Health and Benefits Options For Members: What This Means for Member Companies

by Joe Simon, on Oct 15, 2019 10:25:00 AM

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Recently the Women In Trucking (WIT) Association President & CEO, Ellen Voie, was asked about WIT providing health insurance and employee benefits options for members. With insurance and benefits being such a big part of employee retention and attraction today, does it work for WIT Member Companies? To help explain this landscape, Ellen sat down with industry experts, Joe Simon of AON, and Cheryl Blake of OneDigital Health and Benefits to provide some thoughtful context. 

Joe Simon: “Employee benefits and the betterment of employees was not taken lightly by WIT, so we researched ways to assist member companies with affordable options provided by quality carriers. After about three years of studying the options presented here made sense.”

Ellen Voie: “Yes, exactly! We realized early in this development process that attraction of, and retaining great employees, takes a great wage and great benefits to WIT member companies with 2-200 employees. First, this is not an association health plan as some might compare this to. All WIT members are not jumping into one existing insurance plan. A sink or swim risk. Each company is underwritten on their own merit.”

Joe Simon: “History has proven that there are very few association health plans that have longevity. Due to Federal laws, we would be required as a multi-state association, to meet each and every state’s level of mandated coverages determined by where WIT members reside, as well as future-perspective WIT members considering a membership.”

Ellen Voie: “In our case, all member companies have access to national and local insurance carriers, and those carriers’ standard levels of coverages, as approved by each state in order for them to do business. This was ready-made for us as we came across OneDigital Health and Benefits, the nation’s largest company focused exclusively on employee benefits and HR.”

Joe Simon: “Working as the WIT broker-consultant, OneDigital, who could handle this unique group of companies, concentrating on that 2 to 200 employee group.”

Cheryl Blake: “We are not reinventing the wheel here, and that’s a good thing to remember. What we are offering is proven, and has thousands of people in today, in various insurance carriers’ plans, not just one.  All WIT member companies have access to the robust line-up of insurance carriers, compliance and legal services for the HR director, with a dedicated team. Additionally, OneDigital provides quality employee communications and education tools and services with locations and employees nationwide. So there’s the insurance element, lots of selection and options, which OneDigital helps you through, including the Zenefits option. Zenefits is an optional digital HR, payroll and compliance.”

Ellen Voie: “That’s a bonus. Zenefits and the services they provide. Great for the company who has a person who handles several tasks, but could use help. It’s digital, on-going, and affordable when compared to the cost of having someone take their time to sort through things. Worth understanding and comparing.”

Joe Simon: “Cheryl Blake is the go to person to send your request for quotes as OneDigital plan options are now available, as well as the Zenefits HR and payroll options.”

Ellen Voie: “I’m encouraging our member companies to contact Cheryl Blake at OneDigital to request your quotes today.” 

Cheryl Blake is National Director of Partnership Sales at OneDigital Health and Benefits and can be reached at:

Joe Simon is an insurance broker-consultant with Aon (aka: Aon Risk Solutions) and can be reached at:

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