One Mile at A Time with Stephanie James

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, it impacted industries across the country. The oil and gas industry took a huge hit that resulted in an oil crisis that swept across the country in the same way the virus did. Stephanie James, one of Roadrunner Freight’s Independent Contractors, felt the direct impact of both crises while working in the West Texas oil fields. Understanding what was going on in the world and wanting to control what she could, Stephanie left the oil fields and pursued a new journey as a business owner and signed on to drive with Roadrunner Freight.

With urgency to get back on the road, the Roadrunner Freight team was compassionate to her situation and worked to ensure Stephanie was able to complete driver orientation and lease a new truck all in two weeks so she could get moving.

With a background in the oil industry and training from a truck driving school in Yuma, AZ, Stephanie is no stranger to hard work and determination. It was these principles that empowered Stephanie to make the change during 2020’s ongoing crisis. Her previous experience hauling frac sand, while drastically different than hauling dry goods, provided her all the experience she needed to begin a successful partnership with an LTL business.

Stephanie said that she enjoys the ease of working with Roadrunner Freight. She stated that being a no forced dispatch unit was a big factor in choosing to drive with Roadrunner Freight, and the idea of choosing her own loads that she’d haul across the country was exactly what she wanted to do as a business owner. As a company who values entrepreneurial, hardworking Independent Contractors, the team gladly supports her in any way possible. Keeping the wheels moving is how she continually grows her business, and at Roadrunner Freight, Independent Contractors can work directly with planners who help plan their next move.

Since partnering with Roadrunner Freight in May, Stephanie is enjoying the opportunity to travel with her life partner Rafael Hernandez, a three-time deployed Iraq Marine veteran, who teams with her. Together, they live an adventure centric lifestyle that comes along with owning a truck driving business.

Finding Success 

Entering a male-dominated industry such as truck driving didn’t intimidate Stephanie one bit. In fact, she has found that the industry is equal in salary, compensation and opportunity. Stephanie stated, “I get out there and do my job just like a man does, and I enjoy my work.” Gender hasn’t been a limitation for Stephanie’s career at all and she is excited to see that there are more and more women truck drivers entering the evolving industry.

Being a successful business owner has empowered Stephanie throughout this year of unknown. She aims to drive 3,000 to 3,500 miles a week, and she drops and hooks going from terminal to terminal, which keeps her moving. Knowing where she prefers to go and roughly how much money she’ll make for each trip, she can manage her business expenses and profits ahead of time. Enjoying her days one mile and one destination at a time while also enjoying the breathtaking scenery and views that span across the country is her very own version of the American Dream, one of which she has conquered.

Behind her every step of the way is a caring team of transportation professionals at Roadrunner Freight. Stephanie said, “I need to have a family oriented, available staff – people that are friendly, people that are fun loving, and a great team to collaborate with.”

The Roadrunner Freight team has a dedicated 24/7 team for Independent Contractors to contact. It’s one way the team ensures that Independent Contractors are set up for success.  

Interestingly enough, given all the punches life has thrown at every one of us, Stephanie was able to pivot so quickly that she has not spent one day during this pandemic at home making impulse purchases on Amazon from the comfort of a couch, but she has instead been the person delivering all the online shopping orders from one end of the country to the other. With a goal in mind to keep moving and deliver excellent service to customers, the Roadrunner Freight team was happy to supply opportunities for her. It’s safe to say that Stephanie has a strong entrepreneurial mentality and the ability to think outside of the box and move forward despite the obstacles life has thrown at her.

When asked what advice she could offer up to new Independent Contractors, Stephanie said “Take it one day and one mile at a time. Don’t let the trucks drive you.” Stephanie James is the perfect example of a hard-working individual who takes on challenges with stride and embraces life one day at a time. We are very proud to have the opportunity to partner with Independent Contractors like Stephanie who are safe drivers, have a positive attitude and work with a team centric mindset.roadrunner-freight-logo-200x200

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