Nicole Boyd: Driving Safety and Training

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Nicole Boyd, a valued member of the Air Products team, has been with the Company since February 2019. Based in Chandler, Arizona, she holds the position of Specialist - Driver Safety and Training in the western region. In this corporate spotlight, Nicole shares her journey before joining Air Products, her experiences since, and her aspirations for the future.

Before joining Air Products, Nicole grew up in Tillamook, Oregon. Throughout her early years, Nicole worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor and other various roles. Soon after she married, she hit the road with her husband who was a truck driver and decided to try her hand at it herself. Nicole became a team driver, traveling throughout the lower 48 states. She later transitioned to hauling milk, operating tankers and cheese trucks, and eventually worked in fuel transportation. After taking a break to have children, Nicole pursued a degree in mathematics but felt drawn back to driving. While driving, she noticed a tanker truck at an Air Products location and decided to apply at the Company.

Nicole's journey at Air Products started as a bulk driver and industrial gases driver. During her new hire class, Nicole fell in love with the Company's commitment to safety. She appreciates being part of a company that genuinely cares about its employees' wellbeing and prioritizes safety above all else. Nicole's dedication and passion led her to become a trainer for new drivers. She later had the opportunity to train in Sacramento, California, and Phoenix, Arizona, to transport hydrogen. Her enthusiasm for Air Products allowed her to explore different roles within the Company, including working as an APEX (Air Products Express Services) Tech in Houston with refineries, pipelines, and other customers. She then moved on to her current role in Driver Safety. Nicole's commitment to safety extended beyond her own role when she competed in a driver rodeo competition for APEX, securing an impressive second place.

Nicole-Boyd-Air-ProductsAs a female in the logistics industry, Nicole cherishes the sense of surprise she often encounters. People's initial doubts about her abilities are quickly dispelled when they witness her competence in handling demanding tasks such as operating tankers. She feels supported by her colleagues. In her current role as Driver Safety Specialist, Nicole appreciates the enthusiasm they display when welcoming women into the industry. Nicole acknowledges the hurdles that women can face in pursuing driving careers. However, she firmly believes that at Air Products, safety is the utmost priority, and everyone is encouraged to foster a safe working environment.

Nicole spends her days regularly engaging with drivers. She ensures they have the necessary safety gear, joins them on rides, and forms a strong rapport with each driver. Nicole actively supports and guides her colleagues in making informed safety decisions while encouraging a culture of safety awareness. As part of her commitment to safety, she actively participates in the new hire classes, reinforcing Air Product’s dedication to driver safety and encouraging drivers to prioritize safety above all else.

Looking to the future, Nicole hopes to continue her journey with Air Products until retirement. She aspires to become the individual who proudly claims 30 years of service. As an employee of Air Products, she appreciates the Company's support for personal growth and the opportunities to learn and progress to new roles. Nicole recognizes the exciting ventures Air Products is exploring, particularly in the field of hydrogen, and eagerly anticipates being a part of these innovative projects.

Nicole Boyd's story exemplifies the opportunities available for all employees at Air Products. Her journey from truck driver to Driver Safety Specialist showcases the supportive and inclusive environment fostered by the Company. As she continues to make strides in her career, Nicole serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals within the logistics industry and beyond.

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