How to Develop Resiliency in Your Workplace

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to experience uncertainty and change on an unprecedented level.  Many of us have overcome significant challenges and dug deep to keep moving forward. This persistence in the face of uncertainty demonstrates just how resilient we are, but it does not come easily to everyone. Fortunately, resiliency is a skill we can all develop.

Maegan Ortega, PACCAR senior director of human resources, says resiliency is something that has always spoken to her. She believes resiliency can differentiate someone throughout their career and in their personal life. “We all have setbacks; we all have challenges. Not every day will be a cakewalk. Our ability to focus on what we can control and stay optimistic helps us bounce back stronger and wiser. Our careers and our lives are not one linear path and I think the ability to be resilient is a difference-maker.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Maegan and her human resources (HR) team had a specific goal to help employees handle this life-altering event. HR hosted wellness talks and provided employees with resources on how to get help if needed. In addition, Maegan is a Governance Committee Member of the PACCAR Women’s Association (PWA), which understands the unique challenges that women often face juggling caregiver and work responsibilities.

The PWA was established to provide educational, networking and mentoring resources to female PACCAR employees. The organization made it a priority this year to help women find ways to become more resilient. The PWA hosted virtual guest speakers, TED Talks and a book club selection to provide techniques to help women thrive during uncertain times.

“Not everyone is in the same stage of life. Whatever you are going through right now is a chapter in your book of life. It could be the best chapter and you might not realize it. Try to find things to appreciate at every stage of your journey. Practicing gratitude really helps to develop resiliency.”

Another way to develop resiliency is to set boundaries, which can be difficult for many women. “It is easy to stop balancing life as we move up in our career. Remember to take a moment for yourself to recharge so you can be your best. Setting boundaries will help you be more creative, alert and present throughout the day.”

To strengthen her resiliency, Maegan sets boundaries for herself and prioritizes her mental and emotional wellness. She practices mindfulness, makes sure to exercise and credits the support of her family for keeping her grounded, especially in tough times. She encourages women to identify what brings them joy, so it is easier for them to rebound from setbacks and disappointments.

“Never give up. Always remind yourself that you can get through it!”

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