by The Roll By ADP Editorial Team | Sponsored Content, on May 14, 2024 9:33:01 AM

Are you a proud trucker who owns a small business? If so, you probably wear a lot of hats, including that of finance and human resources personnel. Learn more about …

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by Women In Trucking Staff, on Apr 24, 2024 8:59:24 AM

Mike Roeth interviews Amanda Devoe, Transformation and Strategy Director, PepsiCo, with Tesla SEMI and BYD Terminal Tractor in background. There’s a lot of buzz in the trucking industry about electric …

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by Ellen Voie, on Mar 20, 2023 9:15:30 PM

The trucking industry has traditionally been male-populated, with women making up a small percentage of truck drivers and other industry professionals. However, technology is helping to break down barriers and …

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by Kam Roshan, Senior Product Manager, Drivewyze | Sponsored Content, on Nov 29, 2022 8:17:54 PM

We’ve all seen it. Every year, the TV news shows cars and trucks that hit a wall of fog or an area where an ice storm made the interstate an …

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