Helpful Tips to Improve Fleet Operations

By Emilie Worsham, Omnitracs

After two days of excellent conversations the main take away for people trying to improve fleet operations is time efficiency. The general feeling is that most people are quick to blame ELD for fewer miles per month for drivers, but some feel like it goes back further than that.

For years companies housed their products/materials on property, however as companies went lean the pressure was shifted to trucking. Drivers were forced to deliver on a stricter timeline and the evidence shows that they are dwelling more.

It is my thought and I see to prove with data that this switch to lean processes is to blame for fewer driver miles per month. Then along with Omnitracs, it is my hope that we will be able to help drivers become more efficient. This way we may be able to solve the driver shortage with more efficient drivers rather than more drivers.

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- Saturday, May 25, 2019

For all women at this point make sure you tie.your doors together there is a group of people that are following us down the road and waiting for us to go to sleep they are spraying a chemical in our truck so we don't wake up and raping us there letting drivers in our truck if you wake up and have a little headache and a little dissy that could have happen to you and there is some of these drivers paying to do that to you and knowing you are knocked out this is a nightmare when this happens because know one tells

Bonnie J Neal - Friday, April 26, 2019

I am an old, old driver who learned to work with a dispatcher on a telephone(usually a pay phone at a truck stop) or walking into the office and getting the load orders. Then I gave up those days and just drove local, usually construction or similar. Recently decided to try a little time on the road, just part time. Well it is a culture shock. I am really illiterate at this "computer" driven hours of driving and notifying when I am loaded and unloaded, etc. I am amazed that so many, many drivers are out here doing this and well too!! No wonder it is so stressful for new hires to get a handle on all of it. Bless your hearts. Improving Fleet Operations? Spend more effort on "Trade Education" with the younger folks.

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