Driver Ambassador: May Post-Trip Inspection

by Kellylynn McLaughlin, on May 15, 2020 3:07:00 PM


As those in the trucking industry know, the Post-Trip Inspection is a time to check and see if anything has changed with your equipment since you began your trip and if there are any items that need to be addressed before continuing on down the road. It’s a time to assess, reflect and plan what’s next.


This week I can’t help but reflect on courage. Women In Trucking Association lost one of our own to domestic violence this week. She has worked in the transportation industry for decades and is a long time member of Women In Trucking Association. 

As I go about my work and chores, I pass people every day and have no clue to their struggles and inner bravery. When something tragic happens to someone I have crossed paths with I feel sad and as if I’m going through life with my blinders on. I didn’t realize the battles someone was facing…maybe every day, maybe only occasionally. Sadly, I missed my opportunity to really connect before they were removed from our world. Domestic violence up in many cities while we observe stay at home orders during the pandemic. The true devastation of this reality is yet to be tallied and shared.


What I do know is that we all have courage within us and we often don’t give ourselves enough credit. For professional drivers this is real every day as we navigate our heavy equipment through risky drivers, inclement weather, down inclines, and unpredictable conditions. At times drivers may be a bit desensitized to this constant danger and the courage they channel to keep moving their load down the road to the customer. 

Our industry’s female mechanics are working in, around, and under our heavy equipment - taking precautions to limit the risks but it is dangerous work never the less. 

We are each a super women - maybe not every moment be we definitely have our moments of strength and courage. Sometimes we need others to remind us of our inner wonder woman to kick out self doubt which holds us down. It is a wonderful gift to our peers, friends, and family to be that person.


I want to remind each of you that you are strong, you are courageous, and you can do this! 

As we navigate forward in this new environment, I encourage everyone to share your stories, accomplishments, “joie de vivre”, shout out to those who need bolstering or cheers.   

Let’s be strong positive role models to others, especially the next generation of females entering the trucking industry. Simple things make a difference so let’s raise each other up, encourage our youth, be a woman of power, and send shout outs to someone else that you admire. 

But most importantly… 

Release the courage that lives inside you.

Domestic Violence HotLine 1-800-799-7233 or text LOVEIS to 22522

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