers and companies. Her company AGT Global Logistics specializes in the energy and utilities sector.

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