Top Woman To Watch Spotlight: Exclusive Q&A With DDC’s Donna Kintop

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A global pandemic shook the transportation industry to its core causing companies to not only reevaluate their budgets but also their operational strategies and their business continuity plans. Some leaders excelled by taking the challenge head on – leading their team through unforeseeable circumstances and obstacles. Donna Kintop, SVP of Client Experience at DDC FPO is one of those leaders, and that is why she was named to Women In Trucking’s 2021 Top Women to Watch in Transportation list. 

We sat down with Donna to learn more about her successes, what COVID-19 taught her about the industry and her team, and why working with a strategic partner is key in being able to adapt– and sometimes survive– unanticipated circumstances.

Q: This past year took the transportation industry through unchartered waters. How has DDC succeeded through pandemic? 

A: At the start of the pandemic, we focused on two priorities – ensuring we could continue to service our customers with minimal or no interruptions and taking care of our global team members.   

We utilized our business continuity plans and previous experience to reinforce our processes and continue to deliver the requirements our clients need. This worked extremely well for us as there was no interruption of service and, in many cases, we were able to take on work that our partners could not manage in-house. 

For our team members, we enacted several policies to adapt to the changing situation which assured safety and health precautions were implemented and adhered to. We are confident that these steps helped keep our teams protected, healthy and employed. 

Q: Despite what was going on in the industry, DDC never stopped supporting their partners. How did you manage that?  

A: Just like the transportation industry, our business must be built in such a way as to allow for all types of exceptions. We are accustomed to rapid changes and dedicated to providing consistent, high-quality service regardless of the circumstances. Through a variety of actions and teamwork, we never suffered a service interruption. This level of dedication speaks to the nature of the team and our desire to be the best partner possible for those we serve.

Q: How did DDC’s partners respond to DDC’s actions?  

A: From my interactions with our clients, every single interaction was positive and there was such a sense of gratitude from them that we were utilizing our experience and consistently assessing the changing situation to make the best decisions possible. They appreciated our “stick-to-it" approach and the abundance of communication developed to keep them in the loop. 

Q: How would you describe the responsibility DDC has to its partners?  

A: Our philosophy and everything we do is focused on being the very best strategic partner we can be. We love knowing that we are not simply a vendor, but an extension of our clients’ teams. This strategy drives an endless desire to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.  

Q: If DDC didn’t follow-through, what would have been at risk for its partners’ businesses/operations?  

A: If we had failed and experienced a service disruption, the impact on all of our partners would have been critical. What we do is essential to keeping trucks on the road and products moving. Without the ability to provide our services there was a huge risk to the economy as a whole.

Q: As a team leader – what did you learn from your team during these trying times? 

A: What an impressive team we have! I learned how willing everyone in our group was to staying focused on the goals, flexible and open to consider every aspect of what and how we delivered the services required.   

Q: How did you keep your team motivated?   

A: That was easy. We were constantly reminded by the media how important the entire supply chain is to the health of our nation. We know we are an essential cog in the wheel that keeps everything in balance. We take that responsibility seriously and embraced the opportunity to make a difference. 

Q: Were you faced with any tough decisions? If so, can you share some examples? 

A: Initially many of our team members were frightened of the aspects surrounding the pandemic and how it might affect them. We had to take a stand to support our group in a variety of ways. Through testing for associates and their families, temporary housing for quarantined individuals, dedicated transportation, etc. The decisions weren’t hard – they just needed to be right. 

Q: What is it about DDC that stands out?

A: From our customer’s perspectives we stand out due to our ability to easily adapt and continue to service our customers. Many of our competitors were forced to close their processes – some temporarily and some permanently. Those immediate closures were devastating to so many companies. We never closed and, in many cases, expanded our capabilities to assist where needed.

Q: How can a BPO help companies during challenging times? What has business continuity done for your partners?  

A: As an outsourcing partner, we can help in so many ways. Whether it’s during a pandemic or not. We have the ability to flex geographies, expand and contract our workforce in short amounts of time, and we can use our technology to create cost savings and streamlined processes that help many companies utilize their teams wisely and focus on what they do best. 

Having lived through this pandemic, we have witnessed all of our customers re-evaluating their operational strategies and budgets. Many have engaged us in vital discussions to help them adapt and be the best that they can be utilizing our help. 

As the trusted strategic partner in transportation, DDC is here to support you, pandemic or not. Contact us to learn more about our solutions in freight billing, IT Outsourcing, Customs Brokerage Processing, and more.


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